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Something’s brewing at 🙂 I attended a discussion (late due to Rajah!) organised by Datin Vasanthi last weekend. Met some influential people there: Prof Suresh Govind (Sri Sathya Sai Council Malaysia), Krishna (MHS), Rajah (Afterschool), Elanjelian (MCEF) and so on. [note to self: write-up on MyIndians to come soon].

There will be an event in two weeks time to counsel SPM leavers around Klang Valley.  Students who will be getting their results next week should make a beeline for the session.

More details will be made known once available.


Note: I wish YSS (MIC), myIndians, EWRF (C3G), and DHRRA can pool their resources and work together without politics involved. We can make better use of the resources. Will write more on this later.

Talking about politics, there’s no events by PR parties so far to cater for SPM/STPM leavers? No career guidance? No scholarship talks?



  1. Parthiven says:

    Registration for the free workshop ,


  2. hi a spm leaver 2010,i gt A+ for BM n BI,A- for sejarah n moral..i gt B+ for maths..others i hv credits…im a science stream ambition is to be a police officer bt jz becoz i need diploma or degree in any course to join police academy,i tried to go for teaching n the intake date is so confused abt tiz…is ter any chances for me to join police or teaching course…or cn u plz gv me a suggestion on wt i should do with my result…cn i go for any other courses wit my result?

    • poobalan says:


      ur interest is teaching or police? both are totally opposite jobs. better be sure if you are suited for these jobs. to be a police officer, you can do any degree and then apply for inspector position.

      as for teaching, you can do STPM and apply IPTA later; or do any suitable degree and later apply for KPLI. you can even do a suitable degree and work in private schools. but remember to a degree, you need to do a foundation or pre-u program.

      i’m not sure on how to advice for other courses, because your interest is police or teaching. better stick with it.

  3. kimhow says:

    i do not have any ambition so i do not know wat course i should take and wat i need to apply. i think i really need a counselling.. till now i still confused.. my life like wave always moving and up side down.

  4. tamilarasi says:

    sir…i studied til standard 6 but now i m 21 year can i take spm in private???

    • poobalan says:

      hi tamilarasi,

      first time i’m hearing this question, and honestly i don’t know.

      what you can do is talk to the people in pejabat pendidikan daerah near your place. where’s your location?

      you can also check at the place you want to study spm (some tuition centers offer registration and classes for private candidates).

  5. durgadewi says:

    hi, sir.

    i finished my spm 2008 and i got 7 credits and 3 passes. i also finished my stpm 2010 and got 3 principals and failed in pengajian am. i am interested in education. if i choosed to do diploma in ipts then i can do education in ipta for degree or not. open universities is regonished by government or not?????

    • poobalan says:

      nowadays, the chance of getting teaching job is harder. the education ministry says even the IPTA education undergrads not guaranteed jobs in future.

      you can do diploma in ipts using spm results, but the chance to enter IPTA is very very slim.

      oum is recognised, but the teaching program there is mostly done by existing school teachers who don’t have degree. you want to apply govt teaching job using oum degree, as hard as using any other ipts degree.

      if you are interested in education, you can consider pre-school education, where you start your own childcare center, as in future, the demand will be better.

  6. nisha says:

    Hi sir
    Im a spm leaver 2009.i hv 4 credits in my spm which represents Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa English, Sejarah & Pen. Moral and pass in the rest of other subject except Add Math. Im a sub-science student. what course is suitable for me?I need a job that suitable with the course that im going to study soon sir. Could you pls help me sir?tq..

    • poobalan says:

      hi nisha, you can post the education questions at or in future

      for your situation above, what course/career interests you? with 4 credits you can apply for diploma programs in many ipts. as for job, it follows after you decided what course. based on results, you seem more like arts career person since credit in bm eng etc. maybe something related to business, media, management?