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Kanda, Kanda, Kanda, Kanda…Kathai Kanthal!

There’s been a lot of hype about this movie for the last two years. The reviews so far are mixed. Some say the movie is good, while others not. For me, the movie is carries a well-used plot of corruption, black money, vigilantism, and religion, till some people say its a mix of Robin Hood, Sivaji the Boss and Anniyan. For me, this is a Comedy movie due the amount of laughter in the cinema. Its not really an action or romantic flick.

The story is straight forward. India is grappling with “black money”.  Income earned without proper proof and not taxed. These money is the laundered overseas or hidden from the Income Tax department. The story starts with a comedic “cocky” act by Vikram (dressed up as a rooster) who drops down from the roof (ala Jayam) and bashes up Mansor Ali Khan, the local police officer. Why? Because Mansor took the money that a lady surrendered to the police. The money was actually given by Vikram to the lady’s family. Why you ask? Because the lady prayed to Lord Kandaswamy (Murugan) in Tiruporur (near Chennai?) to ask for help since her husband needs money. You see, temples in India(and Malaysia) would have a tree where people can tie things to send their requests to God. So in this particular temple, people can write their problems and tie on the tree branches, hoping that Lord Kandaswamy will answer their prayers. The temple priest are in cahoots with Vikram (whose name is also Kandaswamy) and will pass the request slips to him. Who is Kandaswamy? Well he is an income tax officer who is anguished because all their cases takes long time in court, and the seized money lies idle. So, he and another 11 friends (hint: flashback time) team up to deliver the wishes of the people by taking up the form of a rooster, the symbol of Lord Muruga. That’s when the comedy starts. Whenever Vikram appears as a fowl, its looks funny. The imitation of chicken walk was nicely done with lots effort, but still can’t resist laughing.

The story continues where Vikram’s department raids crook PPP’s (Asish Vidyarthi) house. To avoid further questioning, he pretend to get a stroke. Only his assistant YG Mahendran (wasted talent here)  knows this. His daughter Subulecthumi (Shreya), who thinks Kandaswamy is the cause of her father’s stroke and vows to avenge him. She tries the “he tried to rape me” formula but fails miserably. Next is, yes you guessed it, – “i’ll make him fall him love with me until he becomes crazy” strategy. Boring stuff, but plenty of eye candy.

The story of Lord Kandaswamy appearing in the various forms – rooster, old man, young lady, etc to fulfill the makkal’s request or to teach a lesson to those who deserve it gathers momentum. Naturally the police led by Prabhu start their inquiry.

After a some time, Kandaswamy gets caught, not by the the actual cops, but by bad guys pretending to be cops, a setup by PPP. Left with no choice (Shreya was about to be molested by a prisoner as part of the process to get Kandaswamy to admit. duh!), Kandaswamy agrees. Kandaswamy then realises its a trap set up by father and daughter team. Kandaswamy also reveals why he did the robbery – a flashback involving the loss of a limb of his friend. He admits to his “crimes” and PPP uses the admission to blackmail Kandaswamy. Every raid Kandaswamy makes, he wants 50%.

The story drags on, with timely comedy by Vadivellu, including some scenes shot in Mexico where Kandaswamy goes to get in touch with the money laundering agents. Oh ya, the director Susi Ganesan makes a cameo here as a CBI officer who tails Kandaswamy to Mexico.

To cut the long story short (it was a 3 hours and 15 minutes movie!), Kandaswamy manages to catch another big crook and also gets arrested. Since there’s no proof that he was the one who actually helped the makkal (so said the judge) he was freed, but ordered to be transferred to another state. In the last shot he is shown being in a temple, and when walking out, takes a paper from a tree (ala Anniyan ending).

Story wise, its partially OK. There are holes here and there, but passable.

Acting wise, Vikram did well in the various roles, but Kandaswamy seems to prove that Shreya can’t actually act on par with other actress of substance. You might as well replace her with any other models and still the movie will go on. I don’t think both of them had any kind of  on-screen chemistry at all. Frankly speaking, I kind of got turned-off when the duo was on screen together.

The villains were quite comedic as well menacing.  Prabhu acted well as a police officer bent on revealing the truth about the persons behind the apparitions.

Comedy is the strength of the movie. The main attraction is of course Vadivellu. Without him, it would have been a below average movie. Villains, Vikram, Prabhu, YG Mahendran, and other actors also provided the laughter.

In terms of direction, the movie seems to stumble along and scenes fitted in to showcase Vikram’s talent, instead of strictly adhering to the movie. Some scenes are totally unnecessary, like the Mumaith Khan’s dance (waste 5 minutes to provide a 3 second dialogue – “can afford to pay 30 lakhs for a dance”). The scenes where Vikram’s team set up the cables and wiring, and conduct the stunt are not believable. Looks like inserted just to please someone.

Songs – Lots of modern beat. My favorites are Idhellam Dupe, and Excuse Me Mr Kandaswamy. The visualisation for Allegra looked messed up, probably trying to do some medley or combo dance sequence. En Peru Meenakumari is unecessary in the movie, but a catchy song nevertheless. Miow Miow also same – disjointed and irrelevant to the movie.

Cinematography is OK. The temple scenes, and song scene in Mexico was nice to watch.

Cast: Vikram, Shreya, Prabhu, Vadivelu, Ashish Vidyarthi, YG Mahendran (and Susi Ganesan the director)

Genre: Comedy, Action, Romance

Acting : 7/10

Story : 5/10

Special Effects: 6/10

Cinematography: 7/10

Overall Oomphness: 6/10

Note: Saw this movie in Big Cinema Sitiawan last weekend. Crowd was about half full, and not so noisy, so could enjoy the movie.



  1. Killer says:

    I m sorry lah MP I got to disagree with you here….I think this movie should have been named as Kuppaisamy instead….I only went to watch the movie since I had nothing to do and it was a complete waste of time.

    The only thing that I find praiseworthy is the lack of violence and the obscene dialogues that are staple of the Tamil movies these days.

    Even by Tamil movies’ low standards, the logic is laughable. The whole things about staged stunts and the distribution of money via temple wishlists are so far fetched that it is not even worth debating about.

    It seems to me that there is a very thin line separating Shreya’s acting from being classified to be a soft porn. She acted with as less clothes as humanly possible. Othwerwise her character is an insult to women,especially Indian women. In these days of independent and smarter women heroines, Shreya has gone backward to the days 70s when the actresses only looked like a prop to the movies.

    The “superhero” character is also looks stupid and silly. Only a moron will dress up like a rooster and instead of finishing off the villains, the hero struts around like a headless chicken.

    I think this is one of the worse movies of the recent times. I just can’t imagine what was on the director’s mind when he came up with this movie.

    • poobalan says:

      Hi Killer, actually I was being a bit soft on the review 🙂 as i mentioned, this movie is being enjoyed by some who take as a comedy, not bothered about logic or action scene or the storyline. another set of moviegoers condemned it. i could see both groups in the cinema that day.