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WARNING: spoilers ahead!

Watched Paiya yesterday. Was a draggy movie with ridiculous fight scenes. I wonder if the quality of pipes in India is that bad because getting whacked few times with metal pipes also still can fight strongly. And what’s with twisting people’s neck all the time? Linguswamy need to come up with better stuff.

Karthi is trying hard to act. All his actions reminds us of Surya, Barath, or even Vijay. Worse still it just brings back memories of Paruthi Veeran or Ayirathil Oruvan. Just the setting is different.

Tamannah had to look pretty, and she did 🙂

The story is about I guy Shiva (Karthi) who is jobless because he botches the interviews one way or another. His friends try to help him get a job. Along the way to an interview, he sees Charulatha (Tamannah) – love at first sight.  Oh yeah, this happens in Bangalore.

By coincidence, he ends up becoming driver for Charu and her uncle who are heading to Madras. Along the way, Charu asks Shiva to ditch the uncle, and escapes in the car with Shiva. The rest of the story is about Shiva, Charu, and the Mitsubishi Lancer. Sigh!

You get the typical story – girl is being forced to marry someone, so she flees to her grandma’s place; guy secretly in love with the girl he is helping out, guy has some previous problem with gangsters.

To cut the story short, Shiva manages to bring Charu to Bombay where her relatives live. Unfortunately, she is not so welcomed there. she leaves the house and meets (again) with Shiva. Both sets of bad guys (remember, some bad guys are looking to settle score with our hero, while the girl’s side are still searching for her) converge and Shiva has the simple job of bashing up about 40 people.

Story ends when Shiva’s friends spill the beans on his secret love, and Charu reciprocates.

Direction: Standard story with some nice scenery settings. Director dragged the movie, could have saved about 10-20 minutes.

Story: Predictable, drags around. Typical boy loves girl-with-a-problem story.

Acting: Tamannah acted well (but I still like her in Kaloori). Karthi seriously need to improve on his acting. Everyone else did OK.

Songs: This is where to movie tops. Super songs by Yuvan Shankar Raja – Thuli Thuli Mazhaiyaai, Poongatre Poongatre, Adada Mazhaida, Suthuthe Suthuthe Bhoomi, and my favorite: En Kadhal Solla.

Conclusion: Watch this for Tamannah or for the songs.

Cast: Karthi Sivakumar, Tamannah Bhatia, Milind Soman, etc.

Genre: Romance, Action.

Acting : 5/10

Story : 5/10

Special Effects: 6/10

Cinematography: 6/10

Overall Oomphness: 5/10



  1. dd says:

    LOL karthi’s acting was da best … ur probably blind… if u dn’t noe how to rate DEN DON’T …the movie was good, and KARTHI’S ACTING WAS DA BEST from all … idiot

    • poobalan says:

      well dd, just as you are entitled to your opinion, so am i entitled to mine. i just wrote what i felt and i’m not some professional critic, just a moviegoer. calling people idiots or blind just reflects poorly on you. i guess best to ignore your comments since you don’t have the capability to comment in courteous manner.

  2. shuba says:

    hey movie n songs r awesome…reli d best movie 4 karthik…i love all the song in paiya movie…damn nice n feeling songs..hands of 2 music director…………..

  3. Sures says:

    Hahaha I didn’t know people get so emo on other ppls oppinion on tamil movies, our people still hasnt changed. I’m sorry for the poor response that you had to receive Mr Poobalan, I guess some things will never change. I havent seen Paiya yet, but it doesnt look like a movie that I’ll want to watch. thanks for posting and keep em coming, God bless : )