Vernacular schools not neglected?

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I’m not sure what the minister was trying to prove, but I’m sure not many people are buying into this statement. Just look at budget and allocation in past Malaysian Plans, look at the school conditions, look at the piecemeal amounts dumped at suitable times, and then you tell me there’s no neglect. Need not go far, even in this article, the government is giving RM1 million for the hall. Why not pay for the whole thing?  Because its sekolah bantuan modal? On private land? The same old excuse. Why never thought of changing those hindering laws all this while instead of making a convenient excuse? I would certain agree that adequate attention had not been given to vernacular schools.

We only have 523 schools, yet had built 600 Tamil schools? More schools had closed down since Independence, and in fact, most of those schools were build by the estate/plantation owners. On when schools are terminally unusable or being relocated, we get to rebuild the school.


The Government has never neglected the development of Chinese and Tamil schools, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said.

The Deputy Prime Minister pointed out that to date, the Government has built more than 1,200 Chinese schools and 600 Tamil schools nationwide.

“There are certain quarters who allege that the Government has not given adequate attention to these types of schools.

“This is incorrect as the Government has a ministry which is responsible to develop and maintain such schools,” he said in his speech during the ground-breaking ceremony of Chung Hwa High School multipurpose activity centre here yesterday.

During the ceremony, Muhyiddin, who is also Education Minister, also announced an allocation of RM1mil from the Government towards the project, which will cost RM10mil.



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