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Hulu Selangor came under the limelight recently due to the by-election. If I’m not mistaken its the biggest district in Selangor, yet its among the most laid back in terms of living style, and with among the lowest population among the districts. Its also my father’s hometown.

The trip was initiated by fellow blogger and photographer Amutha. Newly minted MP, YB P.Kamalanathan invited the photographers and bloggers down to Hulu Selangor for a walkabout. 6 people turned up, including yours truly. The others were Amutha, Then, Puvanan, Parimala and Selian. We left Puchong at 9.15am and reached Kuala Kubu Bahru around 11.15am (Yeah, it took that long due to GPS that asked to take a different exit along PLUS highway). You can exit at Rawang, or use the old road via Batu Caves.

We met up with Kamalanathan who was in a sports attire. He had some senamrobik event in the morning. Had a chat on issues in Hulu Selangor, his election campaign, MIC and other stuff. Had a good breakfast as well.

From Trip to Hulu Selangor
From Trip to Hulu Selangor

After about one hour, we left for our first destination, the Sg Selangor Dam, along the way to Fraser Hill. We reached the dam (its about 4km from KKB town) at 12.35pm. There’s a visitor center for public to learn more about the dam. Took some pictures of the dam (but the fences blocked a clear view). The office closes at lunch time, so we took more pictures on the grounds. Some a steady stream of visitors but rarely more than 20 people at a time. Most come to take picture or have a snack there (you have to bring your meal, no shops here!).

From Trip to Hulu Selangor

We spent about two hours there, until 2.30pm. Puvanan and Selian had to leave due to another appointment, so we decided to move on. On the way out from the dam, the rest of decided to visit the Orang Asli settlement nearby, called Kg Gerachi Jaya. The road was a bit steep and narrow. Took us about 10 minutes to reach the village. To our surprise, the houses were newly built and looked very comfortable.

From Trip to Hulu Selangor

Along the way down from the village, we took some photos of the dam (opposite side from earlier location).

From Trip to Hulu Selangor

We went back for a quick lunch at Indian Village restaurant (they close by 4pm, that shows you how laid back the place is!) and also had cendol and ABC at a nearby stall.

From Trip to Hulu Selangor

We ended up taking the federal road back to KL, and along the way, passed by my father’s hometown, Ulu Yam Bahru. Took some pictures at the picnic site there.

By the time we reached Batu dam, it was already 6pm. There were few families there. We stopped to take some photos and continued on our way back to Puchong.

From Trip to Hulu Selangor

We spent a lot of time on the road since the district is big. There are lot of scenic places in Hulu Selangor, and eco-tourism can be developed to provide employment and revenue for the folks. However, as with other similar projects, the concern is that over-development will cause the tranquility and beauty of the place to be disturbed.



  1. sue says:

    I am seeking an appointment to meet Mr P Kamalanathan at KKB. May have the contact number to his office for me to make an appoinment and i will be coming from another state? Appreciate for the info. Tks.