Bangkok Pattaya Trip Day 2 Part 3

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Continuing from part 2, we reached our hotel at Pattaya at about 7pm, after dinner. Rested for a while before heading out for the cabaret show called Alcazar. It was a 1.5 hour dance show featuring transvestites.

From Bangkok Pattaya Trip Day 2 Part 3

The hall was packed, I guess easily with about 2000 people. Quite an entertaining performance by the singers and dancers. There was even a dance to Siti Nurhaliza song (Cindai). Also featured was a dance for Hindi movie song. Below are photo slideshow and video clips taken at the show (13 parts):


Video Part 1 (26 sec):

Part 2 (16 sec):

Part 3 (58 sec):

Part 4 (2 min 26 sec) – the one with Siti Nurhaliza song:

Part 5 (8 min 3 sec):

Part 6 (3 min 5 sec):

Part 7 (6 min 51 sec):

Part 8 (5 min 22 sec):

Part 9 (2 min 30 sec):

Part 10 (1 min 43 sec):

Part 11 (10 sec) – one performer, two dress:

From Bangkok Pattaya Trip Day 2 Part 3

Part 12 (1 min 21 sec):

Part 13 (27 sec) – continue from earlier segment:

As you may know, Pattaya is famous for the night life, and its not so suitable for families, especially at night. Pattaya was a quiet town up to 1960s, when the US soldiers came down to camp. From then, entertainment spots sprouted, and after 50 years, Pattaya is as it is now, more seedy than serene. In a way, the area become developed, but I think at a high cost.

Day 3 coming up next.


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