Illegal gatherings ‘bad for business’

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Illegal gatherings 'bad for business'

KUALA LUMPUR: Business operators in Jalan Ampang are against the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) gathering tomorrow.

Jefffrey Yeoh and Jamie Lai, 40, both employees of a photoshop in Ampang Park, are both critical of the proposed rally.

"Such a large gathering of people in this area will cause much chaos and disorder. There will be a massive jam.

"They can gather in other public places and parks such as Bukit Jalil where they will not inconvenience anyone," said Lai.

"We are not saying that their action is right or wrong. We just don't agree to the mass gathering. Our ways are different. We cannot follow the West by taking to the streets," said Yeoh.

TC Permata supermarket supervisor Sarizan Razali, 45, shared their sentiments.

"When thousands gather on the streets and the police are present, it makes people uneasy and afraid to go out. Not to mention the horrendous jams that will occur."

He said business dropped by half when disturbances occurred.

"If they want to hand over any petition to the High Commission, they should just go there directly.

"They should not mar the image of the country as Ampang is where many embassies are located and tourists flock to Suria Kuala Lumpur City Centre," he said.

Money changer Samsudeen Nazzar also called for the gathering to be stopped as "it will create chaos in the streets".

"The authorities should prevent it from happening as the crowd could turn unruly."

A restaurant owner in City Square said he was not against the gathering if it was legal.

"They have their rights, that's democracy. We cannot stop them from assembling. Let them voice their claims. Leave them be and after a while they will disperse.

"The crowds might just bring me more customers," he added.

Meanwhile, in a statement released by the British High Commission, its senior adviser (Political and Press Affairs) Abdul Rashid Hussein said it had no involvement whatsoever in planning or organising the event.

The statement said that responsibility for the organisation lay solely with Hindraf and refuted suggestions that the high commission was in any way encouraging people to attend the gathering.


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