RM428 million for mosques and RM8 million for others

July 3rd, 2008 by poobalan | View blog reactions Leave a reply »
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In a 60/40 population, 428 million versus 8 million doesn’t look balanced no matter how you cut it. And that is just for the period between 2005 and 2008.


Let’s do the maths:


428/ 42 months (from Jan 2005 until June 2008) = 10.19 million per month.


8/42 months = 190,000 per month.


That means mosques get 53.63 times more than other places of worship month-wise. Over the said period, its 53.5 times more than the allocation for temples and churches.


And bear in mind that this amount is to be shared between temples (Hindus, Buddhists, Taoist?) and churches.


The deputy minister for Internal Security also said that the government has been disbursing RM1 million per year for temples/churches and Hindu temples respectively for physical construction projects.


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  1. DIASPORA says:

    There should be nothing wrong in the expenditure as – a Mosque or other Islamic place of worship is ‘expected’ to bring forth good and honest citizens blessed by the Almighty. But if the source of funds is tainted – that is , if it is tax monies collected from Pork Eaters; Non Halal food eaters, People and persons who do not comply with ‘hala’ requirements, then, that would mean that the building so built for the purpose would be place of eternal damnation because it was built by and against all the percepts of the religion concerned.

    Even the workers who built the mosque should have been above board religiously and the materials should have come from and through halal hands.

    Is this one reason why we find so much of ‘corruption’ at every level of life that we cannot go through the Papers without reading of corruption and sex exploits between father and son with daughter; father with daughters; grandfather with grand daughters and uncles with neices and so on.

    Although it may all make good reading for the convoluted brains – it brings a terribly sordid and bad reputation for the Nation and may in the course of time produce a generation fully engrossed only in thse activities as the National pastime. Most readers know who are those involved in corruption and sex exploits and so nothing needs to be said further.

    Web sites of Malaysian (?) women and their antics, whether true or not, seem to flourish and then flounder as newer and newer sites come into play. Stories of what goes on amongst children in Putra Jaya and University Hostels and Housing homes are thrillers which even Mickey Spillane cannot emulate.

    Religion and ‘trust’ misused and abused brings “divine” retirbution not only on the perpetrator but on his whole brood for generations to come. That is the Hindu belief and that may be the reason that we hear lesser stories about Indians ( hundreds of ethnic groups) getting over indulgent in both these great pastimes.