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Rajeshvari’s saga continues with more confusion. If earlier reports mentioned that she only spoke little Malay, could not remember her IC, and could not provide details of her background, today’s Star quoted Rajeshvari as saying:

“I know it’s my fault that I could not produce or remember my IC number but I did give the officers my address and school’s name only to be told that these did not exist,” she said. She claimed she told them this several times in Bahasa Malaysia but they did not believe her. “I was never a bright student and left school at 13 but I can still converse in basic Bahasa,” Rajeshvari added.

I think conversing in basic Bahasa Malaysia is not enough nowadays. Any foreigner can pick up the language within months. So, its important to carry your IC, or the police report if you lost your IC. My view is that now, Rajeshvari seemed to blame the officials for not doing enough to investigate her claims. Won’t be surprised if she takes legal action against the department.

Rajeshvari who earlier said she did not want to meet anyone, finally met her mother and sister:

M. Rajeshvari, 22, who was detained for 11 months at the Lenggeng Immigration depot here for not being able to remember her identity card number, was reunited yesterday with her mother and sister, whom she had not met or spoken to for more than three years.

Her sister Vigneswari, 26, said the family had no idea of the troubles that had befallen her and were shocked when they saw Rajeshvari on the front page of The Sunday Star. “I picked up the paper on Sunday morning as usual and was completely taken aback when I saw my sister’s picture. “She had left home some time ago and we heard from a relative that she was in Kuala Lumpur but we had no idea she was in trouble,” she said at The Star office here yesterday.

Her mother M. Parameswari, 47, was equally overjoyed to see her daughter again. “Not a day went by without me thinking about her. “She left home with her friends and we did not want to force her to come back. I always believed she would come back and now she has. “This Deepavali is definitely going to be special for us,” she said.


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