who stole my mike?

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I guess that will be the question on Sivakumar’s mind when he found out that his mike was switched off. not only him, but many of the mikes on certain side of the assembly were off. Looks like they were done for by a staff.

A certain deputy speaker also played a major role. Without independent BN-friendly assemblywoman Hee, the takeover would not have been successful. She convened the sitting after Sivakumar’s mike was switched off, and proceeded with the four motions, which were approved. All in all, a well thought and executed plan by Zambry and co, and another defeat for Pakatan.

Not only that, we have a case where a speaker was dragged/carried/manhandled (photos) (you can decide what word to use) from the assembly hall and kept under custody for more than an hour.


photo from Malaysiakini

If these is the treatment a assembly speaker gets, imagine what will possibly happen to rakyat biasa (common folks)….

As (rightly or wrongly) MIC’s Ganesan takes over Pakatan’s Sivakumar as speaker of the state assembly, I can’t help notice that not many people wore black yesterday, at least where I was (J Card day at Jusco).

UMNO lawyers are defending the action of Zambry, Ganesan and Perak BN. Pakatan people are crying foul over the illegal ways of the BN people and will not recognise Ganesan as new speaker. We can expect more legal suits by both parties that will drag on and waste precious time of the courts. More protests, and use of police that will result in questionable expenses. In the view of that, it will be more cost-saving if the assembly is dissolved and fresh elections are held. A one time cost which will settle the problem. So, from economical sense, its more prudent to go for elections instead of dragging this issue on for next 4 years. Imagine if one or two BN assemblymen dies or rendered incapable of serving his constituents (court case, bankruptcy, illness etc). You will have three friendly independents who may decide to be unfriendly (hey, its politics after all – there’s no permanent friend or foe) and BN will be in trouble. Of course, Pakatan assemblymen can also suffer the same fate, which will increase the majority for BN.

The court will decide who is the valid MB next Monday, and for me, I think its a foregone conclusion.

As for the entry of police into the hall (Anil Netto’s blog mentioned about an unmarked van outside the building with is receiver antenna pointed towards the state building), BN Menteri Besar Zambry said the BN speaker Ganesan was the one who called them in as the situation was out of control and that the speaker had power to do that. In that case, why didn’t Sivakumar use that power to remove the “suspended” ADUN? Sivakumar didn’t know or didn’t trust the police? Also, sergeant-at-arms and the state government top officials were not on Sivakumar’s side. Thus he was a lone figure fighting for his seat. With the such a big force against him, no chance la!

Waiting is common in Malaysia. You wait for ambulance or police car to arrive. You wait one hour for your turn at the clinic. You queue up in the wee hours of the day for buying ASW shares. You wait for some VIPs or official to launch event. And yesterday, Raja Nazrin should be upset that he had to wait for 5 hours to deliver the speech. Must have been boring and tiring especially with the heavy attire and all. You reap what you sow applies to all I guess. He summoned Nizar and Ngeh to the dais to tell them a few admonishing words. He asked the Pakatan fellows to respect his speech if “they want to work with him in the future”. Whatever that means.

Yesterday also saw 69 people being detained (most released after statement taken) around the 500m no-go zone. Among them were MP and assemblymen from Pakatan side. I guess BN side did not have anyone arrested.

I listened to Minnal FM news yesterday and today morning, but nothing mentioned about the takeover in Perak. THR did mention about it in the 3pm news and today’s 8am news. So, for the benefit of readers, below is timeline of the events in Perak as provided by Malaysiakini. Other MK reports HERE, HERE, HERE. You can read some Star reports HERE, HERE, and HERE. Anil Netto’s HERE. NST reports HERE, HERE, and HERE.

5.10pm: BN speaker Ganesan tells reporters that he does not see any problems with regards to executing his duties in future.

“There is a maxim in democracy – majority rules. BN has 31 (seats), Pakatan has 28. The majority elected the speaker.”

perak state assembly chaos ganesan appointed speaker pakatan pc 070509 01Asked on how he plans to keep the House in order, he replies: “I won’t be a dictator. I will do my duty as per standing orders.”

On the manner he was elected, Ganesan (left) says the issue of an ‘illegal speaker’ does not arise because BN has the majority.

“Sivakumar was removed as per standing order.”

Nizar leaves the building and is seen waving at journalists as well as police personnel.

5.03pm: Sivakumar leaves the state secretariat building. His car briefly stops at the gates to allow photographers to snap a few shots.

perak state assembly chaos ganesan appointed speaker pakatan pc 070509 045pm: Nizar tells a press conference that as far as Pakatan is concerned, the House did not sit today. He says that whatever BN did was “illegal and unconstitutional”.

As for the regent’s speech, the ousted MB describes it “as just a royal speech, nothing more than that. It is not opening the assembly.”

4.30pm: PAS’ Salahuddin Ayub (Kubang Kerian MP) says all the elected reps arrested earlier have been released.

Salahuddin, who was taken into custody along with 63 other people, said that others are also being freed.

“About 30 of us have been released after our statements were recorded,” he told AFP.

Perak Regent Nazrin leaves the chamber. BN-appointed MB Zambry suggests for the House to be adjourned. Pakatan reps repeatedly shout ‘Dissolve the assembly’ again.

New speaker Ganesan adjourns the assembly to a date to be decided. Pakatan reps to call press conference.

perak state assembly chaos unknown men in hall 070509 044pm: PKR election strategy director and Batu parliamentarian Tian Chua is arrested outside the state secretariat building.

The police inform him that the area has been cordoned off. The opposition politician tells police that he is there to greet his Pakatan colleagues.

Although he is accompanied by PKR treasurer and Selayang MP William Leong and several other party leaders, the police only detain him. He is forcefully dragged to an unmarked police vehicle.

perak state assembly chaos in the assmbly between speakers and state reps 070509 113.47pm: Raja Nazrin ends his royal speech. He did not touch on the ongoing political crisis in the state during his 30-minute speech.

He spoke on the stimulus packages and development of the state. [More on Nazrin’s speech] A closing prayer session is underway.

3.36pm: Sivakumar’s official car is seen returning to the state secretariat building with the same woman passenger.

Order is restored in the House and Raja Nazrin starts his royal address, which has been delayed for almost six hours. His speech touches on the stimulus packages unveiled by the prime minister.


Regent of Perak Raja Nazrin enters the House and talks to ousted MB Nizar and DAP’s Ngeh Khoo Ham. Following this, Nizar tells all Pakatan reps to take their seat and they obey.

injured pakatan adun at perak state assembly chaos 070509 02The police install a new chair for Ganesan as the old speaker’s chair was damaged during the earlier scuffle. The plainclothes personnel have also left the House. Seah Leong Peng (DAP-Pasir Bedamar) complains his jacket was torn during the scuffle (right).

3.12pm: Sivakumar’s official Toyota Camry bearing the registration plate ‘AFD 999’ is seen leaving the state secretariat building with a woman passenger but the speaker is not in the car.

3.10pm: Ganesan adjourns the House for a few minutes in order as the assembly waits for the Regent of Perak to deliver his royal address.

3.05pm: Ganesan starts chairing the meeting and calls for the customary prayers to be recited. He also calls for the removal of two Pakatan reps but no action is taken to do so.

Sivakumar’s wife, who is in assembly, is enraged and demands to see her husband. The ‘officials’ then take her to see the Pakatan speaker but nobody else is allowed to meet him.

sivakumar being dragged abused manhandled by security unknown individual out perak state assembly chaos 070509 023pm: PAS Youth chief Salahuddin Ayub who was arrested this morning tells Malaysiakini via telephone that he is being held at the Sungai Senam police station in Ipoh.

He says some 40 others arrested this morning are also at the station. He adds that he gave a statement to the police but has not been informed when he will be released.

Meanwhile, it is learnt that the police have released 13 people who were arrested this morning.

The exact number of those arrested could not be ascertained but DAP leader Lim Kit Siang said the number stood at 64.

2.55pm: The same group of ‘officials’ escort Ganesan to the speaker’s chair and the speaker then started chairing the sitting.

sivakumar being dragged abused manhandled by security unknown individual out perak state assembly chaos 070509 the best2.41pm: Several uniformed police personnel grab hold of Sivakumar and forcibly remove him from the speaker’s chair.

He was then dragged out of the House by a group of plainclothes personnel wearing tags which read ‘official’. Sivakumar resists and shouts, “I am the legal speaker. Why am I being treated like this?” It cannot be ascertained if these were police personnel.

Pakatan reps try to shield him but more plainclothes personnel enter the House and manage to breakthrough the human barricade.

Several Pakatan reps are also dragged out and the ensuing melee sees several flower pots in the assembly are smashed.

2.35pm: Attempts by the sergeant-at-arms and state assembly staff to remove Sivakumar are being resisted by the speaker and Pakatan reps. Some other Pakatan assemblypersons are continuing with their attempts to eject BN speaker Ganesan from the house.

2.30pm: The situation is still chaotic in the house. The sergeant-at-arms is now trying to remove Sivakumar from the speaker’s chair to allow Ganesan to assume the chair.


The assembly resumes. Pakatan reps are trying to physically stop Ganesan from entering the chamber.

perak state assembly chaos in the assmbly between speakers and state reps 070509 06There is a lot of pushing and shoving among the state reps. A few punches are being thrown about as well. A number of reps climb up the table. It is complete pandemonium in the assembly.

A couple of police officers are now inside the assembly to try to restore order. Pakatan reps shout at the police to leave the assembly.

At the same time, the BN reps are trying to force Sivakumar out of the speaker’s chair but he is being protected by some Pakatan assemblypersons.

12.55pm: BN speaker Ganesan announces that the House will be adjourned for another hour. This is the second adjournment he has announced since been appointed by the BN as the speaker.

As he is unfamiliar with the House standing orders and has to be helped by BN exco Hamidah (Sungai Rapat), he is laughed at by Pakatan reps.

Despite the adjournment, all elected reps remain in the House, waiting for Round 3.

12.50pm: Umno Youth’s Saiful Adli files a police report against Sivakumar for ordering Zambry and others out of the House. He says this is in contempt of court.

perak state assembly chaos in the assmbly between speakers and state reps 070509 0712.45pm: The situation turns ugly in the House. Pakatan rep Thomas Su (Pasir Pinji) ridicules Hee by offering her RM50 and shouting ‘Go and die’ in Cantonese.

Following this, another Pakatan rep Yew Tian Hoe (Aulong) throws two RM1 notes at the deputy speaker, prompting a vexed Hee to pick up the notes and tear them to pieces.

Other reps – from both sides of the divide – are recording the happenings in the House with their handphones.

Earlier, Yew claimed that Hee had sprayed him with pepper spray.

perak state assembly chaos in the assmbly between speakers and state reps 070509 1012.37pm: BN speaker Ganesan comes under heavy pressure from the Pakatan representatives to leave the house. Some of them even shouted at him to leave. “Ganesan, go out!” was among the shouts heard.

By now the BN elected representatives have come to support Ganesan, who is a top state MIC leader. Both sides are engaged in a heated argument, resulting in a minor scuffle among some of the reps, but this was quickly stopped by the remaining elected assemblypersons.

Ganesan remained seated in a chair belonging to a sergeant-at-arms and is refusing to budge.


After an hour-long recess, the session continues with Pakatan speaker Sivakumar asking BN-appointed speaker Ganesan to leave the chamber.

perak state assembly chaos in the assmbly between speakers and state reps 070509 08Five Pakatan reps have gone to Ganesan to ask him to leave but latter is arguing with them over his status as the new speaker. BN reps are watching the arguments from the sidelines.

11.48am: Pakatan-elected representatives told Malaysiakini that their seating arrangements were changed before they entered the house this morning – moving their places from the right of the speaker to the left.

However, since they arrived into the House much earlier than the BN reps, they changed the seating arrangements back to when Pakatan was in power – their seats are now on the right of the speaker.

By convention, the ruling party sits on the right side of the speaker.

perak state assembly chaos in the assmbly between speakers and state reps 070509 0511.37am: A ceasefire seems to be in place.

Pakatan reps are still in discussion with Nizar while the BN reps are glued to their seats worried that Sivakumar would start the sitting if they leave the House.

11.30am: “As long as I am here, the other speaker (Ganesan) is haram (illegal),” says Sivakumar while attempting to start the assembly sitting. His microphone is still turned off.

11.25am: Pakatan reps walk over to their ousted MB Nizar to discuss their next strategy. The verbal salvos continue in the background.

Sivakumar once again asks the 10 BN reps to leave the House. Failing which, he warns that he will not convene the sitting. But as far as BN reps are concerned, their speaker has adjourned the sitting for an hour. A shouting match erupts again.

Amidst the pandemonium in the House, BN still manages to pass four motions. These include to (1) remove Sivakumar as the speaker, (2) to appoint Ganesan as the new speaker, (3) to appoint new state committee members and (4) to declare the tree assembly illegal.

perak state assembly chaos in the assmbly between speakers and state reps 070509 0411.20am: Zambry moves a motion to adjourn the sitting and the motion is passed.

The new speaker announces that the sitting has been adjourned.

Pakatan reps respond by shouting ‘keluar’. But both sides return to their seats later while Sivakumar continues to occupy the speaker’s seat. The House is calm again. The regent of Perak has yet to deliver the royal address.

11.13am: BN representatives seem to have the upper hand in the House now with new speaker Ganesan controlling the proceedings.

His microphone is the only one which is working at the moment. With Ganesan chairing the proceedings, BN is now moving a motion to appoint members of various state committees.

They are also moving a motion to declare that the tree-assembly held on March 3 was illegal. In that sitting, a motion moved by the Pakatan representatives to dissolve the assembly was passed. BN reps did not attend the sitting.

11.05am: Deputy speaker Hee Yit Foong, who is now a BN-friendly independent, announces that she has taken over from Sivakumar. Standing behind a cordon of BN state reps, she orders the sergeant-at-arms to expel Sivakumar. However, no action is taken by the sergeant-at-arms.

Zambry again reads out the motion to sack Sivakumar. All BN state reps raise their hands in support. Zambry also moves the motion to appoint R Ganesan as the new speaker. This is again backed by BN reps and the three BN-friendly Independents.

Ganesan walks into the assembly hall to accept the speaker’s gown. He is quickly sworn in among the turmoil and signs the appointment document at the BN side of the assembly.

Sivakumar, who is still occupying the speaker’s seat, keeps shouting “Speaker ini haram” (He is an illegal speaker) referring to Ganesan.

Ganesan conducts the assembly meeting from the floor among the BN state reps. Zambry tries to move a number of other motions.

10.35am: The Perak assembly is still at a stand-off. Sivakumar keeps repeating that BN MB Zambry’s motion to sack him as speaker is “null and void” and orders the sergeant-at-arms to expel the 10 state assemblypersons. However, the sergeant-at-arms refuses to abide by the speaker’s instruction.

perak state assembly chaos in the assmbly between speakers and state reps 070509 01A group of state reps from both sides surround Zambry as the shouting match continues. State assembly secretary Abdullah Antung tries to talk to the speaker but he is ignored by Sivakumar.

10.25am: Contrary to the chaos inside the assembly, the situation outside the state secretariat building is much calmer with the police successfully dispersing the crowd.

The police have widened the no-go cordon, as a result the coffee shops are deserted.

Earlier the police ordered all those having drinks in the restaurants to leave immediately. Many left without paying for their drinks. Two refused to budge and were arrested.

perak state assembly chaos in the assmbly between speakers and state reps 070509 0210.20am: The impasse between speaker V Sivakumar and BN state reps continues.

The speaker refuses to begin proceedings unless the seven suspended reps and three BN-friendly independents leave the hall.

Assembly secretary Abdullah Antung tries to take his seat in front of the speaker. But about 10 Pakatan reps walk up to him and physically stop him from doing so. They instruct Antung not to interfere with assembly business as he is a civil servant.

Both sides then engage in a free-for-all shouting match. Pakatan reps are also seen trying to prevent BN MB Zambry from speaking.

perak state assembly police blockade and arrest of opposition mps and ngo reps 070509 27Zambry moves motion to sack the speaker. According to Zambry, the speaker has abused his powers. All BN reps raise their hands in support of Zambry. The motion was seconded by Hamidah Osman.

But speaker Sivakumar is unmoved. He rejects the motion and says his decision to expel the 10 state reps is final. The assembly plunges into chaos.

Meanwhile, Raja Nazrin, who is to give his royal address and officially open the assembly, waits in a VIP room.

10.19am: Two more politicians have been arrested by the police for breaching the injunction against gathering at the state secretariat – MPs Dr D Jeyakumar (PSM-Sungai Siput, Perak) and Mujahid Yusof Rawa (PAS-Parit Buntar, Perak).

Also arrested was Malaysiakini columnist and activist Helen Ang.


The speaker said his suspension of Zambry and his six exco members was made in his capacity as the chairperson of the privileges and the special rights committee and not as the speaker.

perak state assembly police blockade and arrest of opposition mps and ngo reps 070509He said the Federal Court decision was based on his standing as a speaker and as such the matter was inapplicable.

He also asked the three BN-friendly independents to leave the assembly as his legal suit against the three was still pending in court.

His order for the 10 to leave the assembly was greeted by cheers and table-thumping by the Pakatan representatives. They shouted ‘keluar‘ (out) repeatedly.

However, the 10 elected representatives are still in the house. A shouting match between the two sides is presently underway.

Nizar is seated in the right side of the speaker – the place allocated for the ruling party – while Zambry is on the left.


perak state assembly police blockade and arrest of opposition mps and ngo reps 070509 28The action has now moved inside the state assembly.

House speaker V Sivakumar, after immediately taking his seat, asks the seven suspended BN state reps including BN appointed MB Zambry to leave the hall.

He says he won’t begin the assembly sitting until they are out of the hall. According to Sivakumar, he has the power to do so. Pakatan state reps thump their table in support.

9.45am: PAS Youth chief and MP Salahuddin Ayub (PAS-Kubang Kerian, Kelantan) is arrested near the ‘democracy tree’ behind the state secretariat building.

perak state assembly police blockade and arrest of opposition mps and ngo reps 070509 25It is learnt that another state assemblyperson has also been arrested – Ng Chin Tsai (DAP-Temiang, Negri Sembilan).

9.40am: Pakatan supporters, estimated at around 200, are scattered in various places near the state assembly building. There is no crowd at the gate of the building. The compound is barricaded by about 200 police.

perak state assembly police blockade and arrest of opposition mps and ngo reps 070509 249.30am: Perak crown prince Raja Nazrin Shah arrives. He inspects the guards of honour. Unlike the cold reception given to BN MB Zambry, all Pakatan state reps rise to their feet to welcome Raja Nazrin.

He was greeted by Zambry, assembly speaker Sivakumar and deputy speaker Hee Yit Foong (who defected from DAP to become a BN-friendly Independent rep).

BN Menteri Besar Zambry Abd Kadir arrives to inspect the guard of honour. He shakes hand with assembly speaker V Sivakumar. Only BN state reps stand up to welcome Zambry. Pakatan state reps however snub him by remaining seated.

perak state assembly police blockade and arrest of opposition mps and ngo reps 070509 299.23am: All 59 state reps seated outside the state secretariat building where the opening ceremony will be held. They are waiting for the arrival of Perak crown prince Raja Nazrin Shah.

BN appointed state cabinet members could be seen wearing ‘exco’ (executive councillor) tags while Pakatan reps, including ousted MB Nizar, were wearing ‘Adun’ (state representative) tags.

9.15am: The police have moved in to arrest people gathered at the restaurant, including people having their breakfast. Many people have been arrested. Exact number of those arrested is uncertain.

perak state assembly police blockade and arrest of opposition mps and ngo reps 070509 12The police first allowed those having their breakfast to do so but then soon changed their mind and started arresting them as well.

One man who was having tea lashed out at the police for their actions. He was allowed to have his tea and then was arrested. [SEE VIDEO]

The restaurant has decided to close its shutters for the day.

The police are issuing warning to people who have gathered near the state secretariat, asking them to disperse by reminding them of the ban against gathering.

perak state assembly police blockade and arrest of opposition mps and ngo reps 070509 13People having breakfast in a nearby restaurant are also being told to get away. Fresh arrests are expected.

9.09am: The crowd which had gathered at the Umno headquarters has started to disperse. Umno Youth exco member Lokman Adam told reporters that their members were now free to do their own work.

“We gathered to show support this morning and now that the assembly is about to start, we have decided to disperse.

“We are not like the Pakatan crowd who want to protest at the state secretariat despite a police ban,” he said.

perak state assembly police blockade and arrest of opposition mps and ngo reps 070509 229.01am: The 11 people who have been arrested are herded into a police lorry inside the state secretary compound. They include one MP and three state assemblypersons – MP Zuraida Kamaruddin (PKR-Ampang, Selangor), state reps Khoo Poay Tiong (DAP-Ayer Keroh, Malacca), Jenice Lee (DAP-Teratai, Selangor) and Tey Kok Seong (DAP-Bahau, Negri Sembilan).

The police lorry leaves the compound with those inside shouting “1BlackMalaysia”, “Dissolve the assembly” and “Reformasi”.

9am: All elected representatives are getting ready for the official ceremony to start. The regent is expected to arrive at any time.

8.59am: DAP’s Ipoh Timor member of parliament Lim Kit Siang, under whose area the state secretariat is located, is turned away from the building.

Also with Lim are DAP’s MPs for Ipoh Barat M Kulasegaran and Teluk Intan MP M Manogaran. The three MPs had official invitations to attend the sitting from assembly speaker.

In an ensuing shouting match with the police, Kulasegaran’s aide was arrested.

janice lee smiling arrested ipoh 070520098.50am: More arrests by the police. This time four people, including a Pakatan elected representative from Negeri Sembilan and Teratai state representative Jenice Lee (centre in photo), were arrested while having breakfast in a mamak stall.

Batu MP Tian Chua, who has donned a black suit, arrived at the state secretariat compound. He was in Tai Sing Ng (Perak’s Kuala Sepetang rep) car. While Tai was allowed into the building, Chua was told to stay outside the ‘500m exclusion zone’. Chua left the area in another car.

So far, eight have been arrested, including Ampang MP Zuraida (PKR-Selangor), Ayer Keroh state rep Khoo (DAP-Malacca) and her aide.

ampang mp zuraida arrested ipoh 070520098.45am: Ampang MP Zuraida Kamaruddin, who wanted to give a press conference outside the state secretariat building, was arrested by the police. She resisted, resulting in a slight scuffle. Police officers forcibly subdued her and put handcuffs on the parliamentarian.

“Why do you handcuff me?” she shouted at the police. The Ayer Keroh state rep Khoo Poay Tiong from Malacca, who was arrested minutes earlier, was also handcuffed.

8.44am: A group of Umno/BN supporters numbering about 100 have started to gather at the Umno headquarters since morning. A spokesperson said they will be at the building until the official opening of the state assembly sitting. The crowd is carrying banners and placards. Some police officers are on standby.

notice on tree ipoh 070520098.37am: The police have totally cordoned off the road behind the state secretariat with barbed wires. A copy of an injunction obtained yesterday to bar people from gathering has been pasted on the ‘democracy tree’.

Ousted menteri besar Nizar Jamaluddin and Pakatan reps enter the state secretariat building. All their bodyguards are stopped at the gate. Only their drivers can go through the entrance.

8.30am: All Barisan Nasional elected representatives arrived at the state secretariat in one bus. Their arrival is greeted by a small group of demonstrators wearing black. The demonstrators are located outside the state secretariat.

Pakatan ADUNS Ipoh 07052009The police have moved in to stop the demonstration by arresting three people. Among those arrested are DAP’s Ayer Keroh elected representative Khoo Poay Tiong.

8.15am: Security is tight at the Perak state secretariat building in Ipoh, where the controversial legislative assembly meeting is to be held. About 100 police and FRU personnel have been deployed in the area. Five FRU (riot police) trucks are at the back entrance of the building complex.

SUK Perak 07052009The assembly hall will be opened at 9am. There will be a guard of honour by crown prince Raja Nazrin Shah, who is expected to represent the Perak sultan. Journalists will be allowed into the hall at 9.45am. [SEE VIDEO]

The assembly will officially be opened by Raja Nazrin, who will give his address to the 59 assemblypersons.

8:05am: The 28 Pakatan Rakyat state assemblypersons leave for the Perak state secretariat building in a convoy from the Grand View Hotel in Ipoh. They were accompanied by assembly speaker V Sivakumar and police escorts complete with outriders. The hotel is about 600m from the state secretariat building.

Earlier this morning, the state representatives had breakfast together at a mamak stall near the hotel. There are about 50 Pakatan supporters milling around the area – all wearing black. They are being watched by an equal number of police.


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