Straight contest in hulu selangor

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The two independent candidates have pulled out from the by-election contest, so its a straight fight between Kamalanathan and Zaid. I think this favors BN since the independents would have grabbed some votes from pro-BN voters.

Saw interview of Kamalanathan by Ahmad Talib in TV3’s Soal Jawab from 10pm till 11pm. Looked very rehearsed. Kamalanathan spoke Malay well, related his childhood, challenging working life and background which will make it easy for the rural area and those from low income background to relate to him. Good strategy. Kamalanathan talked about studying via correspondence, making some wrong decisions in choosing subjects, working in Sg Siput for about RM450-RM500, and so on  – things that can do well to highlight his humble background.

BUT, most disappointingly, there were not tough questions for a future MP to answer, just a “you ask, I answer” routine. Why talk about building UiTM campus? Why not UM or UPM, USM or any other of the IPTAs campus which will be open to all races? 1Malaysia ? Hmm… He also highlight one important point – Hulu Selangor has lots of land which BN can make use of (yup, he said that) to develop the place.  But what about sustainability? What kind of development is envisioned? How about environmental issues? He also mentioned about basic infrastructure (I presume its water, house, roads, electricity) as the main area of concern. Indirectly its pointing back to BN.

TV3 showed Kamalanathan making roti canai today, and having breakfast at a stall. Still no signs of Zaid in the prime time news.

I also remember Shafie Afdal talking in TV3 news about some “views” from the Orang Asli community regarding the upcoming law on land. Wah… it sounds totally different from what I read in the Sun the other day.  If the Orang Asli campaign well, can see BN lose significant votes here.

Hindraf meanwhile has given both candidates a list of things to be done, mostly involving proof in writing. They urge the voters to vote for the candidate who can fulfill the pledges.

Meanwhile, the “good news” about MAIKA shares takeover is losing its shine already. Vel Paari said it will take some time, and as some shareholders pointed out, the takeover will reimburse the invested amount, but what about the dividends and return from the appreciation of the ringgit? RM1 20 years ago will be worth much more now.

Today also saw PKR Hulu Selangor treasurer quiting PKR and joining UMNO, which may be the one that DPM Muhyiddin was mentioning yesterday. Another headache for PKR.

Election Commission removed offensive banners today, so hopefully the election will focus on benefits instead of personal attacks from now onwards.

Bigwigs like PM Najib and Tok Guru of PAS will be starting their work only towards end of the week, so not sure how this campaign will turn out. I feel more tricks will be pulled out of the bag by both sides as things get critical.

My feeling: BN still having upper hand as of today.


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