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2009 saw the release of some interesting Tamil movies, but that’s usual for an industry that spews out movies non-stop.

I managed to catch some of the movies and present a very, very short report of those movies., in alphabetical order.

Aadhavan – Surya’s second release of the year. Not so strong as Ayan, since it had a similar story track. The songs and action scenes are OK, but the main plus point is comedy track with Vadivelu and sidekicks. Oh, and of course a better looking Nayanthara.

Achchamundu! Achchamundu! – A story tributed to the sexual abuse cases that is happening in India and elsewhere, but funnily, the story takes place in US. Prasanna and Sneha act as a couple with a kid. The movie is quite short, and the ending predictable. Nevertheless, it’s a bit different from the run-of-the-mill stuff normally found in Tamil movies.

Ayan – One of the top movies for 2009. Glamour, sophistication, comedy, songs, scenery. Surya scores a hit in this movie. The storyline focuses on smuggling and piracy industry. Heroine Tammana had nothing much to do, other than the usual heroine stuff.

Eeram – Another movie with good reviews from the public. Seldom does a horror movie manage to enthrall the audience. The actors Adhi (his second movie I think), Sindhu Menon, Saranya and Nanda performed well. The director also made use of the water and color elements creatively throughout the movie.  The plot is about a revengeful spirit that kills those people that caused its death. The investigating police officer was ex-lover of the ghost.

Kandaswamy – One of the highly anticipated and underachieving movie for 2009. I’m still undivided if this is comedy or action movie. Kids seem to enjoy the rooster routine, while youths enjoy Shreya scenes. Songs were catchy, but Vikram’s role is wasted here.

Kunguma Poovum Konjum Puravum – Another movie based on love, this time with actors who are not famous (yet), Ramakrishnan and Tananya (she’s a med student in real life). Set in typical village setting. Sad story but lovely song or two. Not suitable to watch if you want to relax or have a fun time.

Malai Malai – Prabhu’s getting some decent roles in his twilight years. Acted well in Ayan, but average in this movie. There’s Vedika for eye candy, and hero is Vijay Kumar’s son Arun Kumar. Story is normal love+action+ rowdy stuff. Some nice songs. Watch if you have nothing much to do or  ardent fan of Arun or Vedika.

Maasilamani – Well, what can you say – Nakul movie. Style, dance, dialogues – usual stuff. Famous for its songs, but nothing much on the acting. Again, watch this if very free.

Modhi Vilayadu –  I had high expectation for this movie, and boy, was I disappointed big time! Vinay and his funny voice was irritating. Kalabavan Mani was at his usual crazy antic stuff. Heroine Kajal Aggarwal was the standard eye candy. She was OK in Arjun’s Bommalattam, but not in this movie. Story is about a rich businessmen who raises an orphan as his own son, and his own son as the “pretend” son’s friend.  Reason? To protect his real son from any harm from business rivals or bad guys. Too bad, the real son actually dies when assassin attacks. How the “pretend” son handles the truth forms the rest of the story. Skip this if can.

Newtonin Moondram Vidhi – A different fare from SJ Surya. Its about a lover’s revenge with the clock ticking away. Can’t really remember the heroine. Story has some loopholes and the ending was copied from English movie, if I’m not mistaken.

Nadodigal – The scenes where the friends help the girl to escape from the parents is still vivid in my mind. One can empathise with the guys (one who broke his leg and the other who went deaf). A different take, but probably the acting skills could have been better. A must watch movie.

Pasanga – a different story indeed, focusing on children rivalry, a funny love story and a friendship between two families. Vega Tamotia’s second movie after Saroja (She’s a model and resides in Australia it seems). May not be your cup of tea, but I enjoyed this movie.

Pokkisham – Another good movie from Cheran, with one of his (and my) favorite actress, Padmapriya. Tale of love in the 1970s between an Hindu guy and Muslim girl. Sad story, told in flashback. Worth watching during those nostalgic moments.

Sarvam – Directed by Vishnuvardhan, so you think it will be a wee bit different at least. And it was. A wee bit different. Guy loves girl routine, but girl dies. Heart donated to a small boy. And someone is planning to kill the small boy. Our hero turns protector to protect his love’s heart. Arya and Trisha star in this movie. The movie had potential, but somehow fails to deliver. I wasn’t particularly enthralled with this effort. And yeah, Maestro sang a song for this movie.

Siva Manasule Sakthi – Entertaining love story between a delivery guy and a Radio RJ. Movie is corny, irritating, and even funny, but I enjoyed watching it. Ending was a bit unexpected. Stars Jeeva and new actress Anuya. Movie turned out to be hit as well.

Thoranai – Strictly for Shreya fans. Co-stars Vishal. Enough said.

Unnaipol Oruvan – Another of the highly anticipated movie for 2009 due to the actor – Kamal Haasan. A movie with no duets or songs, no heroine (well, there’s the chain-smoking reporter Anuja Iyer). Well taken movie, crisp, direct and great dialogues as expected of Kamal movies. Mohanlal acts as police officer. Story is about terrorism. Its adapted from the Hindi movie A Wednesday.

Vedigundu Murugesan – A super comedy movie starring Pasupathy (Veyyil, Kuselan). It’s about a poor guy who sells water to shops, and his brush with some local bad guys. Love comes in the form of local police constable Jothirmayi. A funny movie.

Villu – strictly for Nayanthara’s fans. And Vadivelu’s too. It also stars actors like Vijay. Some nice songs and scenery. Don’t ask about the rest, I barely paid attention.

Yavarum Nalam – A ghost story starring Madhavan! I think its a remake, but not sure. Its about a family that moves into an apartment. Later things that happen on a TV show depicts the real things the family goes through. A scared Madhavan investigates and story unfolds. A bit slow moving and short movie.I kind of enjoyed it because it was not the typical story. Watchable.

Movies I have not seen yet:

Adhe Neram Adhe Idam
A Aa E Ee
Ananda Thandavam (heard this is a good one)
Naan Avan Illai 2
Naan Kadavul (heard this is a good one)
Ninaithale Inikkum (stars are Prithvi Raj and Priyamani – two of my favorite actors)
Padikathavan (heard this is a good one)
Peranmai (heard this is a good one)
TN 07 AL 4777 (remake from English movie?)
Vaamanan (heard this is a good one)
Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu
Vetaikkaran (been asked to avoid this)

My vote for best actors for 2009 (s0 far): Kamal, Santhanam, Cheran, Padmapriya, Surya, Nayanthara, Jeeva, Vega Tamotia, Tananya.

List of movies for 2009 can be viewed here:



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