Cameron Highlands Day 3, buying plants

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After a tiring day out the day before, we got up a bit late and packed up. Time to leave the cool environment and head back to dusty and hot KL 🙁 Took break fast at the Indian restaurant in Brinchang. Mee goreng was quite tasty, but their tea lacked oomph. Then, time for shopping. Specifically, we wanted to get some potted plants for our house. First stop was along the area after Equatorial Hotel (Not Kea Farms, but the other way, leading towards Simpang Pulai). There are some rows of shops which sell plants and vegetables. We bought some goldcrest plants there.

We had to stop at Raju Hill Strawberry Farm to get some strawberries and also their famous strawberry milkshake (one of the reasons why went to Cameron Highlands in the first place!)

Raju Hill Strawberry Farm

Headed back to Big Strawberry Farm at Brinchang to get few other plants and left Brinchang at about 12.30pm. This time we took the road towards Tapah. Along the way, about 10 minutes past Tanah Rata, we stopped at Bharat Tea Shop. Don’t get confused with the one which is found along the Simpang Pulai road (where we stopped by on the first day). This one offered far more better view and the tea shop was excellent. I could not resist having a go at their brownie with ice cream topping. Super! Took some pictures and left the place around 2pm.

Bharat Tea Shop and Plantation

The drive down to Tapah was bogged down due to landslides. We were stuck in 3 places for at least 15 minutes each time as clearing works were going on. Finally reached the toll at about 3.30pm. After that it was a smooth drive back to KL.


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