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Guess who’s back!

December 10th, 2009
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I’m sure many still remember him. I wonder what happened to the police investigations. Hopefully not a case of missing files or witnesses. And you know,  his three year suspension has been reduced to one year by his political party, and today he’s back in action (already one year!).

He is none other than Ahmad Ismail, a sorry excuse of an human, who lives under the guise of local leader of a political party. Well, just read for yourself his returning speech. Its gonna get hot in Penang!

Local Umno warlord Ahmad Ismail said Gerakan’s top leaders must apologise to him if they want to work together with the Bukit Bendera Umno division again.

The vocal Penang politician was suspended for three years last September for describing non-Malays as ‘pendatang’ or immigrants during the Permatang Pauh by-election.

However, the Umno supreme council decided to lift the suspension last Friday – a little over one year after imposing the punishment.

Contacted by Malaysiakini, Ahmad wanted Gerakan president Dr Koh Tsu Koon, party state chief Dr Teng Hock Nan and former Bukit Bendera MP Chia Kwang Chye to publicly apologise to him.

He claimed that the trio were responsible for the breakdown in relationship between Gerakan, his division and Penang Umno during the height of the controversy.
At one point, enraged supporters of Ahmad had even torn posters of Koh.
“Even if they apologise, I will still have to consider whether to accept it or not,” he said.

Ahmad, who came under fire from the Gerakan leaders then, said unlike the Barisan Nasional component party, Bukit Bendera Umno was not dependant on Gerakan’s support for its survival.

He pointed out that of the four seats in Bukit Bendera – one parliamentary and three state – Gerakan contested three while MCA stood in one state seat.

The Umno leader said due to geo-political circumstances, Umno was not going to contest in Bukit Bendera.

“So politically, Gerakan needs our support to win back these seats. They are dependent on us but we don’t need them,” he added.

On his future in Umno, Ahmad said he has always been active in the party even during his suspension.

“I never left Umno… I was only suspended from holding positions,” he added.

During his suspension, the division leadership was helmed by Jalil Ariffin via party elections last year.

Ahmad said Jalil had suggested holding a fresh elections in order to pave the way for his return to the top post.

However, Ahmad said he would discuss with Umno president Najib Abdul Razak tomorrow afternoon on the proposal.

Meanwhile, Penang Umno welcomed the decision by the Umno supreme council to lift the suspension on Ahmad.

“I believe the party supreme council had seriously considered the matter before making the decision and Penang Umno would always welcome Ahmad,” he said.

PSD scholarship results

May 13th, 2009
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Last year, only 72 Indian students (it was 34 initially) were selected. with nearly 190 others appealing via MIC (187 students, three had scored 12 A1s, seven (11 A1s), 68 (10 A1s), 66 (9 A1s) and 43 (8A1s) in the 2007 Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination.

Do we remember Kamine Devi who scored 10A1s?

PSD said 13A1 was the cutoff for the overseas scholarships. Last year 15,217 applications were received, out of which 7,253 were called for interview.

900 places went to normal students while 1100 taken by privileged community.

This year, my blog registered comments from few students who got rejected.

MCA and Gerakan has started the ball rolling:

MCA Youth chief Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong has lambasted the Public Service Department (PSD) on the awarding of overseas scholarships for top scorers, Sin Chew Daily and China Press reported.

Dr Wee, who is also the Deputy Education Minister, said the MCA Youth has requested MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat and three other MCA ministers to bring the matter to the Cabinet today.

This was to ascertain the procedure and criteria of awarding scholarships to students to study overseas, Dr Wee said after receiving complaints from two students, one with 14 1As and the other 13 1As, that they did not get overseas scholarships but were offered local matriculation courses instead.

Dr Wee said their friends who scored 9 1As were offered scholarships to study overseas.

He urged the PSD to be clear in its guidelines on awarding overseas scholarships.

Gerakan Youth secretary-general Dr Dominic Lau, commenting on five top scorers from Malacca who were denied overseas scholarships, also told Sin Chew that the wing was willing to offer help to students who were rejected by the PSD.

He also said the PSD should consider reviewing students who were turned down to give them a chance to pursue their studies overseas.

Even if they were rejected, an explanation should be given to them, said Dr Lau.

SMJK Sam Tet principal Phang Yoon Ming was also quoted by Sin Chew as saying that it seems to be more difficult to secure overseas scholarships from the PSD this year.

Phang said about 10 students had approached him to sign appeal letters.

At least some of them got places in matriculation!

So, what would it be this year? How many get and how many didn’t? This year also no transparency. No list for public to check on those who received – whether really chosen according to the criteria or not. With minimum cut off of 13A1s, it will be a heartache for those who scored between 8 and 12As as they have no choice but to do STPM, if not selected for local IPTA foundation or matriculation programmes. Those from well to do families can opt for private education. How about others? Can imagine 8As student doing diploma in politechnic (no offense but it shows the level of competition nowadays)? Those days, 4 or 5As were meaningful. Now 8As is common like pisang goreng stall along roadside.

So, while I wait for MIC’s report on Indian students, time to go find something to eat…hungry!!!

Manohara to quit?

May 5th, 2009
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While others are not stating their stand, Selangor Gerakan is hoping that Manoharan would not quit his post, so says its  chief Deputy Minister Kohilan  Pillay.  However, Gerakan would contest if he quits say Kohilan. He says its the Pakatan leaders fault for not offering enough support to Manoharan’s wife in managing the constituency:

Its chief, A. Kohilan Pillay, said Manoharan should see his term out and blamed Pakatan Rakyat for the Internal Security Act detainee’s frustrations.

“Voters there knew what they were getting into when they voted for him. We want him to continue, as the voters decided on him.”

Kohilan said Manoharan’s problems could be solved if Pakatan Rakyat offered more support to Manoharan’s wife, S. Pusphaneela, who is acting for him in his absence.

“Pakatan Rakyat members should deliver. Where is the team spirit? I don’t think they are doing enough to help her.”

However, he said Gerakan would contest the seat if Manoharan resigned.

“We are not urging him to stay because we are afraid of a by-election. But if he decides to quit, we will field a candidate.”

Anyway, Manoharan is expected to make a decision after talking to Karpal Singh on 19th May.

Earlier, he issued a statement, which was read out by his wife:

I once again take this opportunity to thank the voters of Kota Alam Shah in having voted me in as Kota Alam Shah Adun (state representative). Despite having not met me in person, over 12,699 voters voted for me on March 8, 2008, with a majority of 7,184 votes over and above the BN candidate.

I apologise to my constituents for being unable to serve personally due to my detention without trial under the ISA. I must thank my constituents for their patience over the past 14 months. The constituents’ patience and support has kept me going in Kamunting prison thus far.

But the fact remains that over the last 14 months, I have not been able to effectively serve the public, in particular the constituents of Kota Alam Shah.

I feel a sense of guilt of being unable to serve the voters who have voted me as their representative in the Selangor state assembly. I feel I am being unfair to my constituents thus far.

I now have to consider resigning as a Selangor state assemblyman for Kota Alam Shah paving the way for a by-election in order for my constituents to re-elect their new representative who will be better able to serve them, and who will be able to physically attend all the sittings of the Selangor state legislative assembly and matters arriving therefrom.

I wish to convey to all, in particular to my constituents, that during the last 17 months of my detention in Kamunting prison, I tried my very best in appealing to the authorities and by way of applications to call for my freedom in order for me to effectively serve the public and my constituents in particular. I have exhausted all avenues for my release.

I have written a letter to ex-prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, three letters to now Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, eight letters to former home minister Syed Hamid Albar, and two letters to Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah.

Also my applications to the home minister for me to attend the state assembly sittings have all been rejected and I was forced to apply for leave from the home minister.

Further, I have also attended the sittings before the ISA advisory board and all three sittings of the panel members have rejected my pleas for my release.

The High Court of Malaya have dismissed my three habeas corpus application. The Federal Court have dismissed all the three appeals from the High Court.

So all the efforts have been to no avail.

I am very disappointed that despite the 12,699 voters of Kota Alam Shah having voted to show that I have never ever been a threat to national security, the home minister defied the voice of the people and the democratic voice of these voters.

My 17 months of detention thus far have been very painful, which has been made worse by me being in the state of helplessness in being unable to serve my constituents.

As such, I hereby wish to inform that I will announce my official decision after meeting my party chairman Karpal Singh, who will be meeting me in Kamunting prison on May 19, 2009.

M Manoharan
ISA detainee and Kota Alam Shah state assemblyperson

Before that, everyone, including his wife, was surprised when Malaysiakini broke the news of Manoharan thinking of resigning. I wonder how the others can know before the own wife know about it. Strange world indeed.

Pushpaneela said he did not mention anything when she meet him more than two weeks ago:

In dismissing a Malaysiakini report yesterday, Manoharan’s wife, S. Pushpaneela said she was shocked with the report as her husband did not say anything about quitting when she met him two weeks ago.

Lawyer Manoharan, who was also a leader of the banned Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) movement, is being detained at the Kamunting prison under the Internal Security Act.

“I am shocked. I met him two weeks ago and he was in good spirits.

“He did not say anything about this. I am meeting him again tomorrow and will be in a better position to comment after that.”

Pushpaneela said the report came as a shock as in recent weeks,  she had expanded the Kota Alam Shah state assembly service centre.

“I had taken in more people to help me run the centre,” said Pushpaneela, who acts as Manoharan’s representative to the voters.

Selangor executive councillor Ronnie Liew also denied the Malaysiakini report.

“The report said that Pushpaneela was under a lot of pressure from constituency work, but this is not the case.”

Malaysiakini in its report quoting a source close to Manoharan, had said that the detained lawyer wanted out as he was growing frustrated over his inability to serve voters.

Pushpaneela revealed later that she can only do so much by being a representative of the assemblyman:

Between being the breadwinner of her family and replacing Manoharan as the state assemblyperson, Pushpaneela, however, conceded that her contributions in the constituency is still unsatisfactory.

Even though she had acted on behalf of her husband for the past 14 months, she said that she still “can’t bring the constituents grievances to the state assembly”.

“I can do as much as I can in the constituency, but I cannot attend the state assembly sitting. As a state representative, you need to bring their grievances to the august House but these people have been denied (this),” she said.

Despite the hardest decision that her husband has to make, the mother of four children however said that Manoharan was “in good spirit”.

“But he just feels very guilty … the people only saw his posters and not him in person. He tried his best to be out (of prison) to serve them … but he can’t even attend the assembly sitting,” said Puspaneela.

She also said that Manoharan had been thinking about resigning for last few months.

HINDRAF wants to talk with PM

April 30th, 2009
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I doubt if the new PM wants to meet a group that continuously blames UMNO for the discrimination that’s happening in the country. Perhaps he just might do that, and score another point with the community. Everyone would remember when PM Badawi said “who is HINDRAF” because the sole representative of the Indian community is MIC. Now that MIC has lost much ground and support, it remains to see if the new administration is willing to engage other groups as well.

With a stroke of brilliance, the administration can close the chapter on HINDRAF by promising to look into the problems raised by them – temple demolition, IC/birth cert problem, tamil school status, lock-up deaths, etc. In fact,  there’s been no news of temple demolition in last two months, and schools have been promised RM130 million for renovation works. If the administration can show that steps are actually being taken instead of merely promises, there won’t be a reason for HINDRAF to exist anymore. It can transform into a social service body instead of political pressure group.

Hindraf leader P. Waythamoorthy wants Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to consider having a dialogue with the organisation.

The chairman of the outlawed group, who is in self-exile in London, says he was prepared to meet Najib to highlight the grouses that had pushed Hindraf to mobilise members of the Indian community to the rally on Nov 25, 2007.

“It is timely for the prime minister and the government of the day to engage Hindraf and the Makkal Sakthi movement in a dialogue to discuss ways and means to tackle the various problems afflicting the Indian community in Malaysia,” said Waythamoorthy.

He added that Hindraf and the Makkal Sakthi movement had always been open to initiating an open and honest discussion with the relevant authorities to help solve the socio-economic ills plaguing the Indian community.

“Given that Najib is propagating his 1Malaysia philosophy, solving the Malaysian Indian problem must be made a top priority,” said Waythamoorthy who is recovering from heart surgery.

He added that he was keen to put forward to Najib the movement’s 18-point demand that was self-explanatory.

Among the points is the need for all Tamil schools in the country to be made fully-aided entities.

Currently, Tamil schools are only partially-aided and this has resulted in students having to make do with ramshackle structures for classrooms.

“We are willing to work with the current government to ensure that the interests of the Indian community is taken care off,” said Waythamoorthy.

Waythamoorthy, who spearheaded the movement with his elder brother Uthayakumar –, now detained under the Internal Security Act – recently reshaped Hindraf into a non-governmental organisation to tackle the various socio-economic problems faced by Indians.

He had also insisted in maintaining Hindraf as a non-political entity.

One party that agrees with Waytha’s move is Gerakan, well the Penang branch at least. No news from others.

Penang Gerakan has welcomed Hindraf chairman P. Waythamoorthy’s request for a dialogue with the Government, saying it is a “positive step”.

State party chairman Datuk Dr Teng Hock Nan said social and economic problems affecting the Indian community raised by the outlawed group must be solved urgently.

In a press statement he said the problems could be solved through consultations and discussions instead of confrontations.

“Waythamoorthy’s overture to have a dialogue with the Government is a positive step and Gerakan welcomes it,” he said.

estates agree to transfer school land to government

November 13th, 2008
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This is indeed a good news! Now, there’s 70 less reasons for government to deny funds to the Tamil schools.

DEPUTY Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister Senator A. Kohilan Pillay said most estate managements nationwide have agreed to transfer land titles for Tamil schools to the government, reported Malaysia Nanban.

Previously, the Government had refused to give aid to most Tamil schools because they were located on private land.

The Selangor Gerakan chief said of the 289 Tamil schools partly aided by the government, landowners of 70 schools had agreed to transfer their land so that the Government can extend financial aid for the maintenance and operating expenses of these schools.

Only surprising thing is that Gerakan fellow make the announcement. Well, who cares about the messenger as long as its good news 🙂