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Update from Dr Sreedharan who is leading the initiative on SJKT Ladang Lauderdale:


It has been about 2 weeks since MI Club members visited the SRJK(T) LADANG LAUDERDALE,MATANG . On the 14th April , I visited the school again to see the progress taking place in the school .

Since our last visit , both myself and the Headmaster have been constantly in touch and I was updated on the progress taking place . I called up one of the Berkat share holders who own the estate and explained about the school and the urgent need for expansion and requested for permission to build another 2 classrooms . Mr. Anwar , one of the share holder called me back one week later to inform that they have no objection to our request but for formality asked us to submit a letter so that the matter can be brought up in their board meeting . A letter was send to Mr.Jayaraman who is in charge of this matter . On the 9th April the estate tractors was send to clear the land proposed for the building and about 7 palm oil trees were uprooted.

The same time , we also received a quotation from JKR which estimated the cost of the building including wiring to be about RM 58,000 plus . The quotation was a little higher then we had expected . We decided to look for other contractors and to get their quotations .

The PPD then informed the Headmaster that Rm 20,000 has been allocated for the school as part of “ Naik Taraf “ . This money is for repairs ,painting and to purchase electrical stuffs . Initially when we told the PPD officer that we would like to use this funds for the building of 2 new classrooms , they did not approve . After speaking to the higher officer and explaining the urgent need , he agreed to approve . They sent their contractor to asses and estimate the cost . We had the plans drawn and the contractor estimated the cost will be about more than RM30 ,000 . We asked for estimation without wiring or painting . He quoted the estimation to about Rm22,000 . After negotiation he agreed to get it done at Rm20,000 .

I have already got a friend who agreed to do the wiring at free of cost . The painting , I suggested once the building is up , we will get some volunteers on a Sunday and together with the students get the painting done . It will make everyone feel that they had done something for the school . I am hoping MI club members will be there to participate since it is their effort and their kindness which had helped the school to get two new classrooms .

Four weeks ago MIC President Dato Samy Vellu had made surprise visit to the school and promised the school RM400,000 K for the purpose of the new building . He had promised to follow up and get the new building up as soon as possible . This was prior to the Bukit Gantang election . This school falls in Bukit Gantang district . As usual Politicians make many promises before election and forget about it after the election especially when they get defeated . Anyway I found out that the Rm 400,000 K was already allocated to the school as part of the Governments stimulus package of Rm50 million . As part of the package this school was to receive Rm400,000 K . Our kind President of MIC who already knew about this announced the amount making it look like MIC is giving . I feel so disgusted and could not find the right words to describe my feelings . I sincerely request to members of MIC , if you can’t do anything , please stop delivering false promises to help the poor people . Let people who are really sincere do the needful .

We also discussed other matters , the headmaster was busy as there is going to be a Tamil Carnival in Perak state where all Tamil schools in Perak will be Participating in Essay , poetry , story telling and other competitions . They were busy deciding which students will participate in which competition and looking at the results of the students , most of them have high marks and the HM did not want to disappoint them . He had to choose the right competition for each of them based on their talent .

I also went thru the attendance record of the students and the performance of each students in their exams . The attendance record are maintained daily and monthly and yearly for each students . This year students who have 100% record of attendance will be recognised and awarded .

There were about 10 students who are having transport problem coming to the school . Actually most of the students are from surrounding the estate . One girl from standard 4 , thevadharshini who has other 6 sibblings , whose alcoholic father had deserted them , was about to drop out of the school . Her mother had send the elder brother to a welfare home . quick intervention from the Headmaster managed to keep her in school . Everyday a teacher picks the girl up and drives her to the school and drops her back on the way home . I went through Thevadharshini’s records and she has scored nothing less then 90% in most of the subjects . Throughout the 4 years , she has done well in the school .

The Headmaster had asked for 10 bicycles but he was able to get one . Since Thevadharshini needed it the most , the bicycle was given to her .

We discussed about the financial matters . I informed the Headmaster that Mr.Poobalan had banked in Rm500.00 on behalf of UMIC . All together the total amount that we have collected is about Rm5,000.00 . We decided for time being to put the money in a fixed deposit and to use it later for the building . I was shown other things that was donated through MI club. There was few book cabinets , file cabinets , classroom tables , chairs and tables and benches for the canteen . I think it was Mr.Balu ( I am sorry if I got it wrong . There were a long list of names ) who had donated all these things . Mr. Sugu had donated some revision books and it was distributed to all the classrooms.

At 12.30 pm , I left the headmaster to attend to his urgent work . 4 hours of discussion was a quite a long one . I went around the classrooms to take some photographs for you to see how cramped up the classroom was . One class was being held in the canteen . The teachers do not have their own tables since there was not enough space . They share the tables with the students .

We hope to have a fundraiser to raise more funds for the school . We also understand that the standard of the school must improve and maintain . This will further encourage more parents to send their children to this school .

We hope the project of the classroom building will start by May and hope to finish by end of June . this will help to reduce congestion and hope helps the exam going students to concentrate better in their class .

Weekly twice , these children , plus other students have tuitions after school . The HM has arranged for a small meal for those who are unable to go home for lunch .

The HM monitors the progress of all the students and those who are not doing well , their parents are called in for counselling and when they fail to turn up , the HM himself pays them a visit .

Every detail of each children is maintained as a record which includes their financial status and other personal details .

We are really hoping to improve this school and bring it to another level . Even the teachers now feel a little confident with our involvement and with the progress taking place , they believe changes will take place and they too feel motivated .

Dr.Sreedharan PHF,MBBS,FAGE





Land cleared for the new building.


This is the school . Half of the school is divided to classrooms . The other half is computer room . Office and the Headmasters room. The portion you see the wall painting is the office and the other portion is the classrooms.

SRJK Ladang Lauderdale

This is the whole school . Classes divided with boards. Make shift according to the size of the classes



This is the classrooms


This is another classroom . The tables and the chairs are new . Courtesy of a member of MI club who generously donated these items.



Classes conducted in the school canteen . This only happens in Tamil Schools . Behind the teacher is a set of new tables and benches . Donated by one of the MI Club member




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