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My name is Poobalan. I hail from Klang, Malaysia. This blog is my contribution to the online community. I cover a range of topics that is mostly relevant to the Malaysian Indian community. This includes social, political, economic, and religious/spiritual issues. This blog also focuses on Tamil schools, education, equal rights, ethnic relations, Indian political parties and NGOs, plus occasionally my interests – movies, gardening, photography, and my dog.  I also write about interesting places I visit.  Between November and July, I would talk about post-SPM/STPM options and scholarships. (education topics moved to www.eduhelp.my)

You can contact me via:

Gmail: mpoobalan


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  1. kanagavalli says:

    Gd day sir,
    wel sir, currently im stayin at Shah Alam Sek 13..
    i f a plan to go 2 Maran temple as wel end of tis march.
    since i duno tat ter is no 1 arrange d trip, im decided 2 cum by my ownself by takin the public transport.
    bt i duno weather its possible o nt..
    so could u pls tel me wich bus am I should 2 tak 4rm Shah Alam Sek 17 2 b at Maran temple….and i aso need mr details abt other source if transportation…10qvm,sir..tc

    • poobalan says:


      i strongly suggest better not to take public transport if going alone. what you can do is ask around for people who organise trips to temples. usually they will stick notice in temples.

      if you want to still go, i suggest take bus to kuantan, and from kuantan try find out if got public transport (or take taxi).

      i think better if you call the maran temple office to ask more details on the local bus service.

  2. padmini says:

    hi sir..im currenly studying for food science and nutrition..i get into this course after many hassle’s.im actually a diploma holder in pharmacy and as we knw in order to enroll in degree we need 3.8 .after 1 year of struggle i manage to change my mind to change course..but the prob which im facing now is loan..i didnt manage to get ptptn loan due to some prob.i applied yayasan selangor..thy called me for an interview..do u have any idea whta type of question they will be asking sir? and any other suggestion on loans..i need it asap sir..hope u can help me out..thank u..hope to hear from u soon..:)

    • poobalan says:

      i’m not sure of the types of questions they will ask but you should prepare by reading about selangor – ruler, history, state anthem, state government, tourist attractions, current issues, industry and economy, sports.

  3. shanti says:

    Dear Sir,
    My daughter is waiting for her SPM results. She scored 7 A’s in her PMR and I believe she’d do equally well in her SPM. As I am a single parent, i wish to enrol her in a matriculation college which would not be too big a financial burden on me. However, we have missed the application time frame and I am very disappointed to find out that the closing date for matriculation college application is long over. Is there a way for my daughter to apply for the matriculation, perhaps by requesting the MOHE to reopen the application. Thank you

    • poobalan says:

      unfortunately, its not possible to ask MOE to reopen the application. its been that way for a long time, the application is open during the form five, not after. what you can do (which i don’t really advice) is to try get political contact for a place. I won’t advice because this is interfering with procedures and makes us “indebted” with the politicians. i suggest your daughter proceed to form 6, or if she does well in SPM, apply for the scholarships listed at eduhelp.my

  4. have the people in taman buah pala moved in to the new houses promised them

  5. tarishini says:

    i would want to do foundation in science n later on do medicine.
    bt i did nt do well in my SPM science subject.


    other than that i gt 5 A’s……..i really want to do medicine….and medicine requires B for all subject.i know i have the potential for it and i really want to do medicine,so i know that i have to retake SPM…………..if i retake n gt all B for the subject………is it okay…….???bt im willing to retake cause i ll go all out to do medicine.PLEASE HELP SIR.

    • poobalan says:

      well, you said it yourself, need 5Bs in the critical subjects. so your option is to resit SPM for those 5 papers only.

      btw, how do you know you got potential? your results doesn’t seem to indicate it, so i’m curious.

    • Doctor says:

      I dun believe in spm exams.. I am a dOctor now. I had few friends who did badly in their spm but now they are good doctors..well known specialist..i believe u have the passion..do ur best..and i had few frens who got 10a1 in spm but they are the wOrst doctors ever..u have to repeat ur sc subjects..and work hard.i believe u will be a good doctor

  6. Ramesh says:

    I’m doing final year of diploma. My total course is RM 29,750. In my college, PTPTN will give RM 20,000 of study loan and the balanced will be deducted from parents EPF. But my father had used his EPF for my brother operation to fix his broken spinal cord. The money still not enough. So, they borrowed money from other places also. Every semester before the exam, i will be barred from sitting exam for not pay the balance rm 9,750. Not only that, they always display my name in top of outstanding payment list because my family not able to pay. I also cry sometime when i think to be load for my parents. So many times i decided to withdraw from my college from being load for my family. I also started to work part time in Gsc ioi mall from 6pm to 3-4am. My salary quiet still enuf for my expenses only. I’m totally puzzled and don’t know what to do. Now i’m believe u Poobalan sir as a god that can help me to solve this problem. If sir able to help me with a bit of loan, i will be glad and never forget this help until my end of my lifetime. Please give me a new hope sir if u can.

    • poobalan says:

      hi ramesh,

      can you provide your cost breakdown (fees for each semester,the amount given by PTPTN and balance needed to pay). maybe can get your college to igve the letter/statement.

      since this is your final year, can you provide the academic results for the 1st and 2nd years?

      if can, scan and email the documents to me at mpoobalan@gmail.com

      since you are in last sem, its a bit difficult to get loan/scholarships. but we can try ask around.


    Gd morning sir,
    Your service is great. Keep it up, will contact u later, now busy
    God will always bless u.
    Take care. Bye….

  8. kavitha ram says:

    Sir, I wanna do information technology course.now,I’m kinda confused in selecting the institution…should I do diploma in polytechnic OR foundation course at SEGI college? which one is the best choice? some says that if I do diploma at politeknik ,I cannot continue to degree.is that true? but,i planned to do degree in IT course,sir. please help me in guiding me towards making right decision sir.your help is very much appreciated sir. Thanks in advance 🙂

    • poobalan says:

      did you get place in poli? if yes, then poli is among the cheapest in terms of cost. plus you can still continue degree in IPTA (have to apply UPU) and IPTS.

      if you want to do in IPTS, i suggest you look for better options like UTAR, MMU, UTP, Uniten, UCTI.

  9. Tamilarasi says:

    Sir,Im finish my foundation in engineering at uniten.I want continue my bachelor in mechanical engineering at oversea o lcal bt wit the help of scholarship.Cn u help me in tat pls ?? tank youu

  10. krishen says:

    Hi Poobalan ,

    I have a daughter born out of wedlock. She born on independence day 31/08/12. Me and my girlfriend planned to marry soon after she is born. As it turned to be, my wife had gone back to her home country (philipines). It had been 2 months without contact. and we havent register our daughter. But what im seeking is how to register my daughter. Its about her future and her education. And I wish she will have better life and opportunity than what I had. Please advise us.

    Concerned dad

    • poobalan says:

      do you have the proof of pregnancy and birth (regular medical check up, admittance to hospital/clinic, baby birth document) ? if yes, you have to go to jabatan pendaftaran (JPN) near to your house to do late registration. have a small fine, but that’s about it. and you will need to get the contact info of the mother for verification. i suggest you go to JPN office to find out the procedure for pendaftaran kelahiran lewat.

  11. sria says:

    hi sir..,
    i am from penang & working as officer at private company (working 5days) beside that i would like to do own business….to occupied sat & sun. i plan to take bridal course ….kindly pls advise me & give an idea?

    thanks sir

    • poobalan says:

      for bridal course in your area, you can search for kolej komuniti nearby. all of them offer courses for bridal, but not sure which branches in penang will have it. this will be cheapest way to learn. if not convenient, then you have to learn from the private centers.

      after getting your course certificate, you can practise on part time basis, and after some time, apply loan to expand your business to a proper shoplot.

  12. tp says:

    hi sir,i was reading about your olai chudi reports in nst,u mentioned regarding Naadi astrologer R. Sentil Kumar….just would like to noe if u hv his address…im interested in this naadi astrology but im not sure where actually in malysia they have it…hope u can help me…thank you very much!

  13. madhavan says:

    sir,my son has 8 A s for his SPM,he had applied for matriculation.but he did not get the seat.he is disappointed.can you please advise what to do? thk you.

  14. Siti Rahmathunisha says:

    Hi sir, i’m a muslim girl. my mother was a hindu and converted to islam to marry my father. i was born as an islam. my father left us wen i was very young n i was brought up in hindu ways. now i would like to convert t hindu. is this possible in any way in m’sia?

    • poobalan says:

      Its quite hard since you are born as muslim. You need to provide proof that not practising since young. You will be given counselling or even charged in court. My advice is seek a lawyer or move away. Or just stick with your religion.

  15. manirajah a/l s.perumal says:

    Thambi, my son got BM-D , BI-D , Maths A , SCINCE A+ , ADD MATH B ACCOUNTS A , TAMIL A TAMIL LIT. B . My question is what course is suitable for him for further study. the course should be demandable for current situation. i am quit confuse because too many information & difficult to make decision. can he go for accounting by doing foundation and do degree because he entitled for LCCI. need your advice.

    • poobalan says:

      Firstly, he need to resit bm n bi because having D is a big disadvantage for further studies. He can do diploma if have 3 credits. Foundation if got 5 credit. Lcci is not a degree program but its a certificate. He did well in science, math n accounts.

    • poobalan says:

      Since he didnt get credit in bm then he cant further study. Some colleges allow to enrol but he must resit spm bm and get credit before graduate.
      He can do cert like LCCI and then ACCA, but these are not degree programs.

  16. Yuvan says:

    Dear Sir,

    I’m planning to venture into business – manufacturing to be exact. I’ve got the support from my principles overseas who are willing and committed to pruchasing all the manufactured products by us in Malaysia. Of course we have all the expertise etc to get this started.

    With all this criterias, how difficult would it to get loans from the SME Bank? Are there any quotas?

    Also recently, MIC was given RM180Mil for young entrepreneurs, and I am intending to apply for this but not in the know how to go about this.

    Probably you may have some details.

    Thanks afor your help and support.

    • poobalan says:

      i’m not sure how difficult it will be to get loan, but money matters is never easy, especially when its other ppl’s money. as far as we know, there’s not quota but truth can be different.

      the minister in charge for the 180 mil is mic president. so far, it seems you apply via sme banks and he monitors only.

      as it was recently announced, details will not be available as announcements are made before any concrete procedure is in place. probably will take another month to get things going.

  17. dharshini says:

    hai mr poobalan, i hv a big problem. i was converted to islam to married my muslim husband in year 2001, i have my daughter before converted to islam. then after converted in year 2002 i have my son, but in 2004 my husband passed away. since that my muslim in law never supported me and i never even practice islam, i follow hinduism and my kids also. since this 8 years i being single and take care of my kids just ny myself, now my daughter get 11 years and son 10 years, im worried about my kids future. i want myself and my 2 kids to convert back to hindu and make a better future, please help me!!!

    • poobalan says:


      pls contact hindu sangam:

      No.67, Jalan PJS 1/48
      Taman Petaling Utama 7
      46150 Petaling Jaya
      Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
      Tel: (+603) 7784 4668 / 7784 4244

      they will be able to advise you accordingly. You’ll need to engage a lawyer as well.

      in your case and your first child case, its quite possible to apply to cancel the conversion, but for the second child, it may not be possible since he was born as muslim. you may want to consider moving away as one of the options.

      • dharshini says:

        there is any other way? like give my son to someone to adopt him as hindu and i take him after i get good result. please advise

        • poobalan says:

          its not possible to adopt as him as hindu. the adoption process nowadays is very strict. only muslims can adopt muslim children. remember that the birth cert will have the religion information so the non-muslim family cannot adopt him. unless he is given away to be adopted without birth cert. the adopting family will have to go through the hassle of applying for citizenship separately, will take about 2 t0 4 years easily. again, involves lawyers, court case and cost.

          the boy is going to school, so all this adopt thing will be traumatic for him and not easy to hide the facts.

          • dharshini says:

            can i win if i have all kind of evidence to convert back to hinduism with my 2 kids, special from my muslim in law itself. my deceased husband friends, and some other relative. or can i go to india to convert back.

            • poobalan says:

              well if you have “all kinds of evidence” you still have to go through the process. the jabatan agama may take you into their rehabilitation/counselling program. your second child was born as muslim, so how to “convert back”? in some cases, they allow you custody of the second child but you won’t be allowed to convert him out of islam. if you remember, some case where both children were converted by their father into muslims, but the mother took the children and went off to australia.

              once you are overseas, and plan to settle down there, no more worries about all this conversion thing. only if you plan to be malaysian citizen have this problem. so even if you go overseas and still want to return to malaysia later, the status in malaysia JPN still says you and children are muslims. you still have to go through the process – get lawyer and go to court. if you permanently want to live overseas, no problem.

              as i mentioned, talk to hindu sangam, they have seen many many cases and can advise you as well.

  18. menaga says:

    dear sir,
    in stdying in university malaysia sabah kampus antarabangsa labuan. im doing my degree in international and offshore banking. im gng to enter my 2nd year (3rd sem) this sept.. im getting my ptptn loan but still it is nt enough for me as more than half of my ptptn is gone 4 my flight ticket 4 to me to travel back home during my sem break.. d 1st 2 sem i managed wit my salary which i gt wen i work aftr my stpm… my parents couldn’t afford to give me extra money as my mother is a company worker n my father is nt working because of medical problem.. i gt 1 sister dng form 6 n 1 brother in his form 3.. Is it possible 4 me 2 apply any other scholarships? Can u advice me on how to contact and apply Mr. Ananda Krishnan,s scholarship?
    thank you sir.

    • poobalan says:


      is it possible to book your flight much in advance to get cheaper price, or reduce the traveling home?

      if you get ptptn, then you have problem applying scholarships because some of them say you cannot be receiving other financial aids. but some do allow, so have to check their terms and conditions.

      ananda krishnan’s scholarship fund is MCEF. search it at http://www.eduhelp.my FYI, they don’t have website, so you have to call them to get info. and they offer loan, not scholarship. since you are in IPTA, also check the scholarships currently open at http://www.eduhelp.my as some are for IPTA students (existing students). and don’t forget to apply JPA scholarship/loan when it opens.

  19. Guganeswari says:

    Hi sir,

    I’m having very big financial issue in my family. I’m really looking for some contacts that can help me financially. Its really urgent as my father is not feeling well and he tried to commit sucide twice as he couldnt cope with all this financial issues. Kindly help me.


    • poobalan says:

      well, depending on what type of financial issue, you can approach welfare dept, AKPK or MCA welfare bureau. if its health related, each govt hospital has a welfare unit where you can register.

  20. KRISHNA says:

    Dear Sir,

    Submitted my application for citizenship in 2009 and have completed both the oral and written test.

    Contacted the registration department on enquiry of my application status.

    The staffs informed me still in process.

    Seek your kind advice on the above.

    Thank you and Regards

    Krishnakumar Subramaniam


    sir.can i get ur contact number…


    Vanitha Balakrishnan

    hi. my name vanitha balakrishnan from jasin melaka.i m studying at universiti utara malaysia(uum).
    this coming november we are going to held a cultural project which is according to 1 Malaysia concept. i am the director of the project. so can u give me a chance or oppurtunity to conduct this project succesfully by support us by sponshorship…. we will really appreciate if sir can help us with the spnsership.
    10 sir….

  23. anita says:

    sir i wanna study m.b.b.s bt my result is nt nice,i mean i get 1a only.other all b,c,d and also 1 subjek g ..(g in addmaths) so sir i know i cannot study m.b.b.s
    bt in interest work in klinik n hospital..
    so wat i want to study sir ?

    • poobalan says:

      well, studying mbbs is not a simple matter. you need minimum 5As in science/maths subjects. since you are interested to work in hospital environment, what kind of job are you thinking of? nurse? pharmacist? medical assistant? medical lab technologist? physiotherapist? if you have minimum 5 credits (bm,eng,math and science subjects) you can do foundation programs. or if you have minimum 3 credits (bm, english, math/science) you can do diploma (except nursing which need 5 credits). anyway, nursing is having too many graduates so won’t be easy to get job.

      if you consider private hospitals, there’s many office positions like manager, hr executive, finance, admin, security etc. so you can even study some other areas.

  24. Bala says:

    Hi Sir,
    I am a Tamil teacher in Singapore. I would like to bring a group of Tamil students to Tun Aminah Tamil School for a Cultural Immersion trip. Is it possible. Please let me know. The following is my email add: balajee_haridas@moe.edu.sg

    • poobalan says:

      hi, i don’t have contact with tun aminah school. you can try call them up to arrange the visit at +607-5560012. The record shows HM name is Mr Pubalan (not me) and his contact number is +6017-7753559

  25. ashwin says:

    Hello Mr.Poobalan,
    Could you please leave me your email id so that I could email you. Thank you

  26. lawrance says:

    Mr. Poobalan
    Currently we are running an enterprise company with related some engineering work for a year and half. But now due to market expectation we would like to expand out business i had approches Bank rakyat but they said the priority gaven for bumi’s only. will there be any way to secure for a business loan please advise or may be the contact details ill try to approach then

    Thanks in advance

  27. kanaga says:

    Sir, how am i to take tekun loan application form. kindly reply. where am i to go n print. tq

  28. kanaga says:

    can i know de web id. i can use n print in online system.

  29. yuven says:

    Helo sir. I want to do Phd in stem cell biology in overseas. I have already received conditional offer letter from some universities in UK and europe, but the problem is to find fund to continue studies there. Is there any scholarships available to do phd abroad? Please guide

    • poobalan says:

      Hi Yuven,

      For PhD, one of the scholarships is by Khazanah, but even then, its usually for those enrolled in top universities. Khazanah has a list of universities which they accept, if i’m not mistaken. There’s also the commonwealth scholarship and Fulbright scholarships.

      for most PhD students, they scholarship comes from the uni or the industry which they are involved in. So, the best is to check with them.

      You can also search in http://www.eduhelp.my but it covers undergrad scholarships mainly.

  30. sheila says:

    Need help to change my mother’s ic from red to blue. She was born here n hold a birth cert. Pls advice. Tq

  31. Kalai says:

    Good Afternnon sir,

    Im planning to go to Maran this weekend and could you kindly advice us there is any hotel to stay nearest to temple… as my husband is got health problem and we need place to stay….. and is that best time to visit there…. im afraid abt flood (now raining session rite)
    Pls advise sir…. TQVM

    • poobalan says:

      hi, i’m not staying near Maran. from what i heard in news, flood is around kuantan town. for accommodation, you can call the temple to see if their hostel is available. that will be the nearest and easiest choice.

  32. Ratna says:

    Good Afternoon Sir,
    I wish to go to maran this weekend ….. howw is the situation there ???? flood???? (now raining session rite)

  33. melisa harialakan says:

    hi sir i am finding help for a needy poor family in ampang this family need help over their house under auction on 29 January 2013 please do help me to find help for this famil thank u. contact number:0163958480 madam sellamah

  34. Thipa says:

    I would like to see nadi jothidam. preferably in kl area. I have once saw in india… near vaitheeswaran temple and also saw at brickfields. they both told different about 80%. only 20% was same. I realize the person that i saw in brickfields was cheating. Do you know any nadi jothidam?

  35. sri says:

    hye sir,
    im currently studying bachelor in business admin majoring in hrm in unitar,is ter any way for me to take the teaching course n becoming a lecturer afte i finish my degree??
    tq sir..

    • poobalan says:

      nowadays its very very difficult. even the teaching graduates are not guaranteed job in govt school. you can try your luck in private schools. you should also enrol for post-graduate teaching diploma if its offered by education ministry (they will usually offer every year, but so far no news for 2013).

  36. sri says:

    hye sir,
    currently my bro is waiting for spm result wat d best. course tht he cn take as he is taking arts in spm??he doesnt know what course to choose..wat are d course tht popular now nn easy to get job.

    i wanna do master studies but i dunno anyting bout it..jz wanna ask if is there any thesis tht we must do n submit or it jz studying subjects??i saw in unirazak website they put cn take elective or project paper..

    tq sir

    • poobalan says:


      there’s no such this as “best course”. Arts stream have different subject combination. He can take accounting, law, finance, management, mass comm, IT, business etc. so many options. Better if you can look at the subjects he is studying, his interest, and his results.

      usually for masters, its coursework or research. research means 1 or 2 subject and then thesis. coursework means usually 8 to 12 subjects and a project paper/thesis (1 or 2 semester). the unitar MBA offers a variation of the coursework where you can take some elective subjects instead of the thesis/project paper.

  37. sathia says:

    Dear sir,

    I would like to open a barber business since last year and i have been facing so much issue in the sense of worker. I unable to get worker from India in the permit of barber as all I face is having a permit in farming. Could you help me to provide me some advice on this or a contact person where i’m able to check on how the process of application for India worker with talent.
    Thank You.

    • poobalan says:

      sorry, i’m not well versed with this. but i remember the barber association also mention similar problems. according to some news, we are expected to train locals (yeah, not easy) instead of getting the foreigners. and i’m not sure if barbers considered talent. its more like getting skilled workers.

  38. nages says:

    im currently stdying at private college n my pointer is second class upper (3.00-3.74)..i wanted to know if i cn apply any scholarship..currently im stdying in 5 semester.n currently receiving ptptn loan for studies..im stdying degree in business admin..
    tq sir..

  39. Nisha says:

    Hi sir,
    I am interested to open up my own business and have few plans in my mind. Unfortunately, I am not experience enough in business also. I am currently looking for a person or organization which can guide and assist me. Can you help me on this matter? Thank you.

    • poobalan says:


      I’m not into business. you should refer to groups like malaysian indian commercial chambers (MAICCI). it also depends on the type of business. you can approach some of the ministries like kementerian keusahawanan.

  40. sri says:

    hello sir,
    my bro is spm leavers.he get A in science got 1 fail in ekonomi.he wants to study diploma in medical science.is the course have a wide job area?which is the good colleges that offers this course?he is intrested in science but not in mathematics.
    is the diploma in medical laboratory technology is good course sir??
    tq for the info sir..

    • poobalan says:

      hi, what about other subjects?

      if he did science stream, then he can consider medical science. if not it will be tougher. i’m not aware of colleges offering medical science diploma. but PTPL offers medical science technology while unikl offers medical science technology in environmental health science.

      medical lab technology is good course as well, but prospect is average in near future. it depends on how many hospitals and research companies are around.

  41. darshini says:

    haloo sir..i would like 2 let u knw that im doing medicine in overseas n im done with my 1st year sir..n nw im in my 2nd year sir..so may I knw whether I can get any loan or scholarship 2 do my 2nd year..would u pls help me sir..

  42. shree diya says:

    currently im choosing kliuc to study diploma in business administration..is the college is ok??did i have a good future if i study at there??
    tq sir..

  43. shree diya says:

    helo sir,
    im juz not clear bout 1 ting.whn i went to register dip in business admin in iukl (kliuc ),one of the student ter is telling tht college is famous for architecture and if we do the business admin here d diploma is not valid rather than doin in other college.is tht true sir?? is tht okk for me to do diploma in tht college.is ter such a ting tht doin diploma in iukl have no future??as my sis say the course structure is ok for business admin.it have ol the basic of hr,marketing,accounting n etc..
    tq for ur help.

    • poobalan says:

      kliuc is more well known for architecture and engineering, especially civil engineering, because they have been doing that for about 20 years or more. the other faculties like IT, Business etc are newer and thus not well known. if you want to study in ipts well known for business schools, then refer my earlier reply.

      most of the business school programs are standard and will have the things your sister mentioned.

      if you study well and learn alot, then you can get job.

      • shree diya says:

        actually im not afford to stdy in the college tht sir mention coz some family problem.the fees are high and sure the cost of living will be high..i find tis is the cheapest college la sir.d sijil is stil valid if stdy at kliuc ah??

        • poobalan says:

          if cost is a factor, try tar college or utar which the cost is more feasible.

          kliuc sijil is still valid, but its not the most popular college for business, that’s all. its fine if you want to study. there. facilities are ok and yes, living cost is lower if compared to city centre or area like subang/pj.

  44. shantti says:

    sir, we plan to visit maran marathandavar temple on the 01/06/13. please let us know the direction. we are from ipoh. kindly let us know what are the hotels available near that temple. Thanks alot

    • poobalan says:

      from ipoh? well i think got few ways, but the prominent route is to come to kl (jalan duta exit) and head towards gombak/karak/kuantan route.

      hotels, i think got one in town and the temple has hostel. you can call them at the numbers given in the article.

  45. sha says:

    dear sir….im sha
    my fren pavin no gt credit in spm…but he wan to b polis….wat he have to do sir?pls sir help him 4 his future…he vry good in run…he went until mrsm ….but in academic he low..but he vry good n english n bm wen taling…………or wat kolej he can study….
    he wan work at singapore
    …pls sir helpppppppppppppppppp!

    • poobalan says:

      hi i did reply at eduhelp.my anyway, he should resit bm/eng/math to get credit. to be policeman need credit in those subjects and more credit its better.

      he want to be police or want to work in singapore?

      with no credit, he probably can do skill certificate (sijil kemahiran) at kolej komuniti or institut latihan perindustrian but application is closed now.

  46. Hello there. I would like to ask the permission to cite some of your work in this blog for my thesis. The article I wish to cite is from this link http://poobalan.com/blog/tamil-schools/2011/09/11/forum-on-remove-class/ . May I know your full name? Thank you in advance.

  47. G.M.Thilagavathy says:

    Vanakkam. Im planning to do a research on Vernacular Tamil education. Need some data on enrollment of Indian students in Tamil schools and SK schools. How or where to get them. Tq

  48. Eefrin says:

    Hi Sir,
    I just finished my Diploma in Graphic Design and I wish to continue as Degree. My CGPA 3.45 and I wish to apply scholarship.

    Hope to receive your reply.

    Thank You

    Unfortunately, I found that majority Scholarship request a min CGPA of 3.5 and above. Is there any possible it will rounding off from 3.45 to 3.5?

    Do JPA offer the scholarship for ARTS student? Am I qualified?
    What are the min CGPA for diploma both for JPA loan and scholarship?

    I do ask for PTPTN but it seem cant cover my tuition fee of 55k for BA(Hons) in Graphic Design offer by INTI. I just can get 32k for 2 years.

    I have taken PTPTN in diploma, can I continue to apply any loan or scholarship?

    • poobalan says:


      it will not be possible to “round off” 3.45 to 3.5. You may still apply and provide some strong points on why you should selected even though CGPA is less than 3.5, for example, your artwork won awards etc?

      JPA scholarship for local studies doesn’t specifically mention ARTS, if not mistaken. JPA scholarship/loan is for IPTA and selected IPTS only. But it may change from time to time.

      Yes, you can apply PTPTN or other loan/scholarships as you previously took PTPTN for diploma and now you want to continue degree.

  49. moorthy says:


    Good day sir…
    i’m interested in gadgets business
    please do guide me how should i apply for loans
    tiz will be the first time i’m goin to start a business

    thank u

  50. sha says:

    good day. im doing small scale online business. im selling designer wear indian dresses. i would like to open a shop but im shortage of investment for that. i heard that there is a portal where they will guide us on business and help us to get loans and also will assist us to set up a shop . can u please guide me on that. tq

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