Kamala says several factors causing racial division

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Several factors causing racial division


DECLINING racial tolerance can be attributed to the country's education system, rural to urban migration and poor understanding of government policies.

Replying to a question by Datuk Lee Hwa Beng (Subang Jaya-BN) on the issue at the state assembly meeting, state executive councillor Kamala Ganapathy said polarisation among students could give rise to misunderstandings and fights.

She said this problem was further compounded by differences in culture, lifestyles and religion.

Misunderstanding among races was more of concern especially to those who felt that many obstacles had been placed in front of them, she added.

Kamala said many also felt that the playing field was not level and they also did not have the same starting line.

She stressed that the quality of the intervention was important as it should not bog down people with endless red tape.

Earlier, at the start of the question and answer session, Teng Chang Khim (DAP-Sungai Pinang), who made a comeback yesterday after being suspended for 30 months, asked the speaker why one of his questions on the construction of a mosque in Klang had been rejected.

Deputy Speaker Datuk Satim Diman did not allow the question as Article 3 of the Federal Constitution states that Islam is the official religion.


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