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Take Part in Inter-Civilizational Youth Engagement Program 2010

October 23rd, 2010
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Received via email. Thanks to Zubedy.

1. Youth leadership program limited space – complementary.

2. A chance for your staff or children to have an international experience.

18 October 2010

Dear Friends!

The International Movement For A Just World (JUST) is organizing an Inter-Civilizational Youth Engagement Program 2010 (JUST IYEP4). From 26 – 30 November 2010 at Melaka Malaysia.  This year theme is YOUTH: TOWARDS A GLOBAL CULTURE?

The Program will bring together some 50 youths between the ages of 21 and 25 of different nationalities and religions to reflect upon inter-civilizational relations in today’s world, based on the growing challenges to culture and cultures in today’s societies. The uniqueness of the program will be underlined by the shared spiritual and moral discourse each civilization can bring to the debate. This year, the emphasis will again be upon the young participants themselves and their ideas and visions for the future.

With this objective in mind, we are now starting our process of recruitment of participants. It would be much appreciated if you could nominate 1 or 2 candidates from among your young employees, interns or members to participate in our Program.

Application Instructions

Who can apply?

  • Young scholars, NGO workers, Peace and Human Rights activists, youth leaders, researchers, who are active in civilizational dialogue, peace studies or interfaith programs.  Age 21-25.
  • Preference will be shown to applicants who can demonstrate how this Program will directly benefit them, their organization or academic institution in developing dialogue programs at local, regional and/or international level.
  • Proficiency in English is required. If you are accepted you will be required to participate fully in the, discussions and role plays in English. 
  • Please do not apply if you do not have strong English skills.

How to apply

  • Send completed application form, resume/CV, essay titled, ‘My cultural heritage and me’  with a letter of recommendation and passport photo to:

JUST IYEP4 Secretariat

International Movement for a Just World

JKR 1258, Jalan Telok off Jalan Gasing, 46200 Petaling Jaya

Selangor D.E., MALAYSIA

Tel:  6 03 7781 2494Fax: 6 03 7781 3245


  • This form may be submitted by post, or e-mail
  • Applications will be acknowledged on receipt.  Applicants will be notified of the outcome of selection soon after the closing date.
  • Participants are responsible for arranging and funding their round-trip travel from home country to Malaysia. No request for financial support can be considered. Participants are expected to seek financial support from their own organization and /or other foundations.

Registration Fee

There is no Registration Fee; the organizers will cover food, accommodation, transportation during the program and all program materials.

For this purpose we are enclosing the nomination form. We would be grateful if the forms duly filled could be returned to the address below by 26 October 2010.

For more insight into what JUST and the JUST IYEP program are all about please visit and go to YOUTUBE using keyword ‘IYEP2, IYEP4’ to see  highlights of previous JUST IYEPs.


Anas Zubedy

PM Najib dinner for Online Friends on Deepavali eve!

September 30th, 2010
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I was eagerly waiting for PM Najib’s next tea time for his “online friends” since I missed the one held last March. When a statement came out that a dinner is being organised, I told myself that I won’t miss it this time. Alas, it turned to a big time disappoinment as the dinner is being held on eve of Deepavali! Talk about being insensitive! Surely someone in his team should/could/would have advised that the Hindus have prayers, shopping, house cleaning, etc on the eve. Imagine if such dinner is held on eve of Chinese New Year or Hari Raya.

Maybe his team already surveyed and found out that not many of PM’s “online friends” are Hindus, so the majority wins. We just have to console ourselves with this assumption.

Anyway, still doesn’t seem to resonate with his 1Malaysia calling. Sounds like done in bad taste and puts all the good work earlier in the shade.  It just takes one small wrong move to undo all the earlier good work. Remember, its how you take care of the minority and the poor that shows your human values.

Hopefully some common sense kicks in and the event can be postponed to a more suitable date. After all, this is not some political party function where newspaper vendors are blamed for not delivering newspapers.

As for me,  still thinking how to attend without incurring the wrath of Then.

The excerpt article:

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak will host a special dinner for his online friends at Seri Perdana, Putrajaya on Nov 4.

He said the dinner function scheduled to start at 8pm, was organised following the success of the tea party he hosted in March for his online friends to get to know them and have a dialogue with them.

“Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of hosting a special event for my online friends, and I had stated that there would be more of such events to come.

“I am happy to announce the next event, which will take place on the evening of 4th November, details of which can be found here. Registration for an invitation is now open, and I encourage you to sign up and be a part of the event,” he said in his blog,, on Wednesday.

Najib said he thoroughly enjoyed the last event and hoped they would have the same open and sincere dialogue at the upcoming one.

“The beauty of this event is that it enables me to connect with Malaysians of all backgrounds, particularly because my guests are randomly selected from the registrants,” he said.

World 3rd Ati Rudra Maha Yagna in Batu Caves

August 5th, 2010
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A six-day prayer event called Ati Rudra Maha Yagna that originated from India will be held for the first time in Kuala Lumpur next month.

The world’s third Ati Rudra Maha Yagna, considered by followers of religious guru Sathya Sai Baba as the highest form of worship to Lord Shiva, will be held in Batu Caves from Aug 7 to Aug 12.

Sri Subramaniam Swamy temple chairman Datuk R. Nadarajah said this would be the first time that the event had been held outside India.

“We are expecting about 5,000 participants in the six days,” he told a press conference in Kuala Lumpur recently.

Organising chairman Jullius Tan, who is also Persatuan Sathya Sai Nivas chairman, added the ceremony was to promote universal peace through the finding of oneself in meditation, mantras and prayers.

Also present at the press conference was former Malaysia Hindu Sangam president Datuk A. Vaithilingam.

The occasion will see 140 priests conducting the chants. There will also be cultural songs and other performances in the evening.


Endhiran Audio Launch in Malaysia

July 27th, 2010
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I guess the whole world now knows about this mega event. Rajinikanth, AR Rahman, and Shankar are expected to attend while Aiswarya may not due to pregnancy. Sify says Amitabh Bachan may also make an appearance.

The audio launch for Enthiran is scheduled on 31st July 2010 (Saturday), 7.31pm at Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC). You can try your luck to get the invitation tickets. If you are a Digi subscriber, you can take part in their contest (click here). If you are not into Digi, then you can tune in to THR Raaga. They seem to be having a contest going on, but I couldn’t really understand how to take part. Visit their website for more details (click here).

And, if you think its not worth the hassle to meet some actors, music directors and movie directors, you can, like me, plan to watch the event in the comfort of your homes! Yup that’s right. Astro Vanavil (Channel 201) will air the audio launch LIVE, and for the first time you can catch it in HD too, on channel 222 (its not activated yet la!).  MyTamilChannel says the HD channel will be active from 31st July at 6am until 8th August midnight 12am.

In case you are lost, read about Endhiran in Wikipedia (click here). Its the most anticipated movie for this year in  Tamildom. Endhiran’s website is at

Floria Putrajaya 2010

July 17th, 2010
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From Floria Putrajaya 2010 Part 1

I’m sure many folks are aware of the ongoing Floria Festival in Putrajaya. It started on 10th July and will end on the coming Sunday, 18th. Its basically a flower exhibition. The theme this is on Heliconia flowers.

From Floria Putrajaya 2010 Part 1

We went to the festival last Sunday, at around 9.15am. Based on 2007’s experience,  I estimated about 3 hours would be sufficient to cover the whole area. Guess what, it took our 7 hours to cover the grounds, and we didn’t even managed to enter the indoor exhibition!

From Floria Putrajaya 2010 Part 1

We started at the Putrajaya Cruise area, visiting the booths set up by schools and IPTA/IPTS. Then, we proceeded to visit the lots of state governments, federal agencies and such. The Landscape Department had some performers from Peru.

From Floria Putrajaya 2010 Part 1

The outdoor exhibition are itself took us nearly 3.5 hours. We had to take a break to quench our thirst. There were two location for food, one was the numerous stalls along Persiaran Perdana, and the other is the few mobile vehicles (including fast food operators) near the lake. The weather was very hot, and I pity those who came with kids and elderly folks. Luckily, there were tram services along with rickshaw rides to alleviate the strain on the feet.

From Floria Putrajaya 2010 Part 1

By the time we reached the main tent for indoor exhibition, the queue was about 30 people long. At one of the locations near the tent entrance, we found five small ducklings try their best to hide under the shades. Pity the animals!

From Floria Putrajaya 2010 Part 1

We decided to visit the stalls selling flowers (especially orchids, herbs and fruit/vege plants) and gardening stuff. Bought some plants and stuff. Took another break to rehydrate. When we went back to the main tent, the queue was even longer! We decided to return another day to visit the indoor exhibition.

From Floria Putrajaya 2010 Part 1

By the time we left the place around 4.15pm, I think we covered most of the 15 acres of the festival.

We made our second trip on Tuesday the 13th, at around 7pm. The crowd was very minimal (According to the stall staff, Monday was even worse). I guess the frenzy is on weekends only. We visited the indoor exhibition which housed exhibition by famous designers. Sorry to say, very few of those impressed me. Maybe I’m not able to understand the exhibits.

From Floria Putrajaya 2010 Part 2
From Floria Putrajaya 2010 Part 2
From Floria Putrajaya 2010 Part 2
From Floria Putrajaya 2010 Part 2

We also dropped by the bonsai exhibition area (outside the tent) which we skipped on the first visit. Some pretty impressive-sized bonsai were on exhibition.

From Floria Putrajaya 2010 Part 2

We bought some stuff at the stall, and then made a quick walk along the outdoor exhibition plots. Night time photography was more difficult (I didn’t bring tripod). The second trip took about 2.5 hours. BTW, the ducklings were fast asleep, probably too tired and exhausted.

From Floria Putrajaya 2010 Part 2

Words of advice: Weekend crowd is a lot, so come early. The doors open at 9am. Bring hat/umbrella and water.

First trip Photos:

Second trip Photos: