Memory of Malaysia Vasudevan lives on

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News of Malaysia Vasudevan’s demise yesterday brought back memories of his songs. Some of the timeless hits (my favorites) are below (maybe the younger generation won’t remember these songs). Hailing from a singing family from Seremban, he is among the very few Malaysians who had made it in Tamil cinema. Read about him at Wikipedia:

Thanks to THR Raaga who played his songs today lunch time and also to Astro Vanavil for airing a movie he acted in (Oru Kaithiyin Diary) today.

He will be missed, but his songs will live on.

Some of his top songs:

The song that made him a household name!:

Singing for Kamal Haasan:

Famous thapangkuthu song!:

Another song for Kamal:

Well known songs from Muthal Mariyathai:

A melodious song showing he is more than capable of singing variety of songs:

One of my faves:

A sad song:

Sings this famous song for Rajini!:

And who can forget this song from Murattu Kalai!:

A slow song for Rajini:

Another lovely sentimental song!:

Ennama Kannu for Rajini:

Another song for Kamal in the 4-role Michael Madana Kama Rajan:

He even sang for AR Rahman’s song:

There’s many more hits from Malaysia Vasudevan, who sang more than 8000 songs in the last 4 decades.

BTW, maybe the relevant parties can recommend to NS government to forward his name for Datoship, as appreciation of his success in a foreign country and bringing fame to our country.


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  1. Devan says:

    The Umno Govt is more interested in giving datukship to Thanendiran, the so called leader of makkal sakti party rather to individuals who have contributed ………