What to do after SPM and STPM results are out

March 9th, 2009 by poobalan | View blog reactions Leave a reply »
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Due to the length of the information, I’ve split the content of this page into 6 categories. Refer the categories below or click on the words “Education Help for SPM/STPM Leavers” at the top of this blog.

1. Guidance, Counseling and Seminar

This page contains list of people and organisations that can provide help (guidance and counseling) and also seminars around the country until end of May 2009.

2. Education Fairs and Open Days – empty
This page contains list of education fairs and open days scheduled around the country until end of May 2009.

3. Application
This page provides links to application of places in universities,colleges, polytechnics, and so on.

4. Scholarships and Loans
List of currently offered scholarships. Unlike other websites, this page only lists ACTIVE scholarships. Those that deadline is over will be removed.

5. List of Universities, Colleges, Polytechnics, Institutes
This page contains list of private universities, colleges, polytechnics, and training institutes under Human Resource Ministry and Sports and Youth Ministry.

6. Education Related Websites
This page list important websites such as Ministry of Higher Education, JPA, MQA and so on.



  1. priya says:

    hey there,

    I sat for STPM in 2009 and my results were Biology(A-), Mathematics(A-), Chemistry(B+), PA(B-)

    I had 9A1s, 1A2(Biology) for SPM.

    I am considering chemical engineering, but I want to know whether my STPM results are commendable enough since I did not take physics.

    What should I do?

    Thank you

    • poobalan says:

      hi priya,

      i assume you are planning to do chemical engineering in IPTS. Some IPTS just require CGPA 2.00 and 3 Cs to proceed. So, its up to you. I think since you took Physics in SPM, shouldn’t be much of a problem.

  2. lonely gal says:

    If I fail my BM in SPM! What course can i take & whcj college can I study?

    • poobalan says:

      you should retake BM next year. fail in BM is problem because you may have many obstacles when looking for job or doing further study.

      next, depending on how many credits you have and for which subjects, you can enrol for diploma or certificate program in many colleges. while doing the first year diploma or certificate, you can attempt to retake SPM BM.

  3. alicia says:

    hello…i recently finis my spm…
    n since i have been to many education fair..
    and now i dun know what am i suppose to do…

    • poobalan says:


      well, you can start with the following:

      – what’s your favorite subjects in school, and how are their results?
      – what subjects you do well, even though you don’t really like it?
      – what do you seem to be good at?
      – what kind of skills/activities do our friends/family members praise/talk about you often?
      – you can take a personality test to figure out what kind person you are
      – without taking such personality test, frankly ask yourself what kind of person you are. outgoing? shy? solitary? groupie? into music? nature? structured or messy? like numbers? like to read things? into sports? food freak? photography?
      – what’s your ambition?

  4. lost says:

    Greetings Mr. Poobalan

    I actually confused what to do now…i’m did form six in science stream(maths physics chem)…After all can i pursue my degree in law or accounting?? Or i have to start all over again…

    • poobalan says:

      hi lost,

      if i’m not mistaken, there are some program in IPTA that offers law or science grads. but i’m not sure about accounting.

      most likely, if you approach IPTS, they will ask you to do a 1-year foundation program. Best if you ask the colleges like ATC, Brickfields, KDU etc.

  5. thurga says:

    I wana ask..I juz finiz My SPM, N want 2 apply 4 Police Or army..
    Hw cn I apply dis..
    Wer I cn gt d form…
    I couldnt find in on9
    plz help me

  6. sady says:

    hi sir……m confused wat to do nw…….m did form 6 in art stream……in 2009 and my result below 2.0 pointer .bt my ambition is teaching…..wat should i do sir nw…..

    • poobalan says:


      i think i have replied earlier. you need to get above 2.0 for stpm if you want to enrol in IPTA. for that, need to resit STPM. or, you can use your SPM results and apply for IPTS like unisel or unitar.
      OR you can try approach primary schools and apply for temporary teacher position if they have.

  7. Simon says:

    dear sir, im Simon…. i just wanted to ask u something. i finished my spm few years back… now i wanna study further.. but realising i got SAP for my SPM, i cant move anywhere… pls advise me… is there anyway or anywhere i could overcome this situation.. by atleast a diploma part time… pls email me ur advise… hoping for ur reply….


    • poobalan says:

      hi simon, withi SAP for SPM, you can’t do proper diploma program unless your BM is credit. however, some colleges offer program for adults based on working experience.

      you can consider doing a skills based certificate (SKM) and proceed to diploma.

      Are you working currently?

      you can also enrol to resit SPM and target to improve few subjects like: BM, english and Maths = get credit.

  8. charu says:

    Good afternoon sir, I’m Charu. I’ve just received my stpm result yesterday. I only gets 1.83, B for PA, C- for physics, D+ for maths t and chemistry. Shall I retake form 6 so that I can get into ipta, or should I just go to ipts.. Im really confused now. Please gives some advise sir. Thank you.

    • poobalan says:

      hi charu,

      since you got 1.83, difficult to do degree program, even in IPTS because minimum requirement is 2.00 and 3 principals. however, some colleges may be quite lenient or offer diploma/foundation program based on your SPM results.

      u have to ask yourself if you are confident took retake STPM. if confident, then you can proceed. or, if you think its not worth it (lose 1 year and still not guaranteed to get place in ipta) then better to go to ipts.

  9. bathma says:

    hi sir,i’m bathma here…i’m 2010 stpm stu…my result is pa 3.00…pengajian perniagaan 2.67…sej n eko 2.00 ……total pointer is 2.42 …can get ipta????? …my teachers advise me 2 apply uni wich is far like unimas,ums n uum coz thr is high chance 2 get 4 my result…is dat possible i can get like those uni??

    • poobalan says:

      i just replied in FB, but anyway here is the reply:

      hi bathma, 2.42 is still ok. you should apply for the less popular courses. not only try the far ipta, but also try the newer ipta like utem, uthm, upsi etc.

      the chance is there, but need to apply carefully.

      refer to this link for some idea:

      stpmindians.blogspot.com or quansheng.org

      on the cut-off mark guidelines.

  10. navin says:

    sir i jz finished my stpm n i got 4 pa(B) and biology(B) ,chemistry(B-),AND 4 MATHS t (D).WHAT CAN I APPLY 4?M 2 CONFUSED SIR…….

    • poobalan says:

      hi navin,

      you got 3 principals and your CGPA more than 2.00. however, your maths is weak, so you need ensure choose course that don’t require minimum 2.00 in maths. look at the subjects offered at various universities and also look at the cut-off marks guidance at stpmindians.blogspot.com