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Updated: 19 February 2011

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  1. gayathri says:

    i need to no how to apply for matriculation…help me pliz…10q

  2. yan says:

    may i know how to apply Perak Higher Education Loan???also need to buy pin no from BSN???now can start apply already???or need to wait until we get offering letter from the IPTA???Um…what is the different between PTPTN loan and this Perak Higher Education Loan???very blurred and confused about all this problems…

  3. nitha says:

    sir, i dont know what to study on… actually i planned to do business admin but some of my friends scold me that it doesn’t have a bright future. then now i’m confuced in choosing courses… i’m also interest in multimedia tech & business tech… but i dont know wat it is really… n my spm result is
    BM 4B
    BI 3B
    MORAL 3B
    MATHS 4B

    wat courses that i really have to take sir???? plz suggest some good courses so that it have job opp.

    • poobalan says:


      let’s look at your results first: 1 A (science), 4 Bs and total of 7 subjects getting minimum credit. Your language, science and maths are having better results that accounts, economics, history and add maths. This will provide some indication of what interests you subject wise.

      next, talk about your interest. what are the jobs that you think you like? is it related to calculation? planning? thinking? teaching? travelling? talking? selling? research? lab environment? taking care of people? are you outdoor person or indoor person? can you communicate well? how is your writing skills? design? driving? reading? do you have any talents like singing, painting, sports, etc?

      With your results, which i would say is average, you can opt for any program (as long as you pay for it) like IT, business, social science, mass comm etc.

      i wouldn’t agree that business admin has no future. it depends on where you study, what you study, and your grades. same goes for multimedia or even business tech. many students just study for sake of going college, partying, and hanging out doing nothing. for them college is just a time passing event, another part of life. in fact, college/uni is the time you increase your skills, learn new things, be disciplined, make new friends, and study to get good results.

      in the end, it depends on the above two – your results and your interests.

  4. nisha says:

    sir,if i do asasi sains & pertahanan at Universiti pertahanan nasional malaysia {UPNM}can i continue my degree in biotech/biochemist

  5. Shine says:

    StudyMalaysia Education Fair 2010 (SABAH)
    venue: Dewan SESB, Karamunsing, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
    Dates: 6-7 Mac 2010

    StudyMalaysia Education Fair 2010 (SARAWAK)
    Venue: Permata Trade Center, Taman Kereta, Kuching, SARAWAK
    Dates: 13-14 Mac 2010

    There will be:
    – FREE Interest & Personality Test
    – Academic Talk on “Tips for IELTS Examination

    Exhibitors include:
    – PTPTN
    – Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA)
    – Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (Department of Skills Development)
    – Sektor Pendidikan Swasta dan Khas
    – and private colleges/universities in Malaysia.

  6. matric_lec says:

    hi admin, i would like to correct the information that u have written here to gayathri’s response.
    matriculation program usually opens in july till oct every year-even before students sit for spm exam and the students can update the information in february the very next year.many indian students miss out matriculation programme application and regrets later. now the result is out and many are asking how to apply for matriculation whereas many students out there already made application. please pass on to many indians as possible that application of matriculation is in july. in my opinion, i think that indians students can score very well in matriculation programme and yes there are pro and con matriculation and stpm, but matriculation is quite easy compared to stpm.u r given rm2500 allowance for one year.hostel provided and matriculation has also started kolej kejuruteraan matrikulasi in penang(kedah), pahang(jengka), johor(pontian).if u r rejected for the 1st intake, please make sure very fast u apply for the 2nd intake. ususally more indians and chinese will enter matric thru the 2nd intake.please view this website for more information.gud luck.all da best.

  7. matric_lec says:

    oh yes, i forgot 2 include this important information.1st intake for in matriculation for non-bumi is based on the result and parents income. poorer family background and good result-better chance of getting matric. good result with parents good income, please apply also, but make sure to do rayuan and second intake if u dont get the 1st intake. many welath family kids come down during 2nd intake.that’s all for now..

  8. sam says:

    hi sir…i just got my results n i got 7a 1b(for moral) n 1c(for bio)…can i still study for medicine?will be given any scholarships??is ok if i want to do a levels in utar?or is it better for me to do FIS or STPM?

    • poobalan says:

      Hi sam,

      7As is good, but your bio got C, which makes it not possible to study medicine in nearly all the IPTS. You can talk to agents listed in Related Websites page of this blog to see if got other options.

      Scholarships – can still try.

      Yes, its OK to do A-Levels or FIS or STPM. its up to you. if can afford it, go for A-Levels or Foundation rather than STPM, IF you are clear about your ambition.

  9. deepz says:


    i got c and d’s in all my four science subjects…and i intentd to do dentistry…can i still pursue my dentistry future..while i gt to knw that to get noc ,atleast b’s are needed in all science subj….pls help me whether i nid to sit for spm again or can continue wit a-levels…

    • poobalan says:

      hi deepz,

      i think better you check with the Jabatan Pengajian Tinggi of Kementerian pendidikan. you can sit for a-levels and hopefully do well to take up medic. if not, have to resit spm.

  10. zati says:

    i just got 7a2b for my spm result and i think i want to study spm result is
    bm A
    eng A
    agama islam A
    maths A+
    sejarah A+
    physics A-
    biology A-
    add maths B+
    chemistry B+
    so,do you think i’m able to study asasi program in pharmacy or not?besides,can i get a scholarship base my spm result?

  11. jackie says:

    Sir….sry./….i had forgotten the questions i posted….the questiohns is about my confusion about Alevel, Foundation, and Diploma…and the JPA scholarship on9 application form….is Sir remember answered such question b4? may sir post the ans here?sry for tat

  12. Paul Raj says:

    Dear Sir

    My son had completed his SPM and obtained average results. He has applied to the IPTA & politecnics and waiting for a reply. If a suitable reply is not received from the IPTA he is keen to do a Hotel management program with IPTS namely Segi college. I would appreciate if you kindly give input or direction on this and any info with regards to IPTA intake since we coim to the middle of the year and he is diong nothing at the moment.


  13. kevena says:

    Dear sir,
    I have got 10A in spm. I failed to get metriculasi and UPU offer. I’m interest to do medicine. How do I apply.

  14. emma says:

    sir, i got 7A’s in result is as follows :
    Bm = A- Physics = B+
    Bi = A Add Maths = B
    Moral = A Modern Maths = A-
    Sej = A+ Biology = C+
    Chemi = A- ICT = A-
    i’m quite interested to do my further studies in law field but then many people fearing me saying that law is hard, difficult 4 indians to get scholarship or government’s help and support in that field, expensive fees, i dont have good communication skills and blahh…..i did not manage to get a place in upu or matriks..still i manage to do d rayuan..if u fail one ppr also in law,u need to actually retake all d papers?so, thinking of d consequences i dont have idea wat 2 do..what should i do??Am i eligible to study law?i was thinking of doing a-levels in a private college maybe kdu or disted(penang) but i know it will cost quite high..after all im not from a very well-settled or wealthy family..dont wana burden my family..Of all things, i have to go 4 national service coming 19th of june..after i come back, i’m scared that there might no place or offer in any institutions and waste my days just like that..

    • poobalan says:

      hi emma,

      you did science stream but yet you like law?

      Law is hard because lots of reading involved. but then, is there such thing as an easy course? 🙂 your interest and hardwork is essential to carry you through the course you are studying. as for scholarship and govt help, i think we can’t really depend on the govt of the day. i’m sure you are aware of the problems faced by the minority communities. expensive fees? well, which course is cheap? i think its ridiculous when parents or students want to study for free, because its not a privilege for the minority.
      the part about retaking all the papers is for bar exam i think. i think its not a requirement if you study in the approved colleges. pls check with bar council for info.

      as for eligibility, yes you are since have more than the required minimum credits for foundation. your language results are also good. shouldn’t be a problem.

      pre-u or foundation, you can’t apply loan like PTPTN. so have to use own savings.

      you can ask to postpone your PLKN but need to obtain the admission letter as proof.

  15. Deepa says:

    Dear Sir,

    I how to apply Mied loan n what is the qualification to obtain this loan? Sir,I intend to do MBBS, how to get study loan for MBBS, please guide on this as I feel difficulties in getting loan. Sir, please do suggest some institute that offer MBBS with lower fees (from 100k n below).

    Hope can get the answer from you soon.
    Thank You Sir.

    • poobalan says:


      MIED loan not available at the moment. they having some internal issues. if you want to study in malaysia, then PTPTN will cover some part of the fees.

      i don’t think there’s MBBS for below 150k.

  16. kalai says:

    hi there, i have just been through your blog. first of all good job in assisting students with their doubts and to come up with such blog! ok im kalai i have gotten a medical seat and about to enrol soon. my documents and everything are cleared all i have to do is study. now my main concern is that i have never apply for any loans or scholarships yet. being a spoilt brat and everything got done for me i have forgotten to do so. now realising i have to act before time ( which i guess been too late) im intended to apply for a student the 1 that i can pay back after i have studied. i heard mma offers such loan. but i dont know where and how to apply. can you guide me on how to apply and is there any other such loans available? hope you can assist me as well. thank you

    • poobalan says:


      well, you are right about being late. about 95% of scholarships deadlines are over. your option is to try for JPA loan next year (need to check if your uni is in the list that is allowed to apply loan).

      and i have not heard about MMA offering such loans.

  17. kl chuang says:

    Dear All SPM and STPM school leavers,

    Please attend a Session this coming Saturday 30th October 2010 at MUST, 9:30-12:00 noon at Malaysia University of Science & Technology in Kelana Square, Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya. (03-78801777) Many professors and PhD holders will give talks (also Q&A sessions) on what (programs) you can go into; how to go about getting financial aids; career opportunities, etc. This is a chance for those who can’t get into the IPTA’s, especially…. and, can’t afford to go out of the country.
    Prof. K.L. Chuang

  18. pau; says:

    i want to know where to register spm july paper 2011. and how many subject can i take. i am 28 years old. from penang. i wanted to study for aero engineering. how many credits should i have to pursue. i think i have no credit in my spm result before. i am comfused. pls help me .thanks

    • poobalan says:

      hi pau,

      if you are 28, that means you took spm more than 10 years ago. i’m not sure if the results can still be used for further studies, and in any case, you said no credits. FYI, July paper is only for BM, Engilsh and Maths. you have to register as private candidate with your nearest Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah (PPD – you can ask any schools near your residence for their location). usually, registration as private candidate is closed about few weeks after SPM results are out.

      for aero engineering DEGREE, you will need matriculation, foundation, diploma, stpm, or pre-u qualification. if you are planning to study aero engineering-related diploma, you will need minimum 3 credits (usually for english, math, physics, chemistry or science subject).

  19. v.sharvini says:

    dear sir,

    sir i intend to do MBBS,how to get study loan for MBBS,please guide on this as i feel difficulties in getting loan.sir,please do suggest some institute that offer MBBS with full loan.

    hope can get the answer from you soon.
    thank you sir.

    • poobalan says:

      hi sharvini,

      i don’t know of any institution offering full loan for medic. unless you go to bank and take a personal loan, by mortgaging some property etc.

  20. jay menon says:

    sir i have recently scored 3.0cgpa for my foundation in science program and wanted to apply for mbbs but my uni wants minimun b4 for my spm subject in but i have a c for my add blank..

  21. poobalan says:

    hi jay,

    did your uni brief on this requirement before you enrolled? or was it stated somewhere? as far as i know, most reputable uni require min b4 for science subject and add maths, some only for bio/physics or some combination. if really no choice, you can resit the spm add math paper this year and enrol in mbbs next year after spm results are out. you can register as private candidate for spm. refer to pejabat pendidikan daerah near your home. also, check with your college that you can use your foundation results next year (better get black and white).

    alternative: try find an uni that doesn’t require min b4 for add maths, or choose another degree program.

  22. Thilakam Kanesen says:

    hallo sir…i have just finished my spm and waiting 4 my results..i have a plan 2 do either medicine or pharmacy..will pharmacy have a good demand in Malaysia??Besides that,my parents will not be able to afford the cost 4 the studies and im hoping for some kind of scholarships so that i can do my courses soon in overseas after my foundation in malaysia…is tere any scholarships that i can apply sir? there are some colleges like president college and geomatika college that i would like to go…but im just so confused in choosing a college…plz help me sir..tq

    • poobalan says:

      hi thilakam,

      there are thousands of students and parents like yours. all want to do medicine or dentistry or pharmacy, but no money. what do you think the solution is? obviously scholarship is not enough for everyone. some mortgage their properties, others take personal loan, etc. you can try honda dreams fund which is open at the moment. if you are an excellent student, the of course should try for JPA. if you are average student, then chance of getting scholarship is very low.

      in choosing a college to do pre-med foundation, ensure:

      is the foundation is recognised. where can you study with the foundation results? are you limited to just few uni? are those unis recognised by MMC? does the college has exclusive arrangement with certain uni? when does the agreement/license expire?

  23. Lilly says:

    Dear sir,

    I will be sitting for STPM at the end of this year and I intend to take up medicine. I was hoping to pursue a degree from either scandinavian countries or Australia. I am writing to you as I am not very clear about the requirements and I was also wondering if STPM is at all recognised, and are there any other tests that I have to sit for before I could apply to their universities. Thanking you in advance.

    • poobalan says:

      i’m not sure about scandinavian countries, but STPM is recognised in most countries including australia. the most easy way is to ask the university directly. some universities have entrance exams, but i’m not sure about those in scandinavia.