Have Nambikei in us!

December 10th, 2012 by poobalan | View blog reactions Leave a reply »
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The last few months, we’ve been bombarded with shouts of “nambikei” – asking the Indian community to have “nambikei” (faith/trust/confidence) in certain groups.

I for one, believe that such “nambikei” must be earned or reciprocated, not asked or begged.

As such, stop asking us to have “nambikei” on you.  Show your “nambikei ” on us. HOW, you ask? Let me give you some ideas (well, as if you really don’t know!):

Have “nambikei” in us by scrapping STPM and send all of the students to matriculation or Asasi program. Trust us, your action will not be wasted. We will study well and save your “maanam” (pride).

Have “nambikei” in us by providing more jobs in civil service, across the board. Give us some positions of Chief Secretary of ministries, heads of departments, heads of divisions, and see miracles happen! Fix the imbalance in civil service by having special intakes so that civil service doesn’t continue its selective servicing and discriminatory policies.

Have “nambikei” in us  to do well in business. So GIVE us  more loans and grants like TEKUN or TERAJU (and make sure we eligible to apply!). Give us franchise opportunities. We will spur the economy to greater heights.

Have “nambikei” in our Tamil school students. Give them proper teachers, facilities, buildings and financial support. They will give you the best results and future leaders.

Have “nambikei” in us to promote culture and religion be it via state-ownded radio and TV channels or NGO activities. Don’t give flimsy reasons until can’t perform on stage or not able to be screened on TV/radio. You may lack “nambikei” in your people, but don’t penalise us for that. Our culture and religion can help to attract more tourists and at the same time enrich our society spiritually/socially.

Have “nambikei” in us and give citizenship to those who had been waiting for decades. Help them to find solution, not hinder them with more and more requirements.

In short, make concrete effort to elevate us from fourth-class citizens to be equal citizens as others.

There you go. Take the above for starters. Its been nearly 5 years now (we are assumed to ignore the previous 50 years), so how much “nambikei” have you shown on us for us to have “nambikei” on you? A lot, some, or little? Just started?


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