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Amanah Saham 1Malaysia (AS1M) for Indian Community

January 26th, 2018
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According to the Malaysian Indian Blueprint, one of the initiatives planned for the Indian community is a special allocation to invest in Amanah Saham 1Malaysia (AS1M). This was also mentioned in Budget 2018 speech by Prime Minister. A total of RM1.5billion is allocated via AS1M fund to the community, with a maximum limit of 30,000 units per person. That means about 50,000 people if everyone fully utilise their allocation.

The agency in charge is SEDIC, an unit under the Prime Minister’s Department. You can find SEDIC’s FB post on AS1M here.

To help those in low income category, specifically the B40 group (having household income below Rm4680 as of 2017), the government is given a soft loan of RM5,000 per person. RM500 million is allocated for 100,000 families via interest-free loan for five years (monthly repayment of RM83++ for 5 years). It is expected that the return from the investment will be sufficient to pay for the loan.  However based on the dividend rates for past few years, assuming return of 6.5%, the dividend will be RM325 while repayment for 12 months will be RM1,000.

[click to enlarge]


The procedure to apply for the RM5,000 soft loan will be announced in February and remember it is for the low income category define as in B40 group. However, regardless of being in B40 group or not,  you can start buying the AS1M units starting from Monday 29th January 2018.

The units can be bought beginning 29 January 2018 from ASNB branches  (click here to see list of branches) or its agent banks (Maybank, CIMB, RHB, POS Malaysia, Affin Bank, Alliance Bank, Am Bank, Bank Muamalat or Bank Simpanan Nasional).

For those already having invested in AS1M before, you can top-up until reach 30,000 unit at the branches or via online at .

If you are wondering about the unit prices, AS1M trades at RM1 per unit as shown below (price from ASNB website:

Let’s do a rough calculation for 5 years with 6.5% return per annum:

Year Investment Value (RM) Dividend (RM)
2018 5000.00 325.00
2019 5325.00 346.13
2020 5671.13 368.62
2021 6039.75 392.58
2022 6432.33 418.10

With RM5,000 investment, you can get RM6,850.43, a return of 37% or average of 7.4% per year.

Its obviously better than FD rates, but face competition from unit trusts which tend to offer better returns (Disclaimer: I’m not promoting any unit trust products).  For those looking to diversify their investments, can consider investing some amount in AS1M or even other unit trusts under ASNB provided you are qualified.

Read the  ASNB Statement on AS1M.

And finally, some info on eligibility:


    1. Kriteria Kelayakan
      1. Apakah kriteria–kriteria kelayakan untuk memohon Skim ini?
        • Permohonan terbuka kepada masyarakat India warganegara Malaysia:
          • Akaun Dewasa (18 tahun ke atas)
          • Akaun Bijak (ibu bapa atau penjaga sah yang melabur bagi kanak-kanak warganegara yang berumur 18 tahun dan ke bawah serta mempunyai sijil kelahiran yang sah).
        • Pemohon tidak mempunyai pegangan unit AS 1Malaysia atau telah menjadi pemegang unit namun mempunyai pegangan unit kurang daripada 30,000 unit.
        • Pemohon tidak diisytiharkan muflis semasa memohon serta sepanjang tempoh penyertaan dalam Skim.
    1. Cara-cara Memohon
      1. Bagaimanakah saya membuat permohonan untuk melanggan unit-unit tambahan AS 1Malaysia ini?

Pemohon yang berminat bolehlah datang ke Cawangan ASNB atau mana-mana Ejen ASNB di seluruh negara:

        • Maybank
        • CIMB
        • RHB
        • Pos Malaysia
        • Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN)
        • Affin Bank
        • Alliance Bank
        • AmBank
        • Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhad


      1. Selain daripada Cawangan ASNB dan Ejen ASNB, apakah saluran lain untuk saya melanggan unit-unit tambahan AS 1Malaysia ini?
        1. Portal myASNB: Pemegang unit sedia ada yang mempunyai baki kurang daripada 30,000 unit dalam AS 1Malaysia dan telah mendaftar sebagi pengguna Portal myASNB boleh menambah pelaburan AS 1Malaysia di Portal myASNB, tertakluk kepada unit-unit yang masih ada untuk dilanggan.
        2. Perbankan Internet: Tambahan pelaburan juga boleh dilakukan secara atas talian menerusi Maybank2u, CIMBClicks, AffinOnline dan RHBNow, tertakluk kepada terma dan syarat serta unit-unit masih ada untuk dilanggan.
        3. Bentuk bayaran: Pemohon boleh membeli unit-unit tambahan AS 1Malaysia menggunakan Tunai/ Bank Deraf/Cek/Banker’s Cheque, tertakluk kepada unit-unit yang masih ada untuk dilanggan.




  • Pelaburan melalui cek atau bank deraf atau Banker’s Cheque hanya boleh dilakukan di ASNB Kaunter Utama Kuala Lumpur atau cawangan ASNB sahaja.


  • Cek pelaburan tambahan hanya diterima atas nama ‘Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad’.
  • Pelaburan melalui cek atas nama `Pemegang Unit’ atau Penjaga Berdaftar’ dibenarkan sekiranya cek dikeluarkan oleh yang berikut:



            1. Kerajaan Malaysia
            2. Syarikat di bawah Kumpulan PNB
            3. Syarikat Berkaitan Kerajaan (GLCs)
            4. Syarikat Penerima Labur PNB (Investee Company)

         Permohonan melalui Cek/Bank Deraf/Banker’s Cheque adalah tertakluk kepada tarikh Cek/Bank Deraf/Banker’s Cheque dijelaskan.

        1. Skim Pelaburan Ahli KWSP : Pemohon boleh membeli unit-unit tambahan AS 1Malaysia melalui Skim Pelaburan Ahli KWSP, tertakluk kepada unit-unit yang masih ada untuk dilanggan. Transaksi langganan unit hanya akan disahkan apabila ASNB menerima pembayaran dari pihak KWSP (mengambil masa 7 hari bekerja daripada permohonan pelabur diterima hingga pembayaran oleh KWSP).


Walau bagaimanapun langganan unit-unit tambahan AS 1 Malaysia ini berdasarkan ‘siapa cepat dia dapat’ dan tertakluk kepada unit-unit yang masih ada untuk dilanggan.

Read more at ASNB page.

Dialog Perpaduan NUCC Schedule

March 3rd, 2014
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If you feel you can contribute some idea towards national unity, or want to show support to the National Unity Consultative Council, then do try attend any of the dialogue sessions below. They are also preparing the National Unity Action Plan.

Schedule for Dialog Perpaduan NUCC[Click for larger image]


Nothing moving for unit headed by Deputy Minister Waytha?

August 28th, 2013
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Received this via email. I just added the red color for focus. So, guess what – no name, no charter, no infrastructure procurement, no expert committee, no budget for 2013 and no planning for 2014 budget (next month gonna announce by PM).

Now push the ball to PM’s court and say Waytha will resign if nothing improves. Rightly so, as Waytha is just deputy minister and the minister in charge is PM himself. Our guess is that all the proposals has been made by Waytha and team but no approval given, thus no progress.

Now they know how hard things are. This is similar fate usually suffered by MIC, if and when they come out with proposals that require huge sums of money?



Hindraf calls on Prime Minister Najib to get cracking on the Hindraf BN MOU

27th August 2013

The recent high pitched campaign by the police to address the rising crime rate in the country has helped to highlight the extent to which Indian youth are caught up in the whirlpool of crime. The fact that there is such a large involvement of the Indian young is a fairly recent phenomenon. This has not always been the case. This trend was set some 30 odd years ago in tandem with the massive forced displacement of Indian plantation workers out of their traditional abodes in the estates. This crime problem of the Indian young is only one of many, ailing the Indian community and is also only symptomatic of the more serious socio-economic problem.

It was against this background that Hindraf put out its five year Blueprint to address the situation of the displaced estate workers in a targeted and focussed manner with permanent and comprehensive solutions in mind. The Blueprint contained all the elements to address the socio-economic issues of the displaced estate workers which would have had a direct effect on this rising crime problem. The plan clearly addressed the many economic, social, physical and psychological factors that contributed to the marginalization of the Indian displaced estate workers – the path that leads to crime..

BN bought the Blueprint on the 18th of April 2013 in an MOU Agreement in an official ceremony and made a public promise to implement the Blueprint on returning to power. They returned to power on the 5th of May.

The most significant thing that that has been accomplished deriving from the MOU in the period since, is the appointment of Waytha Moorthy as a Deputy Minister.

The unit headed by Waytha Moorthy in the Prime Minister’s department has yet to be given a name. The charter of this unit has yet to be publicly confirmed. The infrastructure proposal for the unit has not been bought off. The Expert Steering Committee which is supposed to come out with the specific plan for addressing the income opportunities, housing and skills training for the Displaced Estate workers has yet to be even identified. The Budget proposed for 2013 has still not been deliberated upon, not to even mention the planning for the 2014 budget.

The process seems to be painfully slow. It is ironical that on the one hand, we have this situation with regards to crime being addressed in a hurried manner with these shootings and arrests and which does not assure sustainability anyway. On the other, we have a plan that promises to be a sure and sustainable remedy and which will have long term positive effects effectively delayed.

 The Prime Minister I am sure is behind the plan of the Home Minister to get aggressive in addressing the crime situation through the police. What he should be equally doing is to be behind Waytha Moorthy and get aggressive on rolling out the Blueprint.  He should speed matters up and get the implementation of the Blue print going. He should name Waytha ’s unit, he should publicly confirm its charter, he should immediately get the Expert Steering Committee going, he should approve the necessary infrastructure and budgets to implement the plan,

The current lacklustre and half-hearted approach is not going to win the hearts and minds of the affected Indian estate workers whose expectations are sky high because of the public promises during the recently concluded GE. They want “Janji mesti di tepati and Nambikei” to mean something tangible.

We hope the Prime Minster will get things moving without further delay. The Blueprint and its implementation through the unit is the last hope the Indian community places on the government. If Prime Minster Najib fails to keep his promises, he is looking at an imminent resignation of Waytha Moorthy from government and we believe this will permanently shift the Indian voter completely away from BN on a long term basis.

It is now in the Prime Minister’s hand which way all this will go. For our part we only want to see correction of a serious historical wrong.


Hindraf National Adviser.

Apply for smartphone rebate RM200

January 3rd, 2013
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1. Age 21 – 30 years

2. Salary RM3000 and below (pendapatan kasar/gross income)

3. Only one smartphone per person

4. First come first serve. Meaning about 1.5 million people will get it.

5. Only for smartphones costing below RM500. Any smartphone can!!!

6. Need to apply line together with phone, at selected providers like Celcom, Maxis, Digi, uMobile etc

7. Need to register first at SKMM website.

If you are a student, register at:

If you are working, register at:


* The govt cancelled the requirement for smartphone costing RM500 yesterday.

Earlier news:

The Government’s plan in giving out RM200 rebate for smartphones worth less than RM500 next year is to convert non-smartphone users to bridge the digital divide.

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) chairman Datuk Mohamed Sharil Mohamed Tarmizi said that the rebate is not targeted at those who want to buy expensive phones.

“We really want those with the old second generation mobile phones to migrate to a basic 3G smartphone.

“These are the people who generally want to buy a smartphone, but they cannot afford one,” he said.

He added that the rebate should also serve only those who aren’t earning much, referring to the criteria that the rebate is only applicable for those earning less than RM3,000.

“If you can buy a RM2,000 smartphone, you’re not the person we want to help. If you can afford this kind of phone, would you want a RM200 rebate?” he asked.

According to the Hand Phone Users Survey 2011 published by the MCMC, 89.6% handphone users polled earn less than RM3,000. At the same time, 87.3% handphone users surveyed are still using normal phones without smartphone capabilities.

The rebate is also only allowed for Malaysians between the ages of 21 and 30.

Sharil added that at last count, there are 20 smartphone models from seven manufacturers which cost less than RM500 in retail price, with some of them being globally renowned brands.

When checked, Samsung also offers three smartphone models priced less than RM500 including the popular Samsung Galaxy Y.

With the total allocation for the rebate placed at RM300mil, serving 1.5 million youths as announced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak when tabling the 2013 budget, Sharil expected for the entire sum to be used.

He also said that there will be mechanisms put in place to ensure that people don’t abuse the system, and those interested in the rebate should pre-register themselves on their website first at


Question is, with potentially 1.5 million new users, can our telcos cope with it? More dropped lines and slow internet? As it is, my Celcom 3G is like turtle at times. At some places totally zero connection.

And remember, you need to have a data plan to support your phone. Allocate between RM50 to RM90 per month depending on what package you take.

The main reason for this promotion (IMHO) is to boost our Internet and Broadband penetration figures. I think it will help in boosting rankings at various global barometers. Secondly, with election around the corner, its a attraction for youths and politically, more potential voters are now accessible via Internet . Thirdly, it expands the market for apps builders as a million new subscribers will be coming on board.


Have Nambikei in us!

December 10th, 2012
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The last few months, we’ve been bombarded with shouts of “nambikei” – asking the Indian community to have “nambikei” (faith/trust/confidence) in certain groups.

I for one, believe that such “nambikei” must be earned or reciprocated, not asked or begged.

As such, stop asking us to have “nambikei” on you.  Show your “nambikei ” on us. HOW, you ask? Let me give you some ideas (well, as if you really don’t know!):

Have “nambikei” in us by scrapping STPM and send all of the students to matriculation or Asasi program. Trust us, your action will not be wasted. We will study well and save your “maanam” (pride).

Have “nambikei” in us by providing more jobs in civil service, across the board. Give us some positions of Chief Secretary of ministries, heads of departments, heads of divisions, and see miracles happen! Fix the imbalance in civil service by having special intakes so that civil service doesn’t continue its selective servicing and discriminatory policies.

Have “nambikei” in us  to do well in business. So GIVE us  more loans and grants like TEKUN or TERAJU (and make sure we eligible to apply!). Give us franchise opportunities. We will spur the economy to greater heights.

Have “nambikei” in our Tamil school students. Give them proper teachers, facilities, buildings and financial support. They will give you the best results and future leaders.

Have “nambikei” in us to promote culture and religion be it via state-ownded radio and TV channels or NGO activities. Don’t give flimsy reasons until can’t perform on stage or not able to be screened on TV/radio. You may lack “nambikei” in your people, but don’t penalise us for that. Our culture and religion can help to attract more tourists and at the same time enrich our society spiritually/socially.

Have “nambikei” in us and give citizenship to those who had been waiting for decades. Help them to find solution, not hinder them with more and more requirements.

In short, make concrete effort to elevate us from fourth-class citizens to be equal citizens as others.

There you go. Take the above for starters. Its been nearly 5 years now (we are assumed to ignore the previous 50 years), so how much “nambikei” have you shown on us for us to have “nambikei” on you? A lot, some, or little? Just started?