Education Help for SPM and STPM Leavers

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Updated: 20 August 2010

For 2009, I started a section on education help from March till June. However, I continue to receive inquiries on education-related topics, and may be opening a separate blog/website on that later. Meanwhile, I decided to start the education help earlier, starting this month. I’ve also opened a Facebook Page, so readers who use FB can check out updates there.

Due to the length of the information, I’ve split the content of this page into 6 categories. Refer the categories below.

indicates information updated in the last 2 weeks.

I’ve split the content of this page into 6 categories:


1. Guidance, Counseling and Seminars This page contains list of people and organisations that can provide help (guidance and counseling) and also seminars around the country.


2. Education Fairs and Open Days – This page contains list of education fairs and open days scheduled around the country.


3. Application This page provides links to application of places in universities,colleges, polytechnics, and so on.


4. Scholarships and Loans List of currently offered scholarships. Unlike other websites, this page only lists ACTIVE scholarships. Those that deadline is over will be removed.


5. List of Universities, Colleges, Polytechnics, Institutes This page contain links to list of private universities, colleges, polytechnics, and training institutes under Human Resource Ministry and Sports and Youth Ministry.


6. Education Related Websites This page list important websites such as Ministry of Higher Education, JPA, MQA and so on.



  1. unlucky angel says:

    sir i want 2 know when, Government Universities offer 4 2nd intake….
    and i want the website too..


  2. tish says:

    sir, my bro did very bad in his spm last year.. x credit bt only pass in 4 subject. he rly wants to do engineering course( automotive) bt i hv x idea from wer to start… so pls help me!

    • poobalan says:


      did he get credit in BM? he can start with automative maintenance certificate. he can’t enter any engineering diploma programs since don’t have minimum 3 credits.

      i also suggest he retake SPM at least to obtain credit in bm, english, math and science (if possible). he can resit while studying his certificate in automative or even while working.

      you can read about certificate program here:

      • tish says:

        tank u sir…

        • crash says:

          Good day,

          Just wanna share some information, that Kolej WIT ( is currently offering Pre-Diploma (1 year + 2 Year MQA recognised Diploma) course for those do not have 3 credits in SPM and their fees also very affordable with Job Placement is Guaranted (100 %)

          • poobalan says:

            thanks for the info.

            pre-diploma is just another name for certificate/foundation/bridging. colleges are creative in giving the names but essentially they mean the same thing: since you don’t have 3 credits to enrol into diploma, the colleges come out with some programs to qualify you to enter diploma. that’s all to it. of course it means more $$$.

            as for 100% job placement, i have my doubts. how can you force any employer to hire a graduate? obviously there will be term and conditions in the small print: “subject to potential employer approval” or maybe “job is contractual basis” etc.

  3. raj says:

    hi sir,

    i`m interested to study air traffic engineering and want to become air traffic controller.sir where i can study this course in local or overseas.pls guide me.

    thanks sir

  4. alaksya says:

    sir, m act an stpm leaver….i din do very gd in stpm but managed to pass my bio, chem n pa with principle and a partial pass for maths…my cgpa is below 2…i luv to do forensics… i mean in research department….i m act financially not stable … m kinda thinking of doin biotech in utar… which i act qualify…it’s juz that…i don’t know how to connect biotech n forensics…. as i been told by many… biotech is a wide field… and m kinda blur in how to achieve forensic by pursuing a degree in biotech…

  5. jay says:

    helo sir im jay here..actually im a spm leaver of last year, until now i dont know where to go, what to study, and even if i choose some course. the fee becomes a problem, nowdays even for diploma the fee is about 20k, then when i will be able to settle down the loan? when to do degree? So sir how to solve this problem?

    • poobalan says:


      your problem is common for many students. not all of us are born with silver spoon. education is expensive, especially if not able to enter IPTA. you have no choice but to study very well and hope for scholarship OR if take PTPTN, you must get 1st class results, so that can convert the loan into scholarship.

      remember, PTPTN loan is only 1% interest, which is better than personal loan from banks or even loan from MIED, Kojadi etc.

      Even though we can’t get everything for free, at least we can try to get the loan at very low interest rate.

      if you want continue to degree, you can postpone PTPTN repayment. remember if get good results, the chances of gettign some financial help is better.

  6. linges says:

    vanakam sir…linges here…
    wel sir,,i gt tawaran temu duga in SPA at johor..
    in bidang farmasi…
    cn i get some tips to prepare ma self 4 d interview???
    should i prepare resume???
    wat kind of question normally they would ask??

    • poobalan says:

      hi linges,

      i’m not clear if its for diploma or degree holder position.

      you should read up on latest issues both social and economic issues. i’ll focus on GTP, ETP, 1Malaysia, NKRA, NKEA, NEM, Wawasan 2020. Should also read about global issues. if can, read last two weeks newspaper to familiarise with current issues.

      AND of course you should be up to date with your industry issues.

      Resume can help the interviewer. no harm in preparing.

      Dressing is important. don’t be selekeh. black shoes, socks, tie, long sleeve t-shirt. a coat/blazer would be good. no one-ear earing, no long hair.

  7. L.Jayabalan says:

    Dear Sir,

    I’m Johorean, I didn’t do well in my SPM in year 1998. I fell sick when exam time so i happen to skip prinsip akaun 2nd paper, georafi 2nd paper and add math 2nd paper. Because of i didn’t attend 2nd paper. they count as tidak hadir. is it possible for me to do georafi only one so that i wil get S.A.P where i can have my cert. Now my status is TIDAK MEMENUHI SYARAT PERSIJILAN. Very sad i got good offer in singapore to work but because of my SPM. i cant join even i have diploma they still insist want SPM…..can you advise me sir….need your guidence..

    Thank you


    • poobalan says:


      1998 is a very long time. i think the SPM cert have to be retaken in full. anyway, you should check with Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia (MPM).

  8. jay says:

    hi sir i heard that the goverment will not approve loans to students with 4 credits by next year and parents of student with 4 credits are not eligble to take kwsp money ? is it true sir? please reply fast sir

  9. jay says:

    sir actually i have a lot questions to ask with you..So i wish to see can i do so?

    • poobalan says:


      my schedule is quite tight, that’s why i end up using internet to reach out to more people. wherever possible i try to maximise the time and reduce cost (time/money/effort). you can email me your questions, or just pose all your questions in a single comment here.

  10. jay says:

    ok sir this is my questions,
    1. lets say im spm graduate from this year,and i want to continue my diploma next year..will the goverment give me ptptn loan or give loan to the student who graduated next year first?

    2.Some say the diploma is much tougher than stpm..since i only have 4 how to know identify wheter i got ability to complete diploma or im only suitable for doing skills training etc?

    3.Sir based on your experience, since diploma is very much tougher..did the student who do part-time job while studying really be able to complete the diploma? if yes how many percentage?

    4.Sir what is your view on Diploma in Security Management at Saito College near PJ? How is the prospect of the diploma? what type field can i venture after completing my diploma?

    • poobalan says:

      1. ptptn doesn’t see which you graduate. as long as you qualify, you can apply for the loan.

      2. i never heard anyone say diploma is harder than STPM. you are the first. if you have 4 credits, i think better don’t risk taking STPM because without 200% effort and discipline, you won’t even pass one subject. depending on which 4 subjects you have credits and what course you want to study, you can then decide if go for skills-based course or diploma.

      3. there are even people doing Master and PHd part-time. what you need is discipline, which sadly, not all youths can provide nowadays. if you stay focused and don’t waste time for the 1.5 – 2 years, you can complete diploma. remember, working part-time is meant to be extra income, not the main focus. if you end up focused on the money, then you will have problem studying. as for percentage, i can’t recall anyone doing study on this.

      4. firstly, why are you interested in the program? did you ask them about career prospects? how about further studies after doing the diploma? the question you ask me, you should ask the college first. Then you can cross check. in this way, you can know if the college staff simply telling things to attract you. also, check if have MQA approval.

  11. ramyah murugan says:

    sir, im pursuing my studies in msu… gona do foundation in biological n helth sciences… can i gt any scholarship or loans for that?

    • poobalan says:


      foundation programs seldom have loan/scholarship especially this late time of the year. best if you finish foundation with excellent result and apply scholarship for the more expensive degree program.

  12. jay says:

    hi sir, im interested in human resources management, but i think im quiet weak in social what are important skills to have to venture in this field sir?

    • poobalan says:


      HR management – need to know about law, local govt policies, able to handle employee issues. you should be well read, disciplined, have good communication skills, smart, and so on.

  13. MR.Robo says:

    Hi,Sir.How are you?
    I’m currently doing my foundation.
    Planning to pursue degree in Psychology.
    I’m planning to pursue twinning program which is 2+2
    My question is:
    Is PTPTN loan provide for those who going to study at Overseas?
    If not,is there any loan available for the people who want to continue their studies outside of the country?
    Besides that,can i know the pathway to become psychiatry ?
    Can i become psychiatry by having degree in Psychology?
    Great day.

  14. santhi says:

    hi sir,
    im a stpm leaver,my cgpa is lower than 2 but i passed my pa,bio,and chem.and i did quite well in spm..i really want to study in public universities and graduate to become a teacher.what advice would you give me sir.?

    • poobalan says:

      hi santhi,

      since your STPM CGPA is less than 2, then not possible to enter IPTA. your option is IPTS only, but even then, not many will accept results below 2.00, so you may have to study foundation. you can consider studying any science or maths field, and after getting your degree, you can apply for teacher training when MOE advertises (usually twice a year, but also depends on need).

      Note: its better if you study in a IPTS that the JPA recognises, if not, you can’t enter teaching profession in govt. To check, refer JPA approved uni link at

  15. kl chuang says:

    Dear All SPM and STPM school leavers,

    Please attend a Session this coming Saturday 30th October 2010 at MUST, 9:30-12:00 noon at Malaysia University of Science & Technology in Kelana Square, Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya. (03-78801777) Many professors and PhD holders will give talks on what you can go into; how to do it: etc. This is a chance for those who can’t get into the IPTA’s, especially…. and, can’t afford to go out of the country.
    Prof. K.L. Chuang

  16. prasath says:

    hi sir,

    i intrest to become a stage designer for any shows.

    sir can u suggest me what course i need to take after finish my SPM.sir i want to study specialize for stage designing only.

    thanks sir.

    • poobalan says:

      i’ve not heard about any specific course for stage designing. i assume you are talking about concert, fashion show etc. type of stage?

      i think this position is related to event management, with lots of hands-on experience. you should have knowledge on protocols, mechanical/electrical, color coordination, have some skill in arts, computer graphics etc.

  17. jay says:

    hi sir ..i got offer frm unisel to do diploma in library it a good field ? what type of jobs we can get frm venturing in this field..

    • poobalan says:

      hi jay,

      library science is related to information management. in truth the job is quiet limited. some venture into IT (info management & database), admin, media companies, publication companies, libraries etc.

  18. saranraj says:

    hi, bro..i just wana ask about my course..i’m doing economics(planning and developing) in is the job prospect for this course…

    • poobalan says:

      hi saranraj,

      economics is a good field to study, and job prospect is there. just don’t be too choosy and make sure to score at least 2nd upper. you can consider working in universities, govt, research organisations, finance industry, media/publication etc.

  19. jay says:

    hi sir im jay parents force me to do diploma in library science at unisel..because it is cheaper..for me im still confused wheter to take this offer because u said it has no bright job prospect .

    • poobalan says:


      doing a course, just because its cheap is not a wise move. its better to do some survey/research first before enrolling in a course. you should talk to your parents about why they prefer you to do that course other than the fees being cheap. anyway, nowadays you can take ptptn loan which can cover most of the fees (if you are from lower income family).

  20. agilan says:

    good day sir.. i’m agilan and i’m sitting for spm exam this year. i’m studying in asrama penuh.. but i’m very much concern about the scholarships available for me.. i’m interested in doing aeronautical engineering in overseas.. i did check on few unis in aussie and uk.. as well as india too.. now i wud like to know about wat are the available scholarships to get to overseas??

    thank you

    • poobalan says:


      the best scholarship is of course JPA. There’s not many options, but among those available are Petronas, TNB, Telekom, BNM, Proton, MAS, various banks, etc. For aeronautical, not many choices.

  21. uma says:


    Im uma please i need your help i completed my SPM in 2007 with 7A,3B and 1 C .But im an indian i donot have a citizenship but i could have continued with STPM but my familiy financial situation was not so good than i did diploma in accounting(LCCI)
    with 1 distinction, 2 credits and 2 pass currently am at home i wish to continue my further studies but i donot know what should i do sir you are my only hope please help me

    thank you

    • poobalan says:

      hi uma,

      i’m sure i’m not your only hope 🙂

      since you have donediploma/lcci, why not look for job?

      you are indian from india or you are malaysian indian with no citizenship? is your status PR or visitor pass or illegal?

      if you want to further study, since your citizenship is not clear, then you have to use your own funds. most, if not all, scholarship/loans are for malaysians only.

      my suggestion is to get a job first, since you have a diploma.

  22. Chiew says:

    Sir can i know that what is the effect to spm cert if i miss a paper? TH means tidak hadir , does it lower your grade in spm cert? thanks

    • poobalan says:

      Chiew, SPM subjects has been limited to 10, and the core subjects are few only. You must have credit in BM for most applications. If you miss other critical subjects like English or Maths, most likely you can’t apply to study in many places. However, if its a non-critical subject, then the effect is that you will not be able to further study in some areas. for example, if you miss Geography or Biology exam, then you cannot apply for whatever course that requires Geo or Bio.

  23. kalna says:

    Hie Sir,

    m about doin safety course.. bt i dono 2 do in which college..! cn u suggest me any gud college for doin this course..?

  24. shalini says:

    sir am palaning to do medical lab technology wat is the requriement in university. am doin account stream but am taking bio as extra sub next year am sitting for spm ?

    • poobalan says:


      are you referring to public uni or private uni? after spm, you can do the diploma. you wil need at least 3 credits to proceed in IPTS. preferably credit in english, math, bio/chemistry/science.

  25. Gangaieswaran Arumunadan says:

    Sir, my son finished his SPM (2008) and he pass with 6 crdts (include BM and SCIENCE) and 4 passes . He is very interested in automotive course. I went to few colleges but there is no full loan available. The cost for this course is more than RM30,000 above for only certificate level. ‘TAN CHONG MOTORS’ providing this course at their college and the course fee is around RM16,000 to finish cert. level 1-3. Compare to other college for this coure, I think this is the most cheapest…But the problem is there is no loan provided..I can’t afford to pay for it because of the family financial problem..Sir, is there any way to get scholarship..?


    • poobalan says:

      Hi Sir,

      Pls refer to for govt endorsed programs. There’s is loan provided in most cases.

      HOWEVER, since he has 6 credits, why not pursue some diploma program in automotive engineering instead of certificate? he should be able to get loan from PTPTN, but amount depends on the family income etc. You can search at:

      as for scholarship, competition is tough and i’ll say not possible to get scholarship with just credits, unless from poor family or sponsored by the industry (like Tan Chong, Honda, Toyota, Naza, Proton, Perodua, Daimler, etc).

  26. kyle says:

    may i know how to pay mied loan……
    now currently i’m already working
    i dont know how to pay…

  27. aris_21 says:

    what scholarship do STPM leavers can apply? especially science stream….

    • poobalan says:

      h aris, there’s plenty of scholarships for STPM leavers, but not as much as SPM leavers. you should look at the global scholarship instead of just malaysian ones. refer to the links in the scholarships page.

  28. reena says:

    sir, i’m interested in avition course…. bt i dono 2 do in which college..! cn u suggest me any gud college or university for doin this course..?

    • poobalan says:

      hi reena,

      best if you check with the govt dept in charge on the recognised colllege/academy. refer to which the dept of civil aviation. there are few that offer pilot course while some offer diploma in aircraft maintenance or degree/diploma in mechanical engineering.

  29. shamala says:

    sir,im shamala i finished my spm in 2007. n now im working with a private company but im so interested in gov job.i had apply so many times but still cant get istead malaysian indian girl with 4 credit in spm, eng A2 n bm B3…. what should i do sir. im really very very interested to work with perak gov. any job but must be gov job… help me sir plsssssss

    • poobalan says:

      hi, your results are ok and should be able to get job in govt. but for your info, SPM leavers can only get job at level of clerical position, enforcement assistants etc. if you want job in perak state govt, then you should refer to their website for vacancies. for federal govt, you register online at

      you should also register at

      but note that competition for govt job is high, and the common reason given is that not many indian or chinese apply for it.

  30. val says:

    If I didn’t attend for the paper 1 but took the paper 2 is it still counted as fail in STPM?
    Thank you.

  31. Silver light says:

    Hello sir… I’m a stpm candidate this year.. and .i dont think i did my best.. so, if the results were nt favourable, i was thinking of resitting for my stpm..I will get back my results next year march… wat should i do if i want to resit for stpm? When will i sit for the exam??? and when will i get back my results? pls help me sir.. pls n thank you. 🙂

    • poobalan says:

      hi, you wait for the results and then apply to resit. the resit will be in same year (2011) with the next year students, results will be out in 2012.

      anyway, its still a long way to go. let’s see the results you get first. hope for the best. in the mean time, plan for the long break in between 🙂

  32. Malar says:

    Mr Poobalan,

    This is to request your kind assistance to help us on loan or foundation to support my sister’s 2nd year dentistry in Penang International Dental College which is based in India. The dentistry degree course is a five years course and requires a total of RM196,000.00. We have managed to settle
    the first year payment of RM45,000.00 with the aid of personal bank loan.

    The following 2nd year payment has to be made by July 2010 which is RM42,000.00 but we having difficulties in getting any loan or foundation.

    Kindly advice us on the education

    Thank you.

    • poobalan says:

      Hi Malar,

      I hope it doesn’t sound like preaching, but why send her to study without proper financial planning? Now you need about 150k, which is no small sum.

      For overseas studies, the best is JPA loan which is for selected courses in selected countries. application opens twice a year. i will publish if its available early next year. other than that, you can refer to the links given in the scholarships pages. most applications are closed, while some may not advertise openly.

      for local studies, there’s PTPTN which won’t cover the full cost.

  33. andrea says:

    This year i’m studing in matriculation…if i get below 3.3-3.5 pointer, can i get any seat 4 studing at any university for medicine ??????????? i did’t get medicine can i aply asasi sains in unimas ??????????

    • poobalan says:

      hi andrea,

      if you are a malay, shouldn’t be a problem. but if you are a non-bumiputra/non-malay, then i doubt you will get place to study medicine. as for asasi, its equal to matriculation, so why you want to repeat? just go straight degree program.

  34. Silver light says:

    Sir, i was thinking of resitting for stpm exam next year… when can i sit for the exam? i heard spm students can resit for their exams in july… can stpm students too sit for exam around july? pls & thank you sir.

    • poobalan says:

      as far as i know, stpm students resit together with the next year students, at year end. there’s no july paper. even for spm students, the july paper is for limited subjects only (bm and maths).

  35. Ruben says:

    hello sir,

    I’ve just completed my spm 2 days ago. I’m a bright student n i’m confused on what shall i do after spm. I’m in a dilemma between A-level n SAM.. I would be pleased if you could give me suggestions on which one is better and where shall i do it.Thank u.

    • poobalan says:

      hi ruben,

      i suggest you read up a bit on both the programs:

      try wikipedia, at and also the forums at and to get various opinions.

      in terms of which is better, depends on what and where you plan to study. SAM is mainly in australia but more and more universities around the world recognises it while a-level is well established. also, a-levels is exam based (like stpm a bit) while SAM involves more coursework. and both cost money 🙂

  36. MIz.BisCuiT says:

    Dear Sir,
    Im Shaveena and im 23 this year, i finished my SPM six years back which is on 2004, and i suppose to start further my higher studies on 2005 itself. Unfortunately i am not because of my family background and also financially stuck.So now im already stable financially and would like to further my studies. But im worrying as im 23 and working, is there any college’s offering part time studies for DIPLOMA courses? i have medium result in SPM (‘B3’ all subject include BM & BI and C5 for Maths) and im a ART student. . Which is the best pvt college to enroll especially for part time studies, currently i have survey at few college’s around KL but they have not provide for part time basis..=( I must be at least a Diploma Holder its my aim and im really worrying about and get stressed of it.Kindly i need help or advice for this.!! Waiting for your kind reply. Thank You!

    Best Regards,

    • poobalan says:

      hi shaveena,

      1. may i know what jobs you have done in the last 6 years? if the work experience is relevant, you can straight go for a degree or executive diploma program.

      2. can you tell what area you want to study? diploma in what?

      3. which colleges did you survey? try UTM, UPM, UM, UKM (yeah, many public uni provide part-time programs at diploma and degree!). also check SEGI KL.

      your SPM result is good, so need not worry!

  37. asni says:

    im a stpm leaver(art stream student), now i would like 2 continue my study’s at ipts..
    “mmu, msu, unisel.”.. which one i should chose to continue my study’s…

    • poobalan says:


      you have to figure out what you want to study first! while i agree choosing a good college is important, the student also must have some objective/focus. if not, even the best college won’t be enough.

      you should visit the colleges and see the environment.secondly, never believe anything the marketing ppl or counselors say without proof. cross-check MQA and JPS approval numbers AND the expiry date. i had one case in UNISEL whereby their TESL degree had expired and the current 1st semester student were denied PTPTN loan due to this oversight by the uni.

  38. icefrog says:

    halo sir , now i just finish my spm exam , so can i know what webside can i know all about the goverment university offering subject ?

  39. dinesh says:

    r u from jitra………………….

  40. WWAI says:

    hey…now najib have annouced tat spm 9A+ will receive Jpa scholarship.Then still need t interview? reply me ASAP…thx

    • poobalan says:


      no guideline from JPA yet. but note that the 9A+ scorers will be given scholarship to local or overseas, depending on what, i’m not clear. secondly, post SPM, you can only do matriculation, foundation or diploma in IPTA, so i’m not sure what the scholarship covers.

  41. mei says:

    Hi Poobalan.
    I have a friend dropped out from school when he was in form 4 and did not sit for SPM and now he regrets for it and wish to pick up an IT related course.
    what can he do in order to get enrolled into a course at least a certificate course will do?

    • poobalan says:

      Hi Mei,

      Your friend can consider studying certificates under sijil kemahiran malaysia (SKM). there are many institutions that offer SKM training and certification. your friend must check at to obtain list of training providers to avoid any middle man or agent from cheating. after completing SKM up to level 3 (there’s level 1,2,3,4,5), your friend can consider doing diploma or degree with those colleges that accept SKM cert.

  42. hema@ says:

    vanakam…hai sir..
    i just wanted to help my friend…
    he did his stpm…n got a not soo good result…
    he got B for PA n a credit for BM…
    art stream student
    he asked my help to find out any courses he can do in any local college or uni..
    his pointer 1.3…
    i think its the minimum pointer for entrance to any college locally..
    do give me some suggestion tat i could help him out….

    thank u

  43. Silver light says:

    hye sir… i was thinking of doing Dentistry. I’m currently waiting for my stpm results. I’m considering of going to mahsa / aimst / PIDC/ MMMC to do my debtistry degree. IMU degree fees is way too expensive.
    Sir, the PIDC and MMMC twinning programe.. is it recognised by the malaysian government? Which uni is better sir? I’m really confused. Among the 4 UNI’s I listed above.. which one is the best uni sir?

    • poobalan says:

      hi silver light,

      you can check if the program is recognised via and also with the malaysian dentistry council at or you can talk to someone at

      as for better uni or program, i’m not sure. i’m also not in position to say which is best among the four. i say you have to ask around about their staff, facilities etc.

  44. sha says:

    vanakam sir,
    i got sitted for stpm 09 n gt CGPA 2.58(art stream)
    can i apply 4 ipta next year bcs in year 2010 i x get any offers.
    if wana 2 apply ipts wich universiti is best n wich course…
    my result : sj-b
    gg- c+
    plese help me sir.. thank you….

  45. Mum says:

    Vanakam Sir,

    My son will be sitting for his STPM in 2011, I would like to know what is the qualification needed to enter IPTA. He is very much interested in Chemical Engineering.

    • poobalan says:

      Hi Mum,

      minimum requirement for IPTA entry is min 3 subjects with principal and CGPA 2.00 above.. Chemical Engineering is very competitive, so you should expect around 3As and 1B as minimum.

  46. prasath says:


    i`m interest to study medicine in manipal can i get
    PTPTN loan ?

    sir masterskill and also manipal offer MBBS . sir which is best between this institute?

    • poobalan says:

      Hi Prasath,

      PTPTN loan is available for medicine in melaka manipal college, but not full amount. i think covers about 60% only.

      I’m not sure which is best, but do note that govt is worried that there’s too many doctors graduating in next 5-10 years.

  47. bookworm says:

    i have a few enqry..i’ll sit for my stpm this year..
    i’m very intrsted in taking tesl for my degree..what’s the qualifications that its need? is there any opportunity to go abroad?? n how?
    thank you..

    • poobalan says:

      hi, to pursue degree in tesl in IPTA (and IPTS), you will need minimum CGPA 2.00 (the higher the better) and of course at least B in English. to go abroad is slim because most stpm leavers aim to enter local uni only, and most scholarships are catered for that purpose. however, if your results are good, then you can apply directly to the foreign uni and hope to get a scholarship as well.

  48. Ramesh says:

    hi sir. what actually is actuarial science? how tough is the course? do students who study it and complete the course really get good pay? can you recommend other good-paying jobs in the fields of finance and engineering sir?

    thank you

  49. navina says:

    vanakam sir,
    nw im study up.6 science,bio,so i wan to continue to biotech,
    wat important thing 2study tat,how to be with results,hw many A’S THEY NEED,which universiti hv large field to stdy biotechnology(genes).is it biotechnoly,is mk large cost?pls.sir answer me

    • poobalan says:

      hi navina,

      if i answer that you need 4As, would it be helpful? 🙂

      you can consider um, usm as the options for biotech.

      i’m not sure what you mean by “mk large cost”. are you talking about the course fees? if in IPTA, the fees is low, so no problem. if you talking about income, well its a bit difficult to get jobs at the moment.

  50. kumar says:

    hi sir,i have just finished my,i don’t know what to do eg:applying for scholarship,applying for university.can you tell me more about that?i want to be a doctor or chemist.

    • poobalan says:

      hi kumar,

      since you have your ambition mapped out, next step is to look at the paths to achieve it.

      1. stpm route-you go to form 6, score well, and apply for IPTA.

      2. matrikulasi route – too late coz application closed.

      3. foundation route – UPMN pegawai kadet is open for application. They have asas perubatan pertahanan which leads to medical program.

      4. JPA scholarship – apply after spm results are out. basically you need minimum 9As.

      5. other scholarships – not many for medical, but some exist for chemistry degree. you have to check the websites (like my blog) often and also check in newspapers.

      6. take up pre-u (a-level, CPU) or foundation program at private colleges – after completing the program, you can continue degree in private colleges locally or overseas (india, russia, indonesia etc). some of the cost of study may be covered by PTPTN. if you are excellent student, most colleges give discount for fees, and some may offer scholarship.