Education Help for SPM and STPM Leavers

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Updated: 20 August 2010

For 2009, I started a section on education help from March till June. However, I continue to receive inquiries on education-related topics, and may be opening a separate blog/website on that later. Meanwhile, I decided to start the education help earlier, starting this month. I’ve also opened a Facebook Page, so readers who use FB can check out updates there.

Due to the length of the information, I’ve split the content of this page into 6 categories. Refer the categories below.

indicates information updated in the last 2 weeks.

I’ve split the content of this page into 6 categories:


1. Guidance, Counseling and Seminars This page contains list of people and organisations that can provide help (guidance and counseling) and also seminars around the country.


2. Education Fairs and Open Days – This page contains list of education fairs and open days scheduled around the country.


3. Application This page provides links to application of places in universities,colleges, polytechnics, and so on.


4. Scholarships and Loans List of currently offered scholarships. Unlike other websites, this page only lists ACTIVE scholarships. Those that deadline is over will be removed.


5. List of Universities, Colleges, Polytechnics, Institutes This page contain links to list of private universities, colleges, polytechnics, and training institutes under Human Resource Ministry and Sports and Youth Ministry.


6. Education Related Websites This page list important websites such as Ministry of Higher Education, JPA, MQA and so on.



  1. kris says:

    i am a science stream student and i got 3 principal and 2.25 for my stpm…. i choose courses like biosains,pemakanan or something like that….will i have a chance in ukm,upm or umt?

  2. emma says:

    i got 7A’s in spm 2009…i’m quite interested in law..but i’m still not so sure of the course’s future..what criteria must i have and what is the studying stage..?i did not manage to get a place in matriculation and ipta..but i did the rayuan for ipta..what should i do??

    • poobalan says:


      if you interested in Law, what courses did you apply in IPTA?

      you can continue with STPM and later apply for Law.

      Or, you can enrol in local colleges to do foundation and proceed to law degree. you have 7As which is more than enough.

  3. kris says:

    which science based couses is easy to get in upu

  4. Pushpa says:


    My SPM results are 6As 3B and 1C. As are for Maths, English, Sejarah, Biology, Religious Knowledge & Moral. B+ for BM, B for Chemistry and Physics and C+ for Add Maths.
    I was interested in Medicine and have signed up for A levels (Science) but now want to change to Arts for my A levels and do some business related as i am worried about A levels Maths. My parents want me to do medicine or related areas but i am confused. What would you suggest please.

    • poobalan says:


      if your interest is medicine, then no need to worry a lot about maths. why not just stick with it instead of changing to arts just because of one subject?

      you got A for maths and c+ for add math, so should be ok if you work a bit harder. why do you worry about maths?

      let me share with you something, when i took add math in spm, i didn’t understand many thing. didn’t have any idea why the formula is like that, why need calculate and so on. i got c4 luckily to practising past year paper. yet, when i went to form 6, suddenly, maths became very clear to me. i understood the chapters easily. i still have no idea what happened within the few months after spm till start of form 6. maybe its just the environment, the teaching method, or just mentally changed.

  5. velan says:

    hi bro my name is stpm leaver,i got 5 principals in my stpm.i already applied upu but im rejected. im so im waiting 4r my rayuan.if im again rejected ill choose private u like unitar n take education u think my plan is good,,,,,,,

  6. Whimsical says:

    Hello sir.

    I am Spm leaver who obtained 9A’s and 1B.Didn not get ipta nor matrics.Not interested in doing stpm too.I am quite interested with three fields.

    1.Medicine.How can I apply for it?After doing foundation in science,can I pursue medicine in any different ipts?For eg.msu?
    2.I did not take accounts in spm still im interested in accounting.After completing ACCA,what can I do?

    I looking forward for a job that gives me an oppurtunity to be hired globally.Which one do you think is the best choice?

    • poobalan says:

      hi whimsical,

      1. medicine: apply for it, meaning how to study? you can do either foundation or pre-uni programs. if you do foundation, most likely not able to switch universities, unless the foundation is recognised by the uni you want to go to. so, safest options is to check with the uni first.
      2. after doing ACCA, you work la. what else you want to do?
      3. well, can do foundation, pre-uni or diploma pharmacy, and then proceed to degree.

      globally, i’ll say ACCA since its globally recognised. but both medicine and pharmacy have good job opportunities in some countries.

  7. darK MAiDEN says:

    Hello sir….
    1) I would like to know what is the difference between A-levels and STPM?
    2) Since both the studies are equally the same from what I heard…which one is better?
    3) Although I know STPM has option of going to IPTA and A-levels don’t but I really want to know the pros and cons of both studies…
    Some say A-levels is hard and some says the other way around…I am confused…
    Currently I am planing to pursue my studies in A-level in private college..
    4) Is there any scholarship after I do my A-levels?
    5) What will I have to do if I fail to get good grades for A-levels?

    • poobalan says:

      dark maiden,

      1) the difference between stpm and a-levels have been covered already. you can search in google or yahoo. basically, stpm is cheaper, stpm is via govt, stpm is 1.5 years (and another 6 months until can get IPTA results), stpm mainly for IPTA application, STPM is tougher, STPM is minimum 4 subject. a-levels, is more expensive, done at IPTS, about 1 year, can use for worldwide application, a bit easier than stpm, minimum is 3 subjects.

      2) better is subjective. depends on your plan. got money, then can choose a-levels. want to study in IPTA, then choose STPM.

      3) refer to point 1 and 2 above.

      4) some companies do consider a-levels leavers for scholarships. currently, you can refer to scholarship page and find there’s none.

      5) retake a-levels, or use the SPM results to take up diploma program or foundation.

  8. prasath says:

    hi sir,

    can i know the way calculation of degree classification in Open Univercity Malaysia.

  9. geraldine rani jeyapalan says:

    hi i am 37 i am interested in counclling i will like to be certified any idea how i can get educaion to become a councelor for NGO someday

    • poobalan says:

      hi geraldine,

      for some certification in counselling, you should have some SPM qualification. there’s some programs offered by the NGOs. you can check with Befrienders, AWAM, etc, or the NGO you wish to work with. Some of the IPTA like UM also offer diploma program for counseling. and there’s some courses (diploma/degree) offered by IPTS.

  10. miserable... says:

    hello ter, m 2009 spm leaver n i gt 11 A’s in my SPM.And yet i didn’t get any… eg:jpa,matrix,upu,sime darby,petronas…
    I was very upset..I’m interested in doing medicine..m curently doin my Form m nt interested in it…So any suggestions ????

    • poobalan says:

      hi miserable,

      i can understand your feeling. did you send copy of appeal to mic, dap, and hindraf (HRP)?

      if you think you can do well in stpm, then go for it. even though not “interested” in it.

      other suggestion: apply for IPTS and you most likely will get scholarship to do the foundation program. when enter the actual medical degree course, take PTPTN and the balance, well your parents have to work it out.

  11. thinesh says:

    anne..1 help…do u hv any sample hw to cover letter to apply scholarships..i realy dono hw to do the letter..thanx

    • poobalan says:


      just google or yahoo search in the internet 🙂 there’s many samples you can find.

      basicallym your letter should be simple and straight forward with 2 or 3 points on WHY you should be given a scholarship. the rest of details like your background, results, etc can put as an attachment to the letter.

  12. lavender says:

    hi sir,
    i am currently doing LOWER SIX . My dad & me tried to find either tuition centre or home tuition for STPM [SCIENCE STREAM] nearby SHAH ALAM .

    Do you know any one of that??????? We are finding for well-experienced teacher in science subject no matter it is quite expensive………

    • poobalan says:


      i doubt got any center covering STPM in shah alam where 90% of the population is malay families who kids usually need not go to form 6. i suggest you look for center in klang or PJ?, or worst case KL. how about the the other students in your class.

  13. charmane says:

    Sir,if the student didn’t get a place in KPLSPM, can they appeal? And,if i want to be a lecturer,i must go for form 6,right? then,after that,what should i do? thank you for replying.

    • poobalan says:


      i think can appeal, but i can’t find the link.

      to be a lecturer, you will need a Master degree at least (but some colleges still accept degree holders, depending on who the students are).

      to be a lecturer, a general flow is below:

      form 5 -> pre-u (stpm/foundation/a-levels etc.) or diploma -> degree (and maybe work in industry to gain some experience) -> master

      NOTE: to work in IPTA, SPM BM must have credit, your first degree should be at least 2nd upper or 1st class if non-bumi, and must be recognised by JPA. for IPTA doesn’t matter much.

  14. hema@ says:

    kejuruteraan awam dalam persekitaran

    sir i got this course in ipta…at UMP

    do tell me more bout this course and the job after this degree…..

    parents willing to send me to pharmacy…at prvt

    so im just trying to find whether both the courses r equally good…..
    if so…i rather do at UMP than spending my parents money

    interest wise…im interested in both field…
    so sir…pls help me…in dilemma

    • poobalan says:

      hi hema,

      i think it refers to civil engineering (environmental). its a good field, but job-wise may not be that popular in malaysia at the moment. however its possible to specialise in certain area and become and expert. the job is related to doing study on the environmental impact of developing an area. usually, before a construction is done, such a study is done to ensure that the development project is not detrimental to the environment. the study may include water and earth analysis. you can get a job in construction and development companies. its mostly an outdoor job. this is my understanding.

      pharmacy, well its in demand and still got vacancy in both govt and private sector for next 5 years at least. its basically an indoor job, and maybe can end up working in a pharmacy or pharmaceutical company.

      both jobs allow you to open up your own business in the future.

      if you are the outdoor, active person, and interested in construction industry, civil engineering may be suitable. or, if you are more of a office person, dealing with formulas, quality control and interested in healthcare, then pharmacy is more suitable.’

      in the end, you have to decide.

  15. Navin says:

    Hello Sir, I applied for IPTA via UPU. And as expected my application was rejected. And I did tried to appeal. But, the problem is, MEDIC course is not even in the LIST !!!! So, it means, once I am rejected, I can no longer appeal to get medic?

    • poobalan says:


      you applied with the expectation of being rejected? 🙂

      i’m not sure why medic is not in the list. probably all the places taken up? you have to call UPU to clarify this.

  16. Navin says:

    Hello Sir. I applied for medic via UPU. But, my application was rejected. And I did tried to appeal (E-rayuan) The problem is, medicine is not even in the list of courses given !!! So, how do I appeal, if the course is not even in the list???!!! Is it advisable to apply directly to the respective IPTA’s?

  17. nwc says:

    sir,may i know the biotechnology course is popular course or not?What job can we do after v graduate?How is the job market for biotechology nowaday?

  18. charmane says:

    Dear sir,
    1.i ask this question on my sisiter behalf, does candidates who got a place in KPLSPM stand a chance to become a lecturer? After she complete her five and a half years course,she must teach in order to gain experience. After that,can she continue master?
    How many years?

    • poobalan says:


      well, theoretically speaking, everyone stand a chance to be a lecturer. pls note that KPLSPM graduates are meant to work in schools first as school teachers. i’m not sure of the bond period. from school teacher, she need to further study Master (may take 3 to 5 years after that, depending on vacancy for scholarship, quota etc). or she can study master on part time using own money. (masters done part time will take 1.5 to 2 years). after finishing master, she can consider applying for tutor in IPTA or continue doing PhD (part time or if get scholarship, can do full time). after PhD can try for IPTA again. if want to work in IPTS as lecturer, have to resign the government job. if your cousin sister plan to work in private sector, she must not choose Pencen skim when becoming school teacher, instead choose KWSP (EPF) scheme.

  19. Tenkai says:

    Hi, I only had 3 principles for my STPM. Obviously I was rejected for a public university. Do you think I should appeal? When I was browsing through websites I saw that they only see 3 subjects and not 4. Do you think I should appeal? Thank you!

    • poobalan says:


      yes, the MINIMUM is 3 principles, but many students have four. coupled with other criteria, you may not stand a good chance. maybe need to appeal to other courses with less demand?

      • Tenkai says:


        Thank you very much for you reply. Any courses and university that you suggest I should apply?

        • poobalan says:


          i think you have to be specific first, on your ambition/interest and your stpm results.

          note that problem with applying for less demanding courses is that you may not get a job easily.

  20. Tenkai says:


    I have 2B-, 1C+ and 1F. I am going to apply Pelancongan at UUM as first choice and Politik at UNIMAS as second choice. What do you think?

    • poobalan says:

      was it the same as you applied earlier? i’m not sure of the cutoff marks for these courses. you can try searching at

  21. Tenkai says:


    I got 2B-, 1C+, 1F.

    I appealed for Pelancongan at UUM as my first choice and Komunikasi as my second choice at UMS.

    Personally, I don’t mind these 2 courses. However I am open to other opinions.

    What do you suggest?

    • poobalan says:

      i think komunikasi would be a bit harder to get. as for options, there many courses, and i can’t really suggest anything out of the blue.

      • Tenkai says:


        Sorry, I accidentally made a double post. I chose Komunikasi over Politik. Do you think it’s possible for me to get the Pelancongan course at UUM? It sounds like not many people are taking this course. Thanks for your help.

  22. shini says:

    hai sir,

    im stpm leaver,i got 5 principals in my upu application was rejected.. i aldy did rayuan….. if im rejected again wht i shd do??? atr thn chsng prvt uni did i gt any atr options???

  23. Navin says:

    Hello Sir, I got your earlier reply to my query. And yes Sir, as you said earlier too, my application has a low chance to be succesful. Btw, yes, all the places have been taken up. Besides UPU, is there any other alternative way which I can put up my appeal? And is it advisable to directly appeal to the concerned IPTA? And what is the procedure. Please clarify. Thank you Sir.

    • poobalan says:

      well, UPU is the central place for application processing. there’s no alternative. for those who have “cable” within ministry or university, can try that method, but i won’t encourage that. if want to appeal to IPTA directly, you should go there and send in application to the registrar office. 99% of the time, they won’t entertain you.

  24. Tenkai says:

    Sir, what should I do after I appealed? Do I wait for the letter? Where can I check? When will the result of appeal be out?

  25. Priya says:

    Sir, I obtained 2.2 with B-, C+, C- & C. My earlier application was rejected. Out of desperation I appealed for UMS – Teknologi Multimedia & UMP – Pengurusan Teknologi Ind. Now I am really concern on the cost that may inccurred if I be offered at UMS. After due study I came accross no of courses at UUM such as Komunikasi, Pengurusan Awam, Pengurusan Perniagaan Antarabangsa & Keusahawanan. I am leaving at Alor Setar and i find it is to commute and very cost effective as I will be depending 100% on PTPTN loan. Do I stand a chance to to secure a seat at UUM with my greads? Which course will be appropriate?

    • poobalan says:

      hi priya,

      even if you stay in alor star, do you think its wise to go back every weekend? i think it will disrupt your learning age. since ptptn will cover the cost, why worry about UUM or UMS or UMP? nowdays got airasia and mas special fairs. you can very well plan your holidays or trips back home based on semester time table. so, for me, no difference. if indeed your aim is to study, then shouldn’t be a problem. however, if you have other commitments like sick parent, pets, boyfriend, or just mummy’s girls, then you have to think about which is more important in your life (and your future.

      your results are below average at 2.2, so you have to pick your courses carefully. perniagaan antarabangsa may be having higher requirements.

      refer here for cutoff marks for STPM leavers at UUM:

  26. shini says:

    Hi sir,
    my pointer is 2.1, will i get pjj if i apply for PJJ . and after getting PJJ , can I change or apply for full time in the respective Uni?

    • poobalan says:

      you can apply for PJJ and stand chance of getting a place. AND no, you can’t convert into full time undergrad as per normal IPTA intake. do you think the university admin are less smart than students? 🙂

  27. Archana says:

    There was an email address available on this page earlier, but now that I’ve tried to send an email, I couldn’t.

    I would really like to reach you and ask your opinion on certain things regarding my tertiary education.

    Would you kind sir reach me via my email address??

    Thank you.

  28. nwc says:

    sir,i get biotechnology course at upm..this is my 7th choice…my stpm result is stated as below:
    but i didnt get pharmacy course which i more prefer in either usm and ukm…i appeal again at usm too,but dunno the chance of getting this course high or not…sir,,can you give me any suggestion?

    • poobalan says:


      at the moment, biotech prospects a bit low. got plenty of graduates without proper job matching their academic qualification. maybe things will be better 4 years later.

      other than pharmacy, you may want to consider other field like optometry, dietitian, food nutrition, etc.

  29. Amutha says:

    Hai sir,

    Can i know when is the next intake at mmu for foundation programme? I want to do Foundation in Law. sir can i know what is the future for LAW?

    • poobalan says:


      the current intake for june already closed according to MMU website. you can contact them for more info:

      Please contact 03-8312 5092/5095, Fax 03-8312 5088 (Cyberjaya campus) OR 06-252
      3442/3343/3472, Fax 06-231 8255 (Melaka campus) OR e-mail at

      Law is a good field, as more new industries come up, there will be more need for legal representatives.

  30. nalinie says:


    i`m interestto do degree in indian studies (tamil) but i get offer from IPTA to UUM study Bachelor of business management.
    can i continues my masters in indian studies.
    (MA tamil literature) or otherways to study master in tamil literature after i finish my bussiness management degree in UUM.


    • poobalan says:

      hi nalinie,

      you can always study language on a part-time basis, even as distance learning from universities in tamil nadu. so, i guess studying masters won’t be a problem later.

      • nalinie says:


        sir. that means after i finish my degree in business can i continues straightaway to my master as a part time class ?

        can you can suggest that universities in india that give masters in tamil as a pert time studies ?

        • poobalan says:

          yes you can.

          how about annamalai uni. that’s probably the one that i know since india got thousands of universities! 🙂

  31. divya says:

    i am a spm 2008 leaver i got 8A1 2A2 and 1B3(english) for my spm..i applied for jpa scholarship but i din manage to gt it so i take a desicion to go n do mt foundation course in RSMU (Russian State Medical University) in Moscow……nw i m back for holiday in order for me to continue mystudies for 1st year of MD i need a financial assistance.
    could u suggest any scholarship or study loan which is still available for me to continue my studies in tis medical course…

    • poobalan says:


      there’s JPA loan but its for selected universities, and also can apply only after finished first semester of the MD program.

      other than that, there’s no info on scholarships or loans at the moment.

  32. kalai says:

    sir i aim to study in IPTA only….
    an also for my family backround..
    I get B+(sej), C+(, C(bm &tamil)
    totally 2.42 pointer
    I apply for UPU, i didnt get….
    and now i apply for rayuan….
    I didnt hv any ambition… but i aim to study in IPTA…


    • poobalan says:


      wait for the rayuan. our PM also said that more than 90% of indians who are qualified got place in IPTA, so check back if the course you applied is suitable for your results or not.

      so, what course did you apply for?

  33. Neeshanti says:

    Hi sir,

    I got a CGPA of 1.9 for my STPM as I only have 3 principles. I did my rayuan already. What are the chances of me getting a place in local university? I applied for UUM and UMK.

    • poobalan says:

      hi neeshanti,

      the minimum marks is 2.0, so i think the chance is slim for getting place in IPTA.

      • Neeshanti says:


        I have already appealed for it. My koko is actually quite good. Will it be useful in getting a place? What if I chose courses that many people reject? Will I stand the chance? I have heard of people getting into local university with 1.9 but they are bumiputras. I don’t know if there is any hope for me. All I can do is pray. Any ideas?

        • poobalan says:


          the rule is quite straightforward, and unless your koko is really good – represented country and won some competition, i’ll say slim chance even if you choose a course that many people reject (and why you want to apply a course that is rejected by many people? is it a course you like?)

          perhaps you can try to get proof that bumiputera are getting place even with 1.9 results. even then, can’t really compare with them as its not a fair and equal policy.

          other options: foundation/diploma in ipts, resit stpm, work.

  34. newleave says:


    i m a 2009 stpm leaver. next month i m leaving 2 indonesia 2 pursue medicine. Bt, currently i m facing financial problem. is there any financial assistant available, like company education aid or organisation education aid.

    i seriously need financial assist. i get ipta, bt nt medicine. so i decided to do at indon. but now, the financial pressure is to much sir.

    help sir. Please…

    • poobalan says:

      hi newleave,

      1. did you expect the financial problem when you decide to study in overseas?

      2. for medic, there’s no company that offers scholarship because they can’t bond you (you have to work for govt once graduate). your option is to pay yourself until end of 1st semester of the degree program, and then apply for JPA loan.

  35. prakash says:

    sir now i do stpm(science).i want to know computer science is it art or scineice stream? This field demand career or no?

    • poobalan says:


      its better to have science background, but some IPTA do take in students from Arts background to study computing degree.

      the prospect is there, but must be having excellent results and learn the latest technologies.

  36. nalinie says:


    I`m interest to become a tamil language teacher,
    after study Bachelor Of Teachership (Tamil Language) With Honours code (A8918) at Open University can i be a teacher…..because normaly the teachers get graduate with bachelor of education ……

    can you explain me…


    • poobalan says:


      you have to check with OUM or MOE if you can be accepted as Tamil school teacher, but if i’m not mistaken, the bachelor of teachership is for existing school teachers who don’t have a degree.

  37. Tenkai says:

    Hi Sir,

    According to the UPU website, the results of the appeal should be out this week. So far their website has not been updated yet. How do I check it besides waiting for their call? Is waiting for their call the only option? What should I do? Is the result of the appeal only for this week and if I do not receive any phone call by UPU this week it means I do not get any offer?

  38. neela says:


    sir i`m finish ready my spm.
    can you give information about what are the courses offered by Malaysian Airlines Academy ?

  39. neelambigai says:

    hi sir,

    sir sorry for previous question because i`m mistakenly type.

    sir , doctors who practice as a housemenship doctors in goverment hospitals get salary with what grade and
    salary ?


  40. Ganeshan says:

    Hi Sir, I am currently doing my degree in an IPTS. I want to know is there any possibilities for me to be a government teacher in the future? I am very interested and it has been my dream to be an English teacher in a public school. Everyone says that I should teach in a university or college if I like teaching so much since its more lucrative. However, I feel that being a teacher in a public school is more noble despite the pay. I would like to ask if there’s any way after obtaining my degree, I can teach in a government school? Must I get a diploma pendidikan first? If so, then where can I get it?

    • poobalan says:

      hi ganeshan,

      there’s few ways of doing this. first is to apply for KPLI. refer to these sites:

      basically, you do KPLI program which is a post-grad diploma. if your degree from IPTS is recognised by JPA, then shouldn’t be a problem.

      However, hopefully your degree is related to English or studied your degree in english medium. if not, you have to apply to teach other subjects that closely match your degree.

      there used to be a program under KPLI to be teachers in secondary schools, but not sure if will be open next year.

      to teach in uni/college, you’ll need Master (if its a reputable college), unless you are teaching certificate, a-levels or foundation, for which your degree is OK. Lucrative is subjective. some IPTS may pay you peanuts and you work like slave. Same goes for school. Some schools are really pressure cooker environment, while others more relaxed.

      • Ganeshan says:


        Hi sir, I am doing my degree in Mass Communication at UCSI. This is only my first semester so I am actually graduating in 3 years time.

        Is my course related to English? I will be studying all of my subjects in English. Is it recognised vy JPA?

        Moreover, I heard they are lacking teachers in malaysia. Any high possibilities for me to be one in the future?

        I don’t mind teaching in primary or secondary schools because to me it’s about the same if my motive is to educate younger generation.

        I do have a question though. Are there any difference in the salary between a primary school teacher and a secondary school teacher?

        • poobalan says:

          if its conducted in english, then not an issue for KPLI.

          for JPA pengiktirafan status, check here:

          not to say there’s a lack of teacher for all subjects, but more of a mismatch for some subjects. most teachers would want to work in town or near their hometown or husband working place. but sometimes the teacher is needed in rural areas.

          salary is same regardless of school type because its based on your qualification. degree holders earn the same salary. the allowance may differ depending on where you stay (kawasan bandar or luar bandar) and also if you are taking quarters, your housing allowance will be cancelled.

  41. rani says:

    hi sir

    i am taking stpm next year in science stream… i am relly interested in pursuing my study in medical sciences offered by local universities….the min entry requirement stated is got to score B+ for PA and other 2 subjects(CHEM/PHYS/BIO)/MATHST/FURTHER MATHS T)

    mY question is was it compulsory to take maths in stpm in order to study medical science?i did not score well 4 maths/add mm in spm…

  42. siva says:

    hi sir,

    a student study mbbs programme need complete the studies within how many years ?

  43. Indra says:

    Hi mr poobalan,i got 10As in spm but didnt get any jpa scholarship.I m currently doing A levels in science.I m finding it very difficult to pick myself up.Can u give me any suggestions or pep talk?

    • poobalan says:

      Hi indra,

      did you get 9A+? if yes then can pursue the JPA scholarship as announced by PM Najib. If not, then hopefully you got some discount or scholarship from the IPTS you are studying now?

      There’s still plenty of hope. you should aim to do well in your foundation and apply scholarship for your degree from various companies or organisation.

      the past is past already. no point worrying or fretting over it. take this as a challenge to show them who’s the boss. get a first class degree, and you’ll see doors open for you in many places.

  44. velan says:

    hi bro
    i hope u still remind me,,,,now im studying at ums…its a great experience for me,,,,,,

  45. siva says:

    hi sir,

    sir what difference for tutor job and lectures job.
    what qualification need for become a tutur in any institute ?


    • poobalan says:


      tutor usually refers to a bachelor degree holder, while lecturer means usually Masters or PhD. I said “usually” because it depends on the college and program. if you teach certificate or some short course, you will be known as lecturer too. secondly, a tutor can be someone who helps the lecturer to run a class. maybe the course is twinning program, and lecturer is in foreign uni. he or she will prepare all the materials and pass it to the local tutor to teach the local students.

      as i said, you should have a bachelor degree.

  46. forestling says:

    hi sir,

    i am a stpm leavers (physic student).I get:
    Pengajian Am B
    Mathematics T C
    Physics C-
    Chemistry D+
    pointer of 2.00 in stpm

    but i wish to take business management courses~~actually i prefer to enter ipta but seems like ipta din accept me ,so i hav to go for ipts. my ipts choice are mmu/ utar ~~i prefer more on mmu but need to take 1 year for foundation~~i afraid that i cannot overcome my foundation courses n can i hav some financial aids if i take foundation courses on october intake?

    • poobalan says:

      hi forestling,

      your results of cgpa 2.00 is the minimum to enter IPTA, and the courses are hard to get with the minimum cgpa. also, you should be having at least 3Cs, but you only have 2 (B and C).

      s0, for IPTS, they will most likely ask you to take foundation or diploma first. i think foundation should be easier to go through, but then its up to you to study hard.

      i think if you take foundation in MMU, can apply PTPTN. pls check at PTPTN website.

  47. lalitha says:

    Hi Sir, my friend who is study for Doctor at Indonesia was in financial problem. his family unable to support his studies. he can’t attend to the class without made payment. he already look for help but still not enough money to pay his fees.

    please help him.

    awaiting for your kind reply.

    • poobalan says:

      hi lalitha,

      how did your friend end up in indonesia without having plans on financing his studies? did he try apply JPA loan? which semester is he in?

  48. Raj says:

    hi sir,

    i`m interest to do aeromedicine and become flight doctor. sir where can i study this course in malaysia or overseas. sir what different for general medicine between aero medicine. how much can get salary for a flight doctor ?

    thanks sir.

    • poobalan says:

      hi raj,

      to be sure about your interest, read these first:

      For your info, even in US, there’s only 4 places to study this program (and it seems you must qualify to study medicine first before proceeding to specialise).

      and worrying about salary now is not good. i think it will lead to make wrong decision. don’t judge the job by “how much salary can earn” because i) you may not like the job, ii) you may not qualify for the job, iii) there may be other jobs that pay better at that point of time.

  49. tharuminee says:

    hi sir. i’m tharuminee from klang. i have completed my a-levels. i’m interested in pursuing a degree in medicine and i managed to secure a place in MELAKA MANIPAL MEDICAL COLLEGE. unfortunately, my financial status is pretty weak. could u please advice me on this matter.

  50. Sharlini says:

    I did my SPM in 2005, and i wanted to pursue medicine.. my results are as required except for my add maths (c5). then i sat again for that particular paper in 2009 and obtained a b. but my application for mbbs course had been rejected due to 4years gap between the 1st and 2nd sitting. so, my question is whether there is such a condition saying that the gap should be less than 3years? i hope you would enlighten me on this. thank you.

    • poobalan says:


      you should as the college to provide proof of such rule. i’m not aware of it. alternatively, you can cross check with kementerian pengajian tinggi. BTW, add maths is not a requirement to do medicine.